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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Woodway?

Woodway is a lovely little city that sits just outside of Waco, and around 9,000 people reside here. Many people seek out Woodway because of its proximity to the larger metropolitan and Lake Waco, its numerous plush golf courses, and its stunning parks and trails. Residents place great importance on keeping the city they love naturally beautiful, and the trees provide shade and respite from the harsh summers we experience. For these reasons, we think it’s important that everyone is aware of tree issues that are common to Woodway, so that we can all work together to preserve their health and the safety of our community. Three of the most common tree issues we see here include oak wilt, fire blight, and hypoxylon cankers. 

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a horrific fungal disease that affects nearly every oak species, and it’s one of the most common reasons people enlist the help of our arborists. Interestingly, some types of oaks, such as red oaks, can die relatively quickly after being infected by oak wilt. Other species, such as white oaks, stay relatively resilient in most oak wilt cases. Either way, preventing oak wilt is much easier than trying to treat it, because once it takes hold of an oak tree, it sets off a vicious cycle. 

The fungus that causes oak wilt spreads from tree to tree through root systems, though it can be carried on beetles too. Sap-feeding beetles are specifically attracted to trees that are infected by oak wilt. The smell given off by the presence of other beetles along with the fungus can encourage even more beetles to stop by and take up residence, which can quickly kill some trees and weaken others.

Fire Blight

When it isn’t fungus or pests attacking your trees, sometimes bacteria come to the party and wreak their kind of havoc. Fire blight is a bacterial disease that mostly affects our fruit trees, especially pears and apples. The name is fitting for this disease, as it often makes leaves and blooms shrivel and turn black, making them look like they have been scorched by fire. 

These bacteria infiltrate trees through wounds or blossoms, and it often gains access to blossoms by clinging to pollinating insects. When an infected tree blooms, its flowers will often ooze a nasty bacterial liquid which can spread to other trees in rain or wind as well. The best way to manage these issues is to either prune infected branches using careful sanitation protocols or remove the infected tree altogether. Antibiotics may prove helpful in rare cases, but we generally don’t recommend using them, as they can cause antibiotic resistance without providing any benefits. 

Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon cankers are about as pleasant as they sound. They are caused by a fungus that gets into trees, and the fungus makes itself right at home underneath a tree’s bark. The fungus begins to multiply and grow, forming a mat underneath the bark. As these mats increase in size, they begin to put pressure on the tree’s bark and shards of bark eventually begin to pop or flake off the tree. This exposes the fungal mat, at which point it is probably too late to save the infected tree. 

Once cankers show themselves, a tree’s structural integrity is likely already compromised. This can put your family and property at risk, as trees in this state are much more likely to lose large branches or fall over completely, whether a storm blows through or not. The best management method we can offer is removing infected trees and keeping surrounding trees healthy and free of stress. The fungus responsible for cankers usually only inhabits trees that are wounded or have other health issues anyway, so keeping your other trees well hydrated and nourished can go a long way in reducing the spread of hypoxylon cankers. 

Does the City of Woodway Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Woodway has an extensive system of parks and trails, and the trees on public properties like these are regularly maintained by the city. The city does not provide any direct assistance with removal on private property, except for the brush pickup they collect on the second trash day of the week. To utilize this service, limbs must be shorter than four feet and less than four inches in diameter. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Woodway?

Although Woodway is known as a friendly town, we have seen plenty of heated disputes begin between neighbors, landlords, and tenants over a fallen tree situation. As such, it’s helpful to know who may be responsible for tree removal ahead of time, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are almost always in charge of getting a fallen tree removed from their property because they also own the trees that are rooted on their land. We always recommend that homeowners call us to engage in regular preventative tree maintenance to keep their trees healthy and resilient. Small preventative maintenance costs pale in comparison to the cost of removing a tree once it has fallen. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are rarely responsible for getting a fallen tree removed from the property they live on, though they are sometimes expected to perform routine yard maintenance. Unless a renter’s contract specifically states that they are responsible for tree removal, however, that task usually goes to the actual property owner. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are legally obligated to keep their properties safe and free of hazards that can put tenants in danger. Weakened, dead, or fallen trees can all pose a risk to your tenants, and as the property owner, it is your job to take care of these trees. This is true, unless there is a clause in your rental agreement that deems the tenants responsible for getting fallen trees removed.

If you’re a neighbor?

Although this may seem counter-intuitive, it doesn’t matter where a tree is rooted before it falls when determining who is responsible for a fallen tree. What matters more is where the tree ends up, which doesn’t often feel fair to the property owner who wakes up to find their neighbor’s tree in their yard. It’s a good idea to speak with your neighbors about these scenarios ahead of time, as this can allow you to come to an agreement before the situation ever presents itself.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Woodway?

Soil composition is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most important aspects of tree health. Soils that are well-balanced and nutrient-dense allow trees to get adequate water and nutrients, which help keep them healthy and free of stress. Soils that contain too much clay can keep a tree’s roots too moist, allowing bacteria and fungus to grow. On the other hand, soils that are too sandy drain too quickly, leaving trees parched and dehydrated. 

The best way to know what type of soil you are working with is to have a soil test done which will give you a comprehensive analysis of the composition of your soil, including nutrient makeup and possible contaminants. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Woodway?

We tend to get lots of sun and heat in Woodway, but we are fortunate to still get enough rainfall to suit the needs of most of our vegetation. Because our winters are quite mild and lack freezing temperatures most years, trees can continue growing. This weather is also conducive to bacterial and fungal growth, however, but keeping our trees healthy and stress-free throughout the year greatly reduces the odds that they will be infected by either type of disease. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Woodway?

Dead trees near power lines can create all kinds of safety hazards for you and your neighbors as trees can knock them over or conduct electricity just by touching them. Our power companies regularly prune and take care of trees that grow too close to main power lines, but residents are typically responsible for taking care of trees that are growing close to power lines that connect directly to their homes. 

If you see a tree that seems problematic near the main power line or one that has either knocked over a power line or has gotten tangled in the cords, contact your power company to report it right away. It’s helpful to know which electric company you use. Write down these numbers ahead of time, so you aren’t rushing around to figure out who to call when disaster strikes. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Woodway?

The average cost of tree services and removal in Woodway is around $530, but your final bill can vary greatly from this average. Most jobs fall between $200 and $2,100. When we calculate the costs of tree removal services, the three largest factors we consider include how large the tree is, where the tree is located, and whether we have to provide other services during or after its removal. 


When we are called in to remove small trees, the job typically takes a few staff members and hours to complete. When a property owner needs a much larger tree, like a fully grown oak or maple tree, we will likely have to enlist the help of more staff members, and it will probably take us much longer to remove. Generally, the larger the tree, the larger your final bill will be. 


We are often tasked with removing trees that are growing too close to homes and other property, and those in hard-to-reach places often cost more to remove. When a tree is at risk of falling on property, we often have to use more advanced techniques to remove them safely, which will cost more than removing trees that are out in the open. 

Other Services Provided

Removing a dead or diseased tree is important for slowing the spread of diseases from one tree to another, but you can greatly reduce your chances of having to remove more trees by allowing us to provide other preventative services to the rest of the trees in your yard. We sometimes recommend applying fungicides or pesticides to nearby trees to keep them strong and healthy.


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