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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lake Jackson?

Boxelder Bugs

Recognized as dark brown bugs with light red patterns, Boxelders are known for traveling in large groups. In Lake Jackson, they’re commonly seen on sunny days following winter weather, and while they don’t tend to cause damage to landscape or structures, they are a nuisance. The bugs feed on seed pods from trees and act in similar ways to borers, feeding off the nutrients of trees.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

As a pesky threat to hardwoods, the Asian Longhorned Beetle has spread throughout the US rapidly in the last decade. The beetle bores holes and tunnels into the bark of trees, disrupting sap flow and feeding on its host’s nutrients. It can also reduce a tree’s ability to transfer water and eventually stunt trees’ growth. In severe situations, you may notice large scars or missing bark on infested trees.

Does the City of Lake Jackson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In Lake Jackson, the safety and maintenance of trees are considered a very serious topic. Many trees in the city are considered protected and preserved, meaning that you’re technically not allowed to cut down a protected tree without direct permission from the city. Due to the complexity of keeping up with specific tree types and Lake Jackson’s preservation guidelines, there is a support team in charge of approving permits and assisting with tree removal. 

The city has a designated disaster debris removal team that helps rid public areas of fallen trees or scattered debris following storms. This department will also assist in hauling off vegetative debris and assists with hazardous tree removal within the proximity of any public right-of-way property. While this doesn’t completely cater to assistance with trees on private property, it can be helpful when you have a tree in your front yard that could be damaging to a fire hydrant, public roadway, or sidewalk. 

Following major storms, such as hurricanes, the city of Lake Jackson will sometimes offer a bidding contract for our arborists to circulate the entire town and help remove debris such as fallen trees. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Lake Jackson?

Determining if you or your neighbor are responsible for scheduling and paying for fallen tree removal can be a little bit of a sticky situation. For obvious reasons, nobody wants to pay for removing a fallen tree if it showed clear signs of decay and fell due to negligence. Still, the occurrence does happen, and here’s what you need to know when figuring out if you must handle the fallen nuisance.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, if a tree falls on your property due to negligence or natural causes, it is your responsibility to have it removed. In Lake Jackson, the city will sometimes assist in removing the tree is considered part of the preservation program, but if it has already fallen, they will likely request that you have it removed promptly, especially if the tree fell due to disease or pests. 

If you’re a renter?

Responsibility for maintaining and caring for trees in Lake Jackson falls to the property owner. Unless written in your agreement with your landlord, trimming, pruning, and handling fallen tree mishaps are their duty. However, all issues should be reported promptly, including trees that appear to be leaning or at risk. Suppose this is escalated to court, though it is unlikely. In that case, you may be held partially liable for a fallen tree due to negligence that caused damage to neighboring property and failure to notify the landlord of a tree that was at risk of falling. 

If you’re a landlord?

Dealing with fallen trees is your duty unless stated otherwise in your agreement with your current tenant. If a tree falls due to natural causes, then it’s your responsibility to work with your tenant and let them know when you’ve scheduled to have the tree removed. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Many people question whether they’re liable for a neighboring tree that’s fallen. In most situations, if the tree falls due to natural causes, then it’s your responsibility to contact us tohave it removed. If the tree fell due to negligence, then it’s your neighbor’s job to handle the removal. However, if it’s a boundary tree, you may need to work with your neighbor to handle scheduling mutually and paying for the removal. Your homeowner’s insurance may sometimes back trees that fall due to natural causes, so be sure to check with them and file a claim if needed. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lake Jackson?

Brazoria County’s soil comprises eight major soil types: Aris, Asa, Bernard, Brazoria, Edna, Lake Charles, and Pledger. These primary soils show the highest potential for agricultural usage and are prime soil types in Lake Jackson for healthy tree growth. Asa-Norwood soils are known for being loamy and well-draining, while the others can sometimes be somewhat poorly draining and have slowly permeable subsoils. 

Lake Charles and Pledger soils are known for being clayey and are typically brown and red or combining the two colors. These soil types can commonly be found in woodland areas of the city, providing trees with plenty of nutrients and stability even though they don’t have the best drainage.

Out of the eight types of soil found in the city of Lake Jackson, Asa-Norwood soils offer the best chances of growth for trees that are 30+ years. The soil type is usually filled with gentle slopes and is extremely deep, allowing tree root systems to grow comfortably and safely.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lake Jackson?

Like many southern cities in the US, the weather in Lake Jackson stays pretty warm throughout the year. Summers are scorching, while winters tend to be short-lived. Throughout the year, the city receives around 52 inches of rain, which, when combined with Asa soil, is prime for the health of trees in the area. This weather helps alleviate dehydration in trees from overly warm days. 

During colder seasons such as winter, there may be brief spouts of snow occasionally. This can freeze branches but doesn’t usually leave the ground frozen for extended periods. In prime winter, the average temperatures lower to around 45 degrees, making the area a comfortable place for healthy trees to grow and live. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lake Jackson?

You may be aware that power lines are dangerous when they fall or if a line becomes loose, but did you know that it’s also risky when a tree grows too close to a line? During storms, electricity can jump or an arc from a line to a branch, or limbs can fall and interact with lines. This can be extremely dangerous and cause you harm without you physically touching the line. 

Centerpoint Energy is the primary electric company in Lake Jackson, and they handle all issues regarding power lines and energy-based utilities. When you notice a tree is growing too close to a power line and report it, our experts will work with CE to ensure that a decaying, dead, or risky tree is handled safely. Handling trees with care is normal on tree removal projects, but extra precautions must be made when trimming, pruning, or removing a tree near a power line. Don’t put yourself in danger, and report the issue to ensure you, your neighbors, family, and loved ones are all safe while the tree is being properly removed. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lake Jackson?

The standard rate for removing a tree on private property in Lake Jackson averages around $580, but jobs can range from $200 to over $2,000. This base price is for medium-sized trees and includes very basic services. Since each tree removal project is different, you can expect the cost of having a tree removed on your property to fluctuate compared to the average, based on various factors. 

Services Included

Our basic tree removal services will include the preparation, materials, and equipment, along with the cost of labor. If additional services are requested, such as stump grinding, you may see an additional charge on your final bill. Like any hired project, the services included in your tree removal proposal will be combined to create your outstanding bill. If you’d like to keep some of the wood from the tree being removed, we can split the logs into firewood, or we can mulch the wood for an additional fee.

Size and Diameter

Size does play a significant role in the cost of having a tree removed from your property. Size is measured by the height of the tree, diameter, and type of tree. This is because certain trees weigh more than others, even if they’re the same size. Hardwood trees and softwood trees can be the same height, have similar measurements in diameter, but still weigh completely differently. While no tree will physically be placed on a scale and weighed, it’s common practice to charge slightly more for tree removal services on tree types that are known to be heavier. This can change the type or amount of equipment we use and increase safety measures, increasing the price. 

Timeframe of Project

Just like having a water leak fixed after hours, requesting emergency removal services will increase the cost of the job. If there’s been a recent storm, you can expect there to be a lengthy list on having trees in the area removed. However, major storms tend to call for all hands on deck and leave our team working extended hours to help remove hazardous trees. In normal day settings, post permit approval, it’s up to our current schedule and if you’re willing to pay extra for a rushed job. 


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