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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Denison?

You might think of tree issues as plant diseases, but the harsh central Texas climate wreaks havoc on Denison’s trees, too. Drought and excessive heat stunt tree growth and kill some trees. Planting drought-hardy varieties help with this problem. At that point, you only have to watch for the plant diseases that Denison, TX trees develop.

One of these diseases, Bacterial Leaf Scorch, occurs in heat-stressed and water-stressed plants. Their leaves develop a halo of yellow between the scorched leaf area and the green area of the leaf. In red oaks, it bears similarity to oak wilt and often gets misdiagnosed.

Oak Wilt, a disease spread by sap-feeding beetles, causes oak tree death in local and central, and west Texas trees. Red oaks die the quickest once infected, but other oaks can pass very slowly. The beetles transport spores from infected red oaks to healthy oaks, letting the disease spread through root connections. Tough to treat, it requires stopping the disease spread first. Once diseased, trees can quickly develop other problems, too.

Hypoxylon Canker disease infects hardwood trees throughout the state. It appears as dead lesions in hardwoods undergoing stress such as drought or a gouge or wound in the bark and wood. Branch by branch, the tree’s foliage turns yellow, then dries out. Hypoxylon infiltrates the wood underneath the bark, which causes the bark to fall off. The bark falling off exposes spore groupings of the brown fungus, which resembles dust. Visible within this brown dust, you will observe black fruiting bodies. 

Root Rot disease infects trees that get over-watered. A fungus develops that kills the feeder roots, the trunk, and the root tissue. There’s a misconception that a tree must have had a previous wound or infection to develop root rot. Any over-watered tree can develop this disease.

Texas experiences severe storms, leaving Denison’s trees barren, but they often recover from storm damage. If you notice trees on your property suffering from disease or storm damage, please, contact us at Tree Triage for assistance.

Does the City of Denison Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Denison passed Tree Ordinances to protect citizens and property from trees posing a threat or problem. The community-specific ordinances in place provide for the protection of the right-of-way (ROW) users and their facilities, including:

  • Tree trimming of those overhanging the ROW users’ facility
  • Reporting tree damage and vandalism
  • Cleaning of graffiti within seven days of its discovery

Denison also has Tree Ordinances to protect trees by limiting which types of trees a property owner can cut down or thin. Some trees enjoy protected status as enumerated in Section 28.51, Landscape Requirements. Before a new homeowner can occupy a home in Denison, they must landscape the yard. The Landscape Requirements requisite the submission of a formal landscaping plan to the City to obtain a permit. As part of their preliminary applications, the property owner must have a tree survey conducted and a tree preservation plan. While the City does provide for removing certain trees so the property owner can clear suitable buildable land, it also prescribes the replacement of removed trees. 

According to section 13-134 of these ordinances, the property owner’s sole responsibility is to remove dead trees and hazard trees. This section also states that no entry or exit door or window of any structure required by city ordinances or codes can become blocked by a tree. The property owner must trim the tree to remove the blockage.

The City of Denison pays for removing brush and tree limbs from your property six times per year. You must pile the limbs at the curb no higher than four feet by five feet. The tree limbs may be up to six feet in length or shorter. The collection months are January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Denison?

If a tree falls on private property in Denison, the tree removal becomes the property owner’s responsibility. Payment for damages to another person for damage to their property due to the fallen tree is also the property owner’s responsibility on which the tree stood. The state of Texas offers information on this area of legal issues. Essentially, if the tree trunk grows on your side of the property line, you must pay for the tree removal. If the tree trunk grows on the property line and grows partially on your property and partially on a neighbor’s property, it is known as a “boundary tree,” and you would share the costs. If the tree trunk grows on your neighbor’s property, it becomes their responsibility to pay for the tree removal.

If You Are a Homeowner?

The tree removal expense belongs to you. Check your homeowners’ insurance policy because many of these insurance policies pay for part or all tree removal costs. You may be able to have the tree cut up into pieces and removed from your yard by placing it at the curb at one of the six times of year for limb collections the City of Denison provides each year.

If You Are a Renter?

If you rent an apartment, house, or other living quarters in the City of Denison, Texas, your landlord must pay to have the fallen tree removed. Since your landlord owns the property, tree removal falls to them. One exception exists. If the renter causes the tree to fall and the landlord can prove it, the landlord can file a claim in court seeking a judgment against the renter and a settlement for the cost of removing the fallen tree.

