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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in St. George?

Not to be confused with the vacation hotspot, St. George Island which is part of Florida, St. George, Utah is home to year-round warm weather and is a sandstone dreamland. The recreational city is known for being close in proximity to 4 national state parks and sits at an elevation of 2,700 feet. The city is filled with a long list of gorgeous leafy greens, including Apricot, Cherry, Peach, Pomegranate trees, various firs, and many more. A few of the many tree issues you might find in the St. George area are as follows. 

Bore Beetles

There are roughly 10 types of pesky beetles in the St. George area, all of which have one thing in common – they bore into the bark of trees. Bore beetles are prime predators when it comes to trees in the city. They feed on the nutrients from their hosts and make it difficult for a tree to transfer water. This commonly stunts growth or causes the minimal growth to appear deformed. Signs of an infestation can be seen in the form of tiny holes that almost appear drilled or large quantities of bark falling from a tree. 

Water Stress

Since St. George stays fairly warm throughout the year, many trees experience what’s called water stress. Commonly trees in the area will become dehydrated in warmer seasons. This can lead to homeowners overwatering their plants or trees, which can be just as bad for the growth of a tree. Both dehydration and overhydration can limit a tree’s ability to transfer nutrients, leading to things like wilting. 

Sooty/Cytopora Canker

Caused by a fungus that commonly attacks apple, poplar, mulberry, and cottonwood trees, Sooty canker causes wilting and dieback. The disease has been devastating to the mulberry population in St. George, which makes up approximately 15% of the urban forest throughout the city. Sooty canker is carried through spores that are carried through insects, wind and rain, and much more. As the fungus enters a tree through wounds and cracks in the bark, it creates cankers that block off a tree’s ability to gather nutrients. 

Does the City of St. George Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In St. George, UT, the Streets Division is in charge of handling the care and maintenance of all public streets, drainage ways, and associated services. This includes keeping the roadways and sewers clear from hazardous trees. The division has been working to rid 1,500 acres of tamarisk trees from the city’s drainage ways as well as to help prevent fire hazards. However, the city-designated team does not assist with the removal of trees on public property outside of trees that may cause problems with sidewalks, public roadways, or power lines. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in St. George?

Nobody enjoys finding a fallen tree in their yard. Whether it be due to a storm or natural causes, it’s not an ideal situation. Unfortunately, it’s a common experience and when it happens, it can be beneficial to know whose responsibility the removal is.

If you’re a homeowner?

In the State of Utah, property rights extend up into the sky and down into the earth, meaning that if the trunk of a tree sits 100% on your property, you hold responsibility for that tree. Whether it falls in your yard due to negligence or natural causes, it is your responsibility to have it removed.

If you’re a renter?

Unless stated in your lease, the homeowner of the property on which a tree resides is responsible for having it removed if it is decaying, dead, or fallen. If you notice a tree showing signs of decay, let your landlord know or ask for permission to remove it. In Utah, if a person cuts down or injures a tree that isn’t theirs, they can be held liable for the cost of replacing that tree, up to 3 times the value. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the property owner, unless stated in your contract with your tenant, it is your responsibility to handle the removal of a fallen tree just like you’d handle having a busted water line fixed. In some situations, if a tree falls due to natural causes, then your homeowner’s insurance may assist in reimbursing you for the expenses of removal or potential damages caused. 

If you’re a neighbor?

While a tree is the responsibility of the homeowner where it resides, if your neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, it is your responsibility to have it removed. In some situations, such as when it’s a boundary tree, you may be able to talk with your neighbor and split the costs of removal. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in St. George?

The Washington County city has a mixture of soil types uncommon to other states throughout the country. Soil surveys show that 35% of St. George is made up of Tobler and Harrisburg soils, the rest being a mixture of sandy, rocky, and Vekol soils. Both Tobler and Harrisburg soils are known for being deep, loamy soils that are rich in iron. Most of the soil throughout St. George is moderate to well-draining and nutrient-rich, lingering on rock land and flood plains that help trees grow.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in St. George?

To say the weather in St. George is warm would be an understatement. In the summer, temperatures can become scorching and the city experiences what has been called “the Urban Heat Island Effect.” This is mainly due to how concrete and asphalt absorb heat and radiate the warmth back into the air, making the temperature an average of at least 10ºF higher than your weather app says it is. 

Since the Southern Utah city is so warm throughout the summer seasons, many trees are used to create a canopy to offer some shade and reduce overwhelming heat. While the warmth can be beneficial to trees that are growing, it can also cause them to become dehydrated. Watering trees is beneficial, but being in a sandstone, desert area, many people may overwater their trees during extremely hot weather. 

The winters don’t offer a drastic difference in St. George. Living in the northeastern part of the Mojave Desert, winter seasons are extremely mild. While the rest of the nation may be experiencing snowstorms, temperatures throughout St. George stay between 31-60ºF. This leaves the winter comfortable warm and can allow trees in the city to experience a little less pressure when transferring water and nutrients.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in St. George?

Live power lines are extremely dangerous and physical interaction with them can cause severe bodily damage or become fatal. Due to the potential risk and danger, we ask that you report dead trees near power lines rather than attempt to trim, prune, or remove them yourself. High voltage transmission lines can carry currents well over 200,000 volts and distribution lines will typically carry under 100,000 volts. At any given moment, physical contact with an active line could result in death.

When trees near power lines are removed, specific practices and training are used to ensure everyone’s safety. This helps protect you, your loved ones, and our professionals on the job. In most cases, your utility company will remove the hazardous tree. If the tree is interfering with your service line, you can contact us for immediate assistance. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in St. George?

As trees grow, become sick, and die, removing them is simply part of the life cycle. In St. George, the average tree removal service for a medium-sized tree rounds out at $1,050. This pricing typically includes the cost of labor, use of materials, equipment, and machinery, and covers the clean-up fees. The cost doesn’t include any permits, inspections, or sales taxes on equipment or materials. When having a tree removed, it’s okay to ask us for a breakdown of what fees and services are covered and which ones aren’t so that you can ask for additional services you may want. 


The cost of tree removal services relies highly on access to the tree being removed. Timber that’s more difficult to remove or far away from the road can take more time for us to bring materials and machinery in for the job. Trees located near structures or fencing may require extra harnesses or chains or rope to ensure limbs don’t fall during the process of cutting a tree down. If some creeks or slopes need to be crossed, this can also increase the cost of removing a tree. It all depends on how easy it is to get to the tree and what’s surrounding it.

Tree Size

Considering the size of a tree includes more than age and height. Often, the diameter plays a small role in how much it costs to have a tree removed. Larger, thick trees tend to cost more due to the necessary labor and equipment, whereas younger, small trees will decrease the price of removal. This factor tends to play into the materials and precautions that’ll come into play when planning the removal. Simply put, bigger trees require more effort and time compared to smaller trees.

Extra Services

When having a tree removed, the cost will include the basics of the service but not additional services unless asked. Services that are considered to act as extra components in a tree removal job are often asking us for things such as stump removal. This requires the utilization of additional equipment and clean-up. When a stump is removed, a small hole may be drilled into the middle of it to help detach it from its root system. Then, the stump will be placed in a machine that grinds it up into pieces and hauls it away. Services like this or splitting logs will typically add extra time and labor to your quote, along with the cost of additional equipment.


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