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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee trees are prone to several pests and diseases and they withstand frigid winters each year. Some of the most common issues that the city’s trees face include:

Emerald Ash Borer

These pests are incredibly detrimental to ash trees in Milwaukee and across the northern United States. Adult beetles lay their eggs under the bark of ash trees and once they hatch, the larvae feed on the flesh of the tree. Once they become adult-sized, the beetles lay new eggs and can spread quickly, injuring and killing mature trees in just a few years. The best way to prevent these beetles from attacking your trees is by taking preventative measures, but if you notice any sign of infestation, call our experts out to eliminate them immediately.

Gypsy Moth

Before transforming into moths, these caterpillars attack more than 300 species of trees and shrubs throughout Milwaukee. These hungry caterpillars eat the foliage from healthy trees and cause them to become weak and vulnerable. If left untreated, infested trees can become sick and die. Milwaukee’s Forestry Service offers to help homeowners with gypsy moth and emerald ash borer infestations on their trees.

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases are best dealt with at the first sign or symptom. If you notice discolored leaves or your tree defoliated early, call an arborist to check it out. Often, trees can be cured and live long healthy lives, but early intervention is key. Here are some of the most common tree diseases that affect Milwaukee trees.

  • Cedar Apple Rust
  • Anthracnose
  • Downy Spots
  • Oak Wilt
  • Needle Blight

We can successfully treat most tree diseases if you call at the first sign of a problem. As with most things in life, early intervention is key.

Winter Weather

Milwaukee winters bring temperatures well below freezing and trees encounter a good deal of snow and ice storms each year. Make sure you regularly check your trees for weak branches and take note of trees that look unhealthy. The best way to help them survive winter is to ensure that they’re healthy and strong before it begins. Most of the fallen trees we encounter on service calls during the winter months are on trees that were already sick and in need of care. 

Does the City of Milwaukee Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If your tree branches are covering stop lights or signs, the city will come out and prune them for you at no charge. They’re also happy to help with trees that are infested with insects, gypsy moths, or emerald ash borers. If you’re in need of their service, fill out an online request and they’ll get back to you within a few business days.

If a tree is dead or diseased, you’re encouraged to call the city of Milwaukee’s Call Center at 414-286-2489. The receptionist can schedule an arborist to check out your trees and assess the problem. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Milwaukee?

Trees fall across property lines all the time and homeowners have a hard time figuring out where the fault lies. Here’s what the law experts have to say.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for all the trees that are on your property. Your job is to maintain the trees by pruning them and inspecting them often to make sure that they are healthy and strong. If a tree falls on your property due to unforeseen circumstances, your insurance will pay for the damages.

If you’re a renter?

When you are renting a home, apartment or townhouse, you do not own your home or the land it sits on. That means the trees are not your responsibility either. If a tree does fall on your rental property, your landlord’s insurance will cover the cost. If, on the other hand, the tree falls onto your personal property, like your car or bike, they should cover that as well. If your landlord’s insurance doesn’t want to cover your personal damages, you may need to enlist the help of a local lawyer.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for everything within their residential property lines. All the trees on your property are your responsibility to prune and inspect often. If a tree falls on one of your rental properties due to a storm or other unforeseen event, your insurance will take care of the tree removal fees. If, on the other hand, your insurance can prove that you had neglected your tree’s health, your insurance premium may go up.

If you’re a neighbor?

Things get muddy when a tree falls over property lines, but the law is pretty clear. If a tree falls onto your property, regardless of where it came from, your insurance will cover it. The same goes for your neighbor’s property. If one of your trees falls into their yard, their insurance will cover their fees. The only time this may be disputed is if your insurance company believes that your neighbor had knowingly neglected a tree that was at risk of falling. If that’s the case, your insurance company may expect your neighbor’s insurance to step up and pay.

To avoid neighbor drama, make sure you mention any potential problems to your neighbors as soon you notice them. Even better – be a good neighbor and offer to help prune their tree branches.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Milwaukee?

The soil across Milwaukee County varies greatly. In some areas, the soil is organic and drains very poorly, but in others, it is sandy and drains very well. Depending on where your trees are located, you may need to give your soil a little TLC. Here are a couple of ways to treat the soil to ensure that your trees are growing strong.


Adding a layer of mulch around the base of your tree can benefit it in several ways. Much like the forest floor, mulch adds a layer of protection over your tree’s vulnerable roots, ensuring that they’re safe from damaging threats above ground. Mulching around your tree will also add a thermal layer to protect its roots during the coldest months of winter. And for soil types that need additional nutrients, mulch will feed your tree as it decomposes around its base.


Trees, not unlike people, need nutrients to grow and thrive. If your soil doesn’t have the right nutrients to feed your tree, it will suffer and become vulnerable to disease and pests. Most homeowners don’t know what kind of soil they’ve got and don’t know how to find out. We have the right tools to test your soil on the spot and diagnose any deficiencies that need to be amended. The right fertilizer will provide your tree with everything it needs to grow strong and fight off diseases or pests.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Milwaukee?

Winters in Milwaukee are brutal and trees take a serious beating. Most native trees are able to withstand freezing temperatures, blustery winds, snow, and ice. In order to help your trees to survive the winter, inspect them regularly and provide maintenance as needed so you know they’re strong and healthy as the temperatures start to drop.

The biggest risk during wither involves falling branches and entire trees. When ice accumulates on branches, weak branches can snap, causing property damage and sometimes personal injury. Branches that have begun to rot internally are especially at risk of breaking under the weight of ice. The best way to prevent this potential disaster is by providing preventative care to your trees. We see our share of fallen branches and trees each winter that can’t stand under the weight of ice and snow. To help lessen the chance of dealing with a broken branch or worse, have our arborists prune your trees regularly. We know exactly what kinds of potential problem areas to look for.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Milwaukee?

We Energies is responsible for trimming tree branches that interfere with the main power lines in town. This includes any power lines that are located between two poles. If you notice that your tree or its branches are interfering with power lines, call 800-242-9137 and they’ll send someone out to take care of the problem. If, on the other hand, your issue involves the line that connects to your house, it becomes your responsibility. The company provides safety information for homeowners to review before pruning any trees near their power lines. We Energies also encourages homeowners to call first so their electricity can be temporarily shut off while they are pruning branches.

Any work that the utility company does on your property is completely free of charge. They even cut up the wood and leave it for you to use as firewood or share with your neighbors.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Milwaukee?

Tree removal in Milwaukee can range in price anywhere from $200 to $750. Clearly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and your cost will greatly depend on several factors. When you call us for tree removal in Milwaukee, we’ll consider several factors to determine your final cost. Some of them include:

How Big Is Your Tree?

Tree size is probably the biggest factor in determining your price. When you call for service, we’ll ask you to measure the height of your tree as well as the diameter of its trunk. These numbers will factor into your quote. A small tree is much easier to remove and will cost far less than a large, mature tree that requires more time and manpower.

What’s Around Your Tree?

If your tree is located near buildings or power lines, these obstacles will factor into your price. Our arborists are experts at delicately working around homes and electrical lines, but they will need to take additional safety measures to get the job done. Branches will need to be pruned away first and the electrical company will need to be made aware of your situation so they can shut off the electricity before the work begins.

Where Is Your Tree?

It takes a lot of heavy equipment to safely take down a tree and we’ve got to get it all to the worksite. If your tree is hard to reach, it’s going to take more time, effort, and manpower to access. We’ve removed trees all over Milwaukee and we’ll figure it out, but that extra time and effort will factor into your final cost. If, on the other hand, your tree is near a road or path, it will be a much smoother (and less costly) process.


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