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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Longview?

Located in the northeastern area of Texas, Longview is one of the major hub cities in the area and is near the Louisiana border. There are more than 25 lakes located near Longview, and it is also the home of the Great Texas Balloon Race. The area has an abundance of trees in the city and the surrounding area. Live Oaks and Texas Ash trees are some of the most common trees seen in the area. Due to its relative proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the area does have a humid and subtropical climate, which can lead to some issues for trees.

  • Climate: Longview is fairly humid throughout the year, which can produce heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms. Longview, and Texas in general, sees an above-average number of lightning strikes during the year, which can not only be dangerous for people, but can also severely damage trees. Tornados and flash flooding can also occur, which can not only uproot trees completely, but the extreme soil saturation seen during flooding can cause tree roots to essentially drown and die.
  • Pine Beetles: There are also large areas of pine trees in Longview, and the southern pine beetle can cause major damage. It is one of the most destructive forest insects in the southern U.S.

Does the City of Longview Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Longview does not generally provide assistance for trees on private property, including those that are adjacent to a street. Trees that fall across power lines or other critical infrastructure are usually removed by either the City of Longview or Southwestern Electric Power Company. The city does have a program, “Connect Longview”, which is intended to match volunteers with homeowners who need assistance, generally due to financial or physical hardships. This program is 100% volunteer-based, but the city will perform an inspection after the project to ensure it was completed appropriately. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Longview?

Fallen trees and who is responsible for their removal can be a contentious neighborhood debate. If a tree falls due to a natural disaster, you might think the city will clean it up. If a tree from your neighbor’s yard falls on your property, you might think your neighbor is responsible and vice-versa. If you are a renter and a tree falls, you probably assume it is your landlord’s responsibility, while they might think it is yours. Let’s take a look and see where the responsibility falls (pun intended).

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree falls in your yard, removal and cleanup will almost always be your responsibility. If your tree falls onto a maintained public road or right-of-way, it is generally your responsibility to have it removed, but you should contact the city to inform them. If you were aware that there was an existing problem with a tree, you will likely be financially responsible for removal, no matter where it falls. Additionally, in this situation, most homeowners’ policies will not cover any costs for removal or any damage. For any trees that fall into your neighbor’s yard, if you were aware of a problem, you will be responsible, and shared trees, such as border trees, are typically both you and your neighbor’s responsibility. Either way, it is never a bad idea to offer to help.

If you’re a renter?

Provided your rental agreement did not state that it would be your responsibility to remove any fallen trees, it is not generally your responsibility to remove a fallen tree if you are renting your house. Oftentimes your renters’ insurance will help with costs related to any damage to personal property that is caused by a tree falling. If a tree falls on your house or elsewhere on the property, you do need to call your landlord immediately. And if the tree fell due to something you did, it is not unreasonable for your landlord to require that you pay for the damages and/or the removal of the tree, which is something your renter’s insurance would likely not pay in this situation.

If you’re a landlord?

Since you are the property owner, you ultimately are responsible for removing any fallen trees, unless your rental agreement stipulated otherwise. Either way, it is important that you promptly communicate with your renter to assess the damage and facilitate removal. If it turns out that your renter was responsible for the tree falling, it is not unreasonable to require the renter to pay for the removal of the tree and any damages that were caused, but you will more than likely need to be able to prove they were at fault.

If you’re a neighbor?

Even if it is not your tree and it is not a shared tree, if it falls into your yard, it is usually going to be your responsibility to have the tree removed. If your neighbor knew about an existing problem and refused to address it, however, then it would be their responsibility. The majority of the time, your homeowner’s policy, minus any deductible, will pay for the damage and costs of removal. If you have any concerns about trees on your neighbor’s property, it is always best to try and discuss them with your neighbor as soon as you notice a potential problem. Unfortunately, unless the tree is dangerous in some way, they are not obligated to remove it if they choose not to.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Longview?

The soil in Longview is mostly loamy sand, with some clay. In most areas, the soil is either excessively drained or moderately well-drained. Although, some areas are poorly drained. It also has slow permeability in most areas, which causes the soil to become oversaturated quickly and remain saturated for an extended time. This can cause waterlogging and can suffocate tree roots, causing them to weaken.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Longview?

Longview has a humid subtropical climate with an average annual rainfall of 49 inches. While the winters are fairly mild, in the spring, cold fronts pass through the area and combine with the warming temperatures to produce severe thunderstorms. The area is more prone to high-wind thunderstorms rather than tornados. However, tornados can develop from these storms. There is also a high risk of flash flooding in the area which, when combined with the wind, can be devastating for trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Longview?

Trees or tree branches that are near, or on, power lines are very dangerous, and you should not attempt to remove them on your own. Longview sees many severe thunderstorms every year, which can be accompanied by flash floods and tornados. Because of these severe weather events, trees and tree branches falling on power lines is very common. According to Southwestern Electric Power Company, they are only responsible for maintaining trees that are near power lines that run from pole to pole. They do not trim or remove trees that are interfering with the line that runs from the pole to your house. It is your responsibility to call our arborists to maintain trees near these lines, and we can call Southwestern Electric at least two business days in advance to have the power disconnected before any trimming or removal is done. If you see a tree touching a power line or a line near water or sending off sparks, you should call them immediately. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Longview?

Every tree removal is different, which means there are generally not any fixed prices. In Longview, on average, it can cost between $473 and $644 to remove a tree. However, costs can be as low as $150 or as high as $2,000 in some cases. Depending on why a tree is being removed, your homeowner’s insurance, minus a deductible, may cover some or all of the cost. Generally, unless the tree is on Longview land, or is more than 10 feet tall, you do not need a permit to remove the tree. Our arborists and tree trimmers know if your tree requires a permit and can easily obtain them.


Larger trees require more time and resources to remove. And as you might imagine, this means it gets more expensive to remove a tree the bigger it gets. Our tree trimmers typically employ a top-down method of cutting, which involves cutting sections of the tree starting at the top and working down. This is absolutely the safest method for removing tall trees, but it also requires multiple people and is not a quick process, which adds to the cost. 


Rural areas are often cheaper in terms of tree removal since there are fewer people and buildings nearby. However, Longview is rapidly growing and developing more urban areas. If your home is in a particularly crowded neighborhood or even a neighborhood that is more expensive than other neighborhoods, the cost to remove a tree will often be higher. Additionally, if the tree is near power lines or a crane has to be brought in to safely remove the tree, the cost will also increase. 


The condition of your tree is also an important factor in terms of costs. Trees that have already fallen down can be less expensive to remove, but this is only in terms of tree removal costs, not in terms of the damage the tree may have caused on its way down. Trees that are diseased or partially decayed can actually be more expensive because more planning is required on our part prior to removing the tree. The most important factor in safely removing a tree is the ability to control it as much as possible. Trees that are decaying could fall unexpectedly, which can cause more damage, so it makes removal that much more difficult, which will increase your costs.


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