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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Virginia Beach?

Nothing can be more heartbreaking to a gardener or tree lover per se than seeing their favorite tree wither. Furthermore, trees play an influential role in preventing soil erosion, attracting rain, providing habitat, improving soil fertility, and many more. 

The most prevalent tree issues in Virginia Beach include pests and diseases, adverse weather conditions, human activities, etc. Below are the top five tree issues to watch out for in Virginia Beach:

  • Oak wilt. This is a vascular disease that spreads super fast and affects oaks and other tree varieties like chestnuts and beeches. It’s spread when insects dump fungal spores on fresh wounds or root systems. 
  • Beech bark disease. The disease affects beech trees and it results from scale insects and fungi working hand in hand to create entry wounds that gradually kill the tree if left untreated. In essence, the scale insect wounds the beech tree bark, making way for fungi to enter and kill the tree. 
  • Powdery mildew disease. If you notice white or gray powdery growth on the leaves of your trees, that’s most likely the powdery mildew disease. It mainly affects trees such as chokeberry, catalpa, crabapple, and linden. However, it’s believed to be capable of attacking virtually all types of vegetation.
  • Root and butt rot disease. It manifests in a black, leathery fungus spreading from the ground up to the tree trunk. Please note that the condition can take three forms – black root rot, Hypoxylon deustum, and Armillaria – and are fond of hardwood trees, affecting their roots and butts through mechanical wounds. 
  • Dutch elm disease. If you notice the leaves in one or more branches turning yellow, wilting, or dying, that’s most likely a sign that the Dutch elm disease has infected the tree. Elm bark beetles are the primary carriers and spreaders of the fungus that usually infect trees are the insects’ feed. 

Does The City of Virginia Beach Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Cognizant of the values and benefits that trees bring to the environment and people, the city of Virginia Beach has strict measures guiding the planting, preservation, maintenance, and removal of trees standing on both public and private properties. The Virginia Beach Tree Ordinances are to be followed to the latter. Any person who violates the provisions shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of at least $10 and $1,000 at most. 

Below is a highlight of some of the ordinances applicable to Virginia Beach residents:

Streets and Sidewalks

Cutting, trimming, or spaying trees in the streets or sidewalks may be subject to the issuance of a permit by the Virginia Beach city manager or their designee. The city manager can only issue a permit if the work (need to cut, trim, or spray the tree in question) is fully justified in the public interest. 

In addition, the work must be done in full adherence to the permit’s prescription as issued by the city arborist or landscape services superintendent. If a tree obscures, hinders, or impairs motorists’ visibility while entering a street from another street or driveway, it shall be trimmed, relocated, adjusted, or removed altogether. If the tree owner in question fails to remove it within 14 days upon the issuance of a written notice from a traffic engineer, the city will direct that the work be accomplished at the owner’s expense. 

Private Property

Suppose the code administration administrator or the city arborist determines that your tree presents a danger to your property or the health and safety of persons or other trees and vegetation due to reasons such as disease, death, infirmity, or injury. In that case, you shall be served with a notice to have the tree removed within a reasonable time, i.e., 7 to 30 days. 

If the risk presented by the tree in question may be neutralized by removing a portion of it, the notice shall specify the parts that need to be eliminated. Failing to comply with the terms of the notice within the specified period may land you in trouble with the authorities and get charged with a class 4 misdemeanor. The city may go ahead and complete the work with the help of a tree removal professional.

However, there’s an exception. Suppose your land is greater than an acre and lies on an agricultural zoning district, and you use it primarily for agricultural or horticultural purposes. In that case, the provisions discussed above shall not apply to your case. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Virginia Beach?

In a tree fall, there are four parties potentially responsible or affected by the aftermath. These include the homeowner, landlord, renter, or neighbor. 

If You’re a Homeowner?

It goes without saying; a homeowner automatically assumes the responsibility and expenses of removing a fallen tree from their compound. But before you ask it, YES, your homeowners’ insurance policy may chip in only up to some extent. That is, most insurers in Virginia Beach may only cover the cost of removing a fallen tree blocking a highway or driveway. If the tree lies on your compound, you may have to cover the removal cost off your pocket. 

Here’s a tip: make a habit of referring to your local tree ordinances to see if the city can provide some level of assistance either with the tree removal or any other form of help.

If You’re a Renter?

As a tenant in the city of Virginia Beach, a random tree fall can cause damage to your property or injury to yourself out of the blues. If the tree fall results from a natural occurrence like a hurricane or windthrow, you will have to call your insurer to cover the damages caused. This would be covered under comprehensive collision. 

