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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Waco?

Trees in Waco and across Texas are prone to oak wilt. This tree disease, which is caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum, is characterized by dry, curling leaves that change shades to gold and eventually brown. Although any oak species can be affected by this disease, the red oak is especially prone to significant complications. Red oaks often experience additional symptoms of oak wilt such as fungal mats underneath the bark that can lead to bark cracking. Oak wilt is easily spread between trees with roots that touch or are visited by the same sap-feeding insects. It is important to monitor your trees for symptoms, especially in the spring, and remove diseased trees as needed. 

Waco’s inconsistent rain levels from year to year can also cause problems for trees. An extremely wet season that follows a drought can cause conditions that are too wet to support ideal tree growth. Many post oaks throughout the region died of causes that were initially unknown in 2016, which was later attributed to too much rain following an unusually dry season. Ongoing droughts can also keep trees from getting the water and nutrients they need, although species of trees that are native to the Waco area are more adaptable to the hot and dry Texas climate than species that are found in other areas.

Does the City of Waco Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Waco offers free fallen tree removal after major storms. Residents can have trees that fall as a result of wind, lightning, or other storm-related reasons picked up by moving them to their curbs within a reasonable amount of time following the storm. Other tree removal needs will be your responsibility.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Waco? 

In Texas, having fallen trees (that result from storms or other natural causes) removed is generally the responsibility of the owner of the property where the tree lands, regardless of whose property (or public property) the tree came from. Trees that fall as a result of negligence such as prior knowledge of a diseased, weak tree that was not dealt with, are typically the responsibility of the owner of the property where the tree came from. This means that having adequate homeowners insurance to cover tree removal and other repairs is a must for Waco residents if there are trees on or near their property. 

If you’re a homeowner? 

Homeowners are responsible for their properties when it comes to cleaning up after storms. This means that trees and branches that land in your yard during a storm or for other weather-related reasons will be your responsibility to have removed, even if they were your neighbor’s trees. In general, the only reason you would not be responsible for removing a fallen tree on your property would be if it happened as the result of your neighbor’s negligence, in which case your neighbor would be responsible for removal.

If you’re a renter? 

Apartment renters will not be responsible for tree removal or other accidental damage that occurs outside their apartment. House renters will generally not be responsible for tree removal unless their lease specifically states otherwise, but they will need to contact their landlord to arrange tree removal within a reasonable amount of time to prevent further damage. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for removing trees that fall on their properties. This includes all apartment properties, most houses, and any trees that do not belong to the landlord. Landlords will also be responsible for making prompt repairs to their properties if trees damage their buildings.

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, it is important to make sure your trees are in good health to avoid preventable damage, especially those that are within falling distance of a neighbor’s property. You will typically be responsible for removing a tree that falls into your neighbor’s yard if it was the result of not taking care of a problem with the tree, that you knew about. However, your neighbor will be responsible for the same tree if it falls as a result of strong wind, lightning, or other natural causes.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Waco? 

Waco’s McLennan County is divided between Grand Prairie and Blackland Prairie subregions, which are largely related to the types of soil and vegetation found in those areas. The southern, western, and eastern portions of the county are largely farmland, based on soil types that facilitate ideal crop growth. These areas contain sandy loam soils and dark alkaline clay soils. The central (Waco area) and northern parts of the county are more varied and are home to dense oaks, post oaks, silver bluestems, and similar trees. This area contains mostly alluvial soils. 

Waco and other parts of Texas can experience groundwater issues such as contamination, land subsidence, and other water quality issues. Although scientists interested in these possible contaminants are primarily concerned with their impact on drinking water, contaminated groundwater can also negatively impact the health of trees and other vegetation. Contaminants decrease soil quality and the amount of nutrients trees can get from it.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Waco? 

Trees in Waco are accustomed to the typical hot, sunny weather of central Texas, which means that weather conditions that deviate significantly from the norm can have a noticeable impact on the health of trees throughout the area. 

Central Texas tends to receive inconsistent rainfall levels from year to year which are often too high or too low to support ideal tree growth conditions. It is not uncommon for Waco and surrounding areas to experience a drought one year and rainfall levels that are much higher than average the next. Either of these extremes can impact tree health on their own, and experiencing both within a relatively short amount of time has killed a significant number of trees over the past several years. Waco was among several central Texas cities that experienced an epidemic of post oak tree deaths in 2016, which was attributed to unusually wet conditions following a drought.

Trees in Waco are also unable to handle unusually cold conditions, especially species that are native to the central Texas area. Waco, as well as the rest of Texas, experienced record low temperatures and heavy snowfall in February 2021. This storm’s extreme temperatures, which dipped well below freezing, had both immediate and ongoing impacts on the health of trees throughout the area that are not intended to experience this type of weather.

The blizzard immediately impacted trees in the form of both loading damage and freeze damage. Loading damage, which occurs when heavy snow piles on fragile branches, broke many branches and split trees throughout the Waco area. Freeze damage is more subtle, and the full effects of this recent storm are not yet known. Some of the issues related to this freeze that have been observed so far this spring include leaf buds that are not opening, brittle branches, bark that is separating from the wood underneath it, and leaves turning brown. These problems are especially common among Mexican white oaks and southern live oaks. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Waco?

Trees that fall near or on power lines can be particularly hazardous. Dead or overgrown trees that are located within six feet of a power line typically need to be handled by your power company rather than a regular tree removal service. Pruning trees away from the power lines and moving dead trees that are too close to a power line shouldn’t be handled by anyone who isn’t properly trained in working near active power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Waco?

Tree removal services in the Waco area typically fall between $250-$1,100, with an average cost of approximately $680. The location and size of your tree, how quickly you need to have it removed, and other factors can have a significant impact on determining the overall cost of your tree removal service.

Location of Tree

The tree’s location can have a significant impact on the overall cost of tree removal service in Waco. Trees that are located in a neighborhood with a high cost of living, near power lines or difficult to access, typically cost more to remove than trees that are easy to access in areas with a lower cost of living. In addition, trees that have already fallen onto the ground are easier and less expensive to remove than trees that need to be cut down or moved off of a building, power line, or other obstacle.

Tree Size

Tall trees are more difficult to thoroughly and safely remove than short trees, which means that the size of the tree is another major factor in determining the overall cost of tree removal. Especially tall trees may also require a crane or bucket truck to assist with removing them from your property, which is also likely to increase the overall cost. 

Timing of Tree Removal 

Because we typically schedule tree removal appointments well in advance, emergency tree removal can be quite costly. Tree removal needs that have the potential to become urgent situations, such as fragile trees that may soon fall on their own or become difficult to remove without landing on a power line, can also be more expensive. Keeping an eye on the overall health and growth of your trees and monitoring situations that may need to be dealt with makes it easier to plan and schedule tree removal services during the off-season, which tends to be less expensive than busier times of the year.


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