If You Are a Landlord?

In the City of Denison, the landlord of a property, as its owner, must pay for the pruning, trimming, maintenance, and removal of all trees on their property. This is true for each property the landlord owns.

If You Are a Neighbor?

Cordially approach your neighbor to let them know that a tree from their property fell on your property. Apprise them of any damage it did. Ask them to check their homeowner’s insurance policy to determine what it covers. As long as it is their tree or a boundary tree in which the two of you share ownership, they will need to pay for all or part of the tree removal. Rather than argue, approach them about cleaning up the yard cordially and amicably.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Denison?

Denison consists mainly of Blackland Prairie soils which comprise most of the soil in Grayson County. A tiny bit of Eastern Cross Timbers soil also exists primarily at the edge of the county. Most of the natural soil in Denison consists of dark black to light grey clays with little of the sandy loam soil of the Eastern Cross Timbers.

So, what does all of this mean for the soil conditions of Denison affecting the trees? You will find it tough to grow trees in the native soils. If you noticed the seemingly unusual number of soil companies when driving around town, that is because if you want to grow anything in Denison, you must purchase topsoil and have it placed.

The Blackland Prairie soil clays tend to crack at the first sign of heat. Texas drought does them in, and few trees grew in dry, cracked soil that cannot hold water. In normal temperature conditions, this soil performs fine, but Denison experiences regularly timed dry spells and droughts. This climatic feature does not pair well with its clay soil. You can purchase suitable topsoil from any number of sand and gravel companies or farm supply firms.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Denison?

Denison’s location in northeastern Texas provides it with an interesting cross-section of weather patterns. It experiences frequent dry spells and droughts as well as winter freezes

Summer droughts and dry spells crack the ground and rob the trees of hydration. The dry conditions create tinder box conditions, and the state often issues burn bans to alleviate one potential cause of wildfires. Wildfires spark on their own, though from lightning strikes and other naturally occurring sparks that cause fires. These wildfires scorch the landscape, and if the fire crowns, it jumps from tree to tree at its crown height, quickly spreading.

Winter produces multiple freezes. Trees that develop disease or incurred damage before this time may not survive. Before the freeze, healthy trees should have enough stored carbohydrates to recover and create new buds in spring.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Denison?

It may at first seem complex since Denison has more than one electricity provider, but they typically all adhere to ANSI A300 guidelines for tree care. The ANSI A300 guidelines guide their routine trimming and activity when a tree near the power lines dies. In these situations, the electric company cuts down the dead tree. Disposal of the debris (branches and trunk) of the cut tree belongs to the property owner.

If you observe a fallen dead tree or a dead tree posing a threat to power lines, report it by phoning the city planning department. It will have a record of which electrical provider owns or manages the nearby electrical lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Denison?

In Denison, tree removal overall costs between $155 to $2,020, depending on the size of the tree. You can typically expect the costs to remain less than $1,000 per tree in most cases. Plan on spending an average of $375 to $420 for tree removal in Denison. Three factors affect these costs.

Cost of Living

Denison, TX, has a lower cost of living than most areas of the state. It costs ten percent less to live in Denison than the rest of Texas and 17 percent less than the rest of the US. Goods and services cost three to four percent less in this town than in the rest of the state or the nation. That is one reason why it costs about $375 to pull out a small tree in this town instead of the national average of about $420.


Tree size contributes to the third factor. Smaller trees cost less to remove than larger trees. Here are some tree removal prices based on tree size:

  • Trees less than 12 inches in diameter removal costs around $155
  • Trees ranging from 19-24 inches in diameter removal costs around $435
  • Trees of greater than 36 inches or greater in diameter removal costs around $2,020.

The size contributes to the lower cost of tree removal in Denison because most of the trees there tend toward the small size.


Location, timing, and equipment also contribute to your tree removal costs:

  • Taller trees cost more to remove.
  • Trees near active power lines.
  • The tree requires heavy equipment to remove.
  • You need the tree removed immediately, whether on holiday or after hours.

Your needs might decrease the cost of removal, too.

  • Your tree removal occurs in the off-season.
  • Your yard provides easy access to the tree.
  • Removal of the tree requires no heavy equipment.

From typical tree issues to costs and responsibilities, it takes more than one person to remove a tree, so keep in mind that you will need one of our two- to three-person crews. The cost of labor makes the average price of tree removal in Denison about $375.


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