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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Vancouver?

Vancouver, Washington, is one of the most scenic and beautiful cities in the United States. This city, known for its lush forests and crisp blue skies, is a destination town for many and a great place to settle down and call home as well. However, the beautiful trees in the area are known to catch several illnesses that can hamper their ability to grow and thrive the way they should.

Swiss Needle Cast is one tree disease that has struck often in the Vancouver area. This disease is known to turn the needles of Douglas Fir trees brown and even shrink the size of the tree itself as it slowly kills it. This disease usually appears in the spring as it is a fungal disease that thrives when the spring weather comes around. Fortunately, this is a slow-moving disease. It is possible for the homeowner with a tree affected by Swiss Needle Cast to get in touch with a professional long before the disease wipes out the entire tree if they act quickly. 

Another illness known to go after trees in the Vancouver area is Blister Rust. Sadly, this disease has been on the move, taking out many North American White Pine trees in Vancouver and throughout the northwestern United States. This disease has an incredibly high mortality rate for any tree that it leaches onto. It grows best at high elevations, which describes most of Vancouver. Thus, this is another one to be on the lookout for in the area. 

Those are just two of the scariest and most common tree diseases found in the Vancouver area. There are certainly others, and of course, there are pests that go after the trees from time to time. There are so many potential factors at work here that the City of Vancouver has regular workshops to inform and educate the locals on the dangers that their trees can face. It is an excellent way to bring the community together and to provide materials that could help save the life of a tree in Vancouver. 

Does the City of Vancouver Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Vancouver has a lot of pride in the trees that are a part of the City’s fabric. They want to preserve that image and grow it out even more robust as time goes on. The City does not typically get involved in removing trees unless there is a grave danger to the population or a complaint that someone has abandoned the home and trees. Neither of these situations is something that an individual wants to deal with. They should seek help from the City of Vancouver regarding tree removal as a last-ditch resource and use it accordingly.

The City does provide other services and incentives related to trees planted within city limits. A program is available now to refund citizens of the town for a percentage of their costs for planting new trees on their property. They must meet specific qualifications to receive a refund for planting those trees, but it is an excellent program that helps encourage more tree growth in the City. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Vancouver?

If You’re a Homeowner? 

Homeowners gain all the privileges of owning a home, but they also have to deal with the responsibilities that are part of the bargain. Thus, if you are a homeowner in Vancouver, you should come to expect that you will need to be prepared to fork over the funds necessary for tree removal if a tree that is rooted in your property falls over or is threatening to fall over. It is best to handle this as quickly as possible to save money on the removal and avoid any conflicts, or additional problems should a tree fall over into your neighbor’s property. That would be the last thing you would want to see happen. 

If You’re a Renter? 

There are a lot of rights affording to renters in the city of Vancouver. A shortlist of some of the most important ones can be found here on the town’s official website. These are important to understand and review when possible. However, you might still question how responsible you are if a tree falls based on a property that you are renting. The answer is that you are not legally accountable to get that taken care of. Some people work out informal deals with their landlord to create a plan to remove the tree at their own expense with a reimbursement from the landlord at a later date, but legally speaking, there is no obligation on the part of the renter to remove a tree. 

If You’re a Landlord? 

Being the landlord means being the one who is responsible for taking care of matters such as tree removal when the tree that has fallen starts on your property. An arrangement sometimes exists when the actual property owner hires a property manager to handle his or her affairs. In that case, the property manager may still be the one doing the work to get our tree removal specialists out to the property, but they might not be the one to fork over the funds to get these trees taken care of.

If You’re a Neighbor? 

Neighbors get involved if the tree falls over onto their property. It is not a scenario that anyone wants to face, but it can indeed happen in some instances. Neighbors are encouraged to remember their rights in these situations and not spend money out of their pocket to get a tree removed when that tree does not begin on their property. There are laws protecting neighbors from having to get involved at this stage of the game. Disputes may arise, but the courts can and should handle these in that case. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Vancouver?

You might be surprised to learn that the City of Vancouver has extensive soil quality reports produced regularly. They detail the exact types of soils found in that area and the soil’s ability to hold up against all kinds of things. Vancouver boasts of great soil with the strong ability to hold trees firmly in place against almost any type of weather. Fortunately, Vancouver’s climate also happens to remain relatively calm and temperate most of the year, so the trees are not in as much danger from these conditions as from some other threats.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Vancouver?

The weather impacts trees no matter where they grow, but Vancouver’s climate is mainly favorable to the growth of trees of different species. This means that the City can continue to offer incentive programs to grow more of them. The coldest months in Vancouver see average lows around 35 degrees. The hottest months of the summer see average highs around 82 degrees. Thus, the city tends to enjoy weather that is well within a comfortable band of temperatures. 

Vancouver sees an average rainfall of 42 inches per year. It exists in the rainiest region of the United States (the Northwest), but it is about average in terms of total rainfall compared to other US cities. There are even plenty of pretty large cities in the United States that see far more rain than the people of Vancouver does. Overall, this is all good news for tree growth in the city. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Vancouver?

One of the scariest and potentially most dangerous scenarios for a downed tree would be near a power line. This scenario is something that the people of Vancouver and everywhere else have to worry about. It is essential to get in touch with the utility board as soon as you notice a downed tree that may cause issues with falling into a power line. The utility board wants to know about these kinds of things, and they are on standby to help in any way that they can. 

It is always best to catch this kind of thing as soon as possible. If a tree is just beginning to invade the space of a power line, it is a lot easier to simply trim it and keep it safely away from those power lines. If the tree is dying and already falling into the power line, it is a much harder job. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Vancouver?

Tree removal services in Vancouver tend to cost between $200 and $750, but larger or more challenging trees can total well over $1,200. Below are some factors we’ll need to consider when pricing out your removal service.

city Permits

The City of Vancouver has a process of obtaining permits before anyone can remove a tree. These permits help protect everyone as they are the easiest way for the City to be informed about what is happening and ensure that residents all follow property safety measures. The City also wants to know about these things to protect certain species of trees that may have protected status. The permits take some time and effort for us to obtain and may add to the cost of removal.

Hours of Labor 

Some services charge a flat rate for tree removal, but our hourly rates are typically a better deal for you. An hourly labor charge allows us to bill based on how much actual effort we had to put into fixing your problem. While it usually remains cheaper to pay hourly, a more complex and lengthier job is likely to result in a larger invoice coming your way, regardless of how you are billed.

Clean up Costs

Getting the tree taken down is one thing, but cleaning up after the fact is something else. Those clean-up costs are part of getting your tree removal, and you should consider this when determining how much you are likely to spend on your tree removal project. Luckily, we always include clean-up in our quotes!


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