However, there’s an exception to that provision. Sometimes, the tree fall may be due to the property owner’s negligence, i.e., you raised the alarm over a rotten or a seemingly weak branch, but the owner never bothered to take appropriate action. In that case, the landlord would most likely be liable for your loss. 

If You’re a Landlord?

The landlord is solely responsible for maintaining, trimming, pruning, or removing a tree standing in their property. If a tree falls due to your negligence or the occurrence of a natural event, you’re required to cover the expenses of having the tree removed without causing further harm to your renters or properties.

Here’s a critical reminder, though; if the tree falls on a power line supplying electricity to your home, do not go touch or go near the area as you may expose yourself or tenants to life-threatening danger. Instead, contact the power company immediately and let the electricity company crew neutralize the risk on your behalf. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

Unlike most other states and cities, property owners in Virginia Beach are not responsible if their tree falls onto their neighbors’ compound. However, for that ordinance to stand, it must be clear that the owner had zero clues or couldn’t have known about their tree’s dangerous state. 

If you can prove in court that your neighbor knew or should’ve known about the dangers posed by the tree, then they may be held liable for the damages you’ve incurred. However, we must warn that the court process is usually a hassling and expensive one, and it’s advisable to strike a deal externally and avoid the costly legal process. 

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach is highly abundant in clay soils which are usually poorly drained, compacted, and hard. However, residents of the North End, Pungo Ridge, or a few other high spots in the city’s southeastern part most likely have dry, sandy soils. Both soil types have their benefits and drawbacks that gardeners need to consider before planting trees. 

In particular, clay soil is largely troublesome, thanks to its poor drainage properties surfacing during wet climates. On the flip side, sandy soils are typically nutrient-deficient and require lots of watering during the dry season. Plus, they’re not compact enough to withstand the strong winds, storms, or hurricanes that may strike this coastal city. 

To determine the type of soil your garden possesses, the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service recommends scooping a handful of samples and holding it between your thumb and finger. If it’s dry, you can add a few drops of water, and if the soil forms a ribbon, it’s likely clay. However, if it falls apart or forms a poorly compacted ribbon, that may be a sign of sandy soil. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Virginia Beach?

Being a coastal city, you can expect Virginia Beach to possess alternating weather patterns, which may have far-reaching effects on the overall health of the trees over time. In particular, the summers are usually warm and muggy, while the winters are freezing and windy. At any given time of the year, the temperature typically varies from 34 to 87°F, and it rarely exceeds 93°F or drops below 23°F. 

Perhaps the most common tree health issue in Virginia Beach is “Salt Burn.” If you’re wondering, the condition arises when strong winds or storms carry tropical moisture filled with salt sprays from the sea and deposit them on trees. While most trees usually recover from salt burn after a year or so, others are usually overwhelmed by the disease and succumb. 

Harsh winters are another cause for alarm among Virginia Beach gardeners. Sometimes the winters can be so intense that the root freezes, cutting the supply of essential nutrients and water.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Virginia Beach?

Dead trees and power lines don’t go hand in hand. Any event leading to the tree falling on the power line can be disastrous to the surrounding environment, property, and persons. If you have a dead tree near a power line in Virginia Beach, you must make an effort to report the issue to the electricity company ASAP! 

The company is best suited to determine if there’s a safety factor to consider before removing the tree so nobody gets hurt during the process. Upon requesting assistance with removing a dead tree near the power line, the company may come and do the work in strict adherence to the Virginia High Voltage Safety Act. However, it is your responsibility to remove the debris after the power company representatives complete the tree removal work. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In Virginia Beach?

Tree removal isn’t an uncommon activity in Virginia, especially among dwellers of the oceanfront and its surroundings. While the cost varies depending on various factors (discussed below), you can expect to spend a minimum of $400 and a maximum of $2,000 to have us remove your tree professionally. 

Here are the top three factors that may affect the charges:


Size is usually the primary factor considered when determining the cost of removing the tree. In essence, larger trees are trickier to remove than smaller ones. They need more labor and advanced equipment to complete the process hassle-free. Our professional tree removers usually sub-divide trees into three categories, with those less than 40′ attracting the least charges. Those sized 40 to 60′ are more expensive but cheaper than those sized 80′ and above. 


How accessible is the tree to be removed? If it stands near a permanent structure, power line, street, sidewalk, or home, then the tree may be tricky to remove. That’s true because they require extreme keenness and preventive measures to avoid costly damages. Removing these trees is usually pricier than their standalone counterparts. 


Some tree species are usually more expensive to remove than others. In particular, those with multiple trunks and limbs require that we bring more personnel and specialized equipment to remove than those with singular trunks. Hence, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets to have them removed.


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