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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Leesburg?

A potentially very serious problem for trees in Leesburg, Virginia is the spotted lanternfly (SLF), Lycorma delicatula. According to Virginia Tech, the spotted lanternfly began to be detected in Frederick County, Virginia as early as 2018 and has continued its spread to Loudoun County and into Leesburg itself. It is important to look for it and report any finds to county officials because it can become more than just a nuisance to homeowners, it can also kill a multitude of trees and shrubs. You’ll notice young spotted lanternflies in greenery as small, wingless insects which are black with white spots. The mature insects are red and white. 

Another issue that is destroying trees in Leesburg is the emerald ash borer. The USDA forest service reports that, while there are 63 different mortality-causing insects and diseases in the lower 48 states, the emerald ash borer was the most commonly detected cause of tree mortality on the East coast. Trees will lose their leaves and die within 3-4 years of being infested by this insect, which can be difficult to detect early enough to save the tree. 

While these are some of the most serious problems facing trees in Leesburg, VA, they are certainly not the only threats. Leesburg has also lost trees due to spreading mold, accidental fires, and other basic tree diseases. Trees in an urban environment are susceptible to a pattern of decline which can be caused by restrictive growing space, other diseases, insects, mechanical injury, pollution, and even vandalism.

If you suspect your trees are suffering from diseases, pests, or other issues mentioned here, please, feel free to contact us at Tree Triage as soon as you notice any problems.

Does the City of Leesburg Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Leesburg does have Tree Ordinancesin place to protect citizens and property from trees that may be a threat to personal property or could pose a threat to public safety. These community ordinances are in place to keep residents safe from harm as well as lay the groundwork for continuing urban reforestation projects. They also carefully define who is responsible for the care and maintenance of trees in public spaces and regulate the general management of urban landscapes. This includes taking down trees, maintenance of lawns, and appropriate height of shrubs and bushes near roadways.

It is clearly stated that the only time the City of Leesburg will pay the expenses of any tree removal from any private property is if the tree in question is dangerous to the public or is so close to the roadways it is obstructing the view or passage of vehicles. So, if you’re looking for the city to help with the removal of a certain tree, it will all depend on where the tree is located and why it needs to be removed.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Leesburg, VA?

If a tree has fallen on private property in Leesburg, it stands to reason that the responsibility for tree removal belongs to the property owner. While it seems pretty straightforward, sometimes, things that incur vast expenses also come with conflict. So, we’re taking a deeper look at this issue as it pertains to homeowners, renters, and landlords in the Leesburg area.

If You Are a Homeowner…

If you own your own home, most accidental damage that occurs on your property becomes your responsibility (even if it is an ‘act of God’). Luckily, most tree removals are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most homeowner policies will include at least a portion of the cost of removing a problematic tree. You’ll just need to file a claim.

Also, you’ll want to double-check with local ordinances and town committees to see if the tree falls into any categories in which they would need to help you. For instance, if it is close to power lines or near a community fence line.

If You Are a Renter…

If you rent in the Leesburg, VA area, and a tree has fallen, whose job is it to cover the cost of tree removal? Typically, the answer is the landlord or property owner. But, if the tree has fallen because of something you did (like a car accident perhaps), the landlord could potentially argue about their responsibility for clean-up.

If You Are a Landlord…

Any tree removal, trimming, or other maintenance of trees and landscaping on rented property in Leesburg is the sole responsibility of the person who owns the property unless you’ve specifically stated otherwise on a formal lease document. 

If You Are a Neighbor…

Again, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove a tree that has fallen on his or her land. But, what if it was someone else’s fault, or what if the tree falls directly on the property line? What if a tree falls on a shared fence? Whose job is it then? Even worse, what if the neighbor’s tree falls into your backyard? Who will pay for its removal?

Disputes of this nature are best handled with good communication between neighbors, but if things get dicey or cannot be worked out, both parties can file an insurance claim for the damage and removal.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Leesburg?

Recently, soil scientists and geologists in Loudoun County have spent a significant amount of time and research developing a detailed record of all soil types in the county. This way, they are able to map out where the best soils are and keep them maintained to promote healthy growth of Loudoun’s agricultural districts, decide which areas are best for residential development, and share their expertise with other government departments.

What does that mean in terms of tree management in Leesburg? Well, soil conditions in Leesburg and surrounding areas have proved to be a huge factor in determining the successful growth of trees in the area. They have discovered that most of the soil in Loudoun county is deficient in organic matter and nitrogen. Thus, the soils’ composition and depth to bedrock ratio are responsible for many species of trees being overwatered due to poor drainage and malnourished. Then, when hurricanes and the associated strong winds approach the area, the trees cannot withstand the force due to the lacking strength in their root system and moist, loose soil from lack of drainage. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Leesburg?

Leesburg sees a share of intense weather during hurricane season since it is not very far inland. Its location also makes the area prone to hot, dry summers and can occasionally face harsh winter temperatures, as well. The National Integrated Drought Information System keeps tabs on how much rain an area receives and what impact that will have on the local environment. Leesburg often ranks high on the list of places that need more rainfall during the hot, summer months. The longer the area is impacted by drought conditions, the more likely it is that fire will become an issue for trees in the area.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Leesburg?

Downed trees on power lines can be a deadly hazard. Besides simply interrupting the power supply, a dead tree on a power line needs to be addressed by professionals. Once the situation has been corrected and both power and safety have been restored, other damage to property can be assessed. If you notice a fallen or dead tree, on or near power lines, your best and immediate course of action should be to report the situation to the authorities. You can do this by contacting the power company or calling 9-1-1.

Throughout Virginia, you can contact Dominion Energy if you have an issue with trees near the power lines. They routinely manage trees and plants near the power lines by cutting down trees and brush adjacent to the areas around power lines to maintain a safe environment at all times.

You should never ever try to trim any trees which are touching or inside the minimum safe distance to power lines. According to Federal Regulations, “you must have a minimum clearance of 10 feet when working near power lines. If you are concerned about trees or vegetation growing too close to power lines, or if you or a contractor are doing work at your home and need to get near power lines, you must call Dominion Energy to help determine a safe way to remove trees or limbs.”

So, rest assured the electric utility companies are the ones responsible for trimming trees near power lines. They are required to do so by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) which has been adopted in most states.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Leesburg?

Unfortunately, tree removal can be pretty expensive, and the overall cost depends on a variety of factors which may be unclear when you first have a tree removal needed. The average tree removal cost in Leesburg is around $1,000, but there are just a lot of things to consider before a tree is cut down. Some factors that increase price are:


Where your tree has fallen will impact the price of its removal. Do our specialists need to get in there with heavy machines like a crane in order to get it out? Has it fallen on a house that will need support before it can be removed? All these scenarios can impact the total of the removal expense.


The size of the tree to be removed will contribute more to the cost as well. We always base our prices on tree size. For instance:

  • The average cost to remove a 20-foot tree is $300 to $600
  • The average cost to remove a 40-foot tree is $600 to $1,100
  • The average cost to remove a 60-foot tree is $900 to $1,500
  • The average cost to remove an 80-foot tree can range to over $2,000

Tree and Location Variables

Your price will tend to increase if you have:

  • a particularly tall tree
  • a tree that requires heavy equipment to remove
  • active power lines near the tree
  • late-night or holiday emergencies

Now, there are also some things that might decrease the removal price, too:

  • if you have a smaller tree
  • if your tree is easy to get to
  • if your tree doesn’t require any additional equipment
  • if you can have the tree removed in the offseason and on a weekday


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