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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Cypress?

Tree types vary greatly in the area of Cypress and Harris County. American beeches, bald cypress, Italian cypress, oaks, basswoods, and elms among others provide ample canopy coverage of the area. There is, however, one common problem affecting the Cypress trees. Italian and bald cypress, though usually resistant to decay, are destroying the tall slender trees. Fungi, like cancers, are eating away at the tree’s natural defenses and causing irreparable damage. Carpospore needle blight is another fungus that kills the tree from the needles inward. Root rots from soils that do not drain well also cause damages to many types of trees in the area. Should a tree show any early discoloration, our certified arborists will be able to diagnose and treat the tree to preserve its health.

Does the City of Cypress Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Cypress has some in-depth instructions for contractors for both private and city contracts. City property that contains trees is cared for by the contracted arborists, and they are held to very high standards. However, though the regulations for contractors are extensive, private property owners will not receive help with tree removal or clean-up. Should a tornado or other natural occurrence that is considered a natural disaster, FEMA may be able to assist in covering some costs. Insurances cover the cost of removing trees that endanger structures, but not for aesthetics or building additions.  

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Cypress?

Texas laws have a good hold on who is responsible for the property, including damages from fallen trees. ‘Acts of God’, like tornados, flooding, high winds, which cause uprooted trees, broken limbs, and damages to people or homes are unfortunate and cause some confusion about who is really responsible for the damages.  

If you are a homeowner?

The property owner is responsible for the care of the trees to prevent diseases, weakening, limb overhang, and infestations. Annual inspections from our professionals can provide adequate information and documentation to assist in any needed steps. However, if an Act of God does occur, the homeowner can contact their insurance company for assistance, and the tree removal and clean-up will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

If you are a renter?

As a renter, the responsibility to keep the landlord informed of all broken, diseased, or infested items on the property is typically the only responsibility. Unless it specifically states that the renter is responsible for landscaping, it is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain and clean up trees. Renters should invest in renter’s insurance and flood insurance to protect all of their personal property, as they may not be covered under the landlord’s insurance.

If you are a landlord?

First, it is the landlord’s responsibility to listen to and act on any reports of damages, infestations, and diseased plants and trees on the property. Like the homeowner, the landlord’s insurance may cover removal if the property has been properly maintained. It is not the landlord’s direct responsibility to remove tenants’ property for the tree removal and clean-up. However, ample time needs to be given for personal property removal. Annual maintenance of trees by our arborists assists in reducing the likelihood that limbs fall or roots rot and a tree falls over.

If you are a neighbor?

Neighbors can incur damages from trees and limbs from a property owner’s tree. If the tree is in good health and the occurrence was part of an Act of God, it is the neighbor’s responsibility to remove the trees. Overhanging limbs may be trimmed to the property line without killing the tree itself. Compensation from a neighbor to cover the costs of damages can only be sought if the neighbor was negligent in removing potentially damaging limbs or trees and there is ample proof to provide the courts. Otherwise, the responsibility for damages to each property is the responsibility of that property owner.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Cypress?

The soil in the Harris Country area is typically level with clay and loam deposits. Though clay loam provides an excellent source of nutrients and can have a great pH for most plants, it needs improvements for drainage. Trees can root well and deep in the soils and reach the best nutrients to grow tall and strong. However, the drainage issue gives fungi and root rot the ability to take hold and stunt or kill the trees. Our arborists can determine the exact composition of the soil, pH, and fertilization needs before planting to ensure great growth. In addition, they can diagnose and treat existing soils to get rid of diseases and infestations.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Cypress?

The climate in Cypress ranges from hot and muggy to wet and dreary. With above-average yearly rainfall and soils that do not drain exceptionally well, the weather provides fungi and diseases ample opportunities to take hold in trees. When it isn’t raining, the sun shines hot and bright, sometimes leading to leaf burns and oversaturation of heat to delicate trees. Excessively dry spells compact the soils, causing trees difficulties in burrowing roots and obtaining necessary nutrients. Natural disasters like flooding and tornados cause massive damages to trees in the area. However, there isn’t typically much of a freeze during winter, and when there are, trees do not take to it well.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Cypress?

Since Texas is unincorporated, Cypress inhabitants can choose their own electric company. However, all-electric companies observe the right of way of their lines. They will trim or remove any obstacles–whether limbs or whole trees–that endanger the lines or poles. A few things to remember should a limb be touching a line:

  • Stay at least 100 ft .away from the line.
  • Trees can be energized by the lines.
  • Call the electric company to care for the tree.
  • Notify the city of the tree or limb’s potential hazard on public property.

One of the available companies, Entergy, advises clients to remember that trimming limbs near a line can cause arching and electrify the tool being used. Never attempt to trim or remove a tree near an electrical line or pole without certified and safety-orientated professional assistance. Even small trees can pose a hazard if near power lines. Never allow children to climb in trees that have power lines running through branches and alert the electric company of branches near poles and lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Cypress?

Basic tree removal service ranges from around $200 to $2,000 or more, depending on services rendered, accessibility, project size, tree measurements, equipment necessary, stump care, and crew count. Additional services add to the final cost and emergent services can cost as much as double the original price. Damaged trees pose another type of problem and typically take longer and cost more. Three of the major factors included in the final bill’s calculations include tree measurements, crew and equipment cost, and additional services.

Tree Measurements

Not only does the tree’s height matter, but the girth and amount of trees count toward the final total. As our arborists are required by ordinances to remove trees and limbs in sections of no more than five feet at one time, the cost will increase with each additional section needing to be removed. The girth factors in how quickly the sections can be removed, and the height determines the necessary equipment needed. Small trees, of course, will take less time and larger trees or multiple trees can take days or even weeks to safely complete the work.

Crew and Equipment Cost

Depending on the job, there may be between three to a dozen people required to safely remove the tree or trees from the property. Each additional person increases the cost. The equipment also adds to the cost. If all that is necessary is a low limb trimming, a pole saw is needed. If an 80ft tree needs to come down, we will have a huge crew and cranes, electricians, foremen, and tree climbers to complete the job safely. It is noted specifically in Cypress’ city ordinances that tree service providers may not use climbing spikes on trees that are being trimmed as it increases the risk to the tree from infestation and disease. They are allowed, however, on trees that will be removed. At Tree Triage, we always strive to protect your trees and obey oridinances.

Add-on Services

Not all services are included in basic tree removal or trimming. Stump services are the typical add-on to our tree removal contracts. Be sure to ask us about the service and stump treatments to ensure reduction of regrowth. Another service to ask about includes log splitting for firewood. You can anticipate an additional $75 or more fee to reduce the tree into firewood. Remember transporting firewood out of the area can transport disease or infestations. You can also ask about limb chipping for mulch so long as the tree was not diseased or infested.


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