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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Conroe?

Conroe has seen its share of tree issues over the years, from outbreaks of Oak Wilk Disease to a variety of worms that can eat under a tree’s bark and cause it to go into distress, potentially dying over time. Another common tree issue is with young, recently transplanted trees, where the owners don’t know the right combination of mulching, watering, and fertilizing to keep it safe and healthy. All of these issues can be improved by consulting with our arborists who will help you know whether to treat a tree against disease or insects (or if those are actually issues for the tree’s health at all!), as well as how to keep it as happy and healthy in the Conroe climate as possible.

If you have a basic question about the health of a single tree or what a particular pest or disease spot on a leaf means, you can contact our specialists or the Montgomery County Master Gardener Hotline. If you get some valuable information from them about your tree, you can use that to speed up assistance from our arborists in the future.

Does the City of Conroe Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If the city deems that a tree is a threat–from dead branches to a fully dead tree in the right-of-way–they may opt to take it down, but you aren’t likely to get city assistance for tree removal on your own property. Furthermore, the city takes seriously our location in the Piney Woods forest area of Texas, so they have regulations that protect trees in all but cases where a tree is posing a hazard to safety.  

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Conroe?

The best strategy when it comes to tree disputes is to avoid them, to begin with; property owners in Conroe are responsible for the trees on their property, keeping them trimmed, and addressing any pest or disease problems. The hard part comes when a tree has fallen due to weather or just having died and fallen, and you are trying to determine your role in the costs and work associated with removing the tree. Here are some guidelines to help you move forward productively. 

If you’re a homeowner?

You won’t always like it, but the responsibility for fallen tree removal falls squarely on your shoulders as the homeowner/property owner. Along with the privileges of possession of land come the responsibilities, and keeping trees healthy on your property is a great way to avoid some of the costs associated with tree removal. Of course, major weather events can turn any tree into a fallen tree. As with other repair needs on a home, it’s wise to keep a savings account for emergency repairs or fallen tree removal at your home, putting a little aside each month you can to reduce the shock of a month with a big bill.

That being said, you may be able to handle a large fallen tree removal bill another way: Always check to see if the circumstances of a fallen tree fit within your homeowner’s insurance coverage since it might make financial sense to make a claim. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you should not be responsible for fallen tree removal; your landlord should be the one to take care of it here in the Conroe area. If there’s proof that you are the direct cause of the tree falling, the situation may be different since the landlord may see it as damage to his or her property. However, the vast majority of trees falling will be the landlord’s responsibility. Inform them first and see how they’d like to proceed.

If you’re a landlord?

Owning rental property means staying on top of the maintenance of the property, and fallen trees at Conroe rental properties are no exception. See this fallen tree as an opportunity to impress your renter with your responsiveness: aim to get a quote for tree removal quickly when you are informed so that any damage can be mitigated and the tree hauled away before it poses any additional concern to your renters. 

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, you probably don’t pay much attention to your neighbor’s trees until they are literally falling into your yard. This is thankfully rare, but it can be a cause for concern if your neighbor doesn’t take immediate responsibility for the costs and for arranging a prompt tree removal. There can be unusual cases, such as a tree growing right on a property line, but in general, the law focuses on communication and common sense. Neighbors should talk to each other if one wants to prune back or remove a tree before it falls, and they should find a way to split the costs equitably to avoid the much larger costs of removing a fallen tree that may have damaged structures on its way down.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Conroe?

Many parts of the Conroe area have a lot of red clay, but the biggest issue with soils here in Conroe is if your tree wasn’t well adapted to life in the Texas climate. Native trees tend to do best because they are accustomed to standard pH, level of drainage, and water retention of the soils here. However, new developments around Conroe often have slightly different soil than what you’ll find on undeveloped land, so ask our arborists if you’re concerned that something in your soil is making your trees sick.  

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Conroe?

Being close to the gulf coast, Conroe does occasionally bear the brunt of hurricane-force winds, though this part of Texas isn’t hit all that often. Major thunderstorms with high winds, however, can also impact tree health, taking otherwise fine trees and fully uprooting them. 

Occasional drought conditions can make Montgomery County a hard place for non-native trees to live. If you have trees in your yard or landscaping that are best zoned to a slightly different tree hardiness area, you’ll want to water them extensively to keep them healthy.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Conroe?

Conroe has a site to share how to contact Public Works, which is a good place to start if you see active issues, like fallen trees that are blocking sewers or roads. Since many of the power lines in the Conroe area are serviced by Entergy, you can contact them if you see a tree that isn’t yet a hazard but appears to be dead or dying in a way that endangers the lines. They are likely to bring a crew to handle anything that is directly impacting the power lines. If they deem it to be a personal choice for you as the property owner, you’ll have to have the tree removed yourself. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Conroe?

On average, a tree’s removal will cost about $700 here in Conroe, based on the costs to cut the trees and the average size and condition of the tree. That being said, taking down a small dead tree or removing some dead branches will be much more inexpensive, while taking a large, decades-old Oldfield Pine or Sweetgum tree down can cost more than $2,000. Prepare for the estimate process by thinking through these cost factors.

What kind of access will they have?

If our tree removal team has a wide-open Texas ranch field with a tree in the middle of it, they’ll have a lot more options for removing it than if they’re in a closely built residential neighborhood. Some trees are tricky to remove, especially if part of the tree is still standing and needs to be cut down and equipment is bulky and may be hard to move into a small residential yard. 

Our arborists are also going to be looking at nearby wires. If power lines or cable lines criss-cross the airspace near your home, they’ll be thinking twice about how to move any tree pieces safely. If any aspect of your location makes their work harder to do, that can impact your estimate through additional fees or longer estimated labor times.

How much wood are they cutting and hauling away?

A thick or tall tree is going to require more time, effort, and equipment wear-and-tear than a short, thin one, and our tree experts have learned to estimate well. They can look at your tree and understand more or less how much weight or volume they’re hauling away, the time it’ll take to move it, and any unusually heavy-duty saws or other equipment they’ll need because of the tree in question. While height is often used as an estimate for ‘size,’ remember that a tree that is 5 feet in diameter has, all other things being equal, almost three times the wood weight of a 3-foot diameter tree. Our arborist will be able to give you some of the reasons if your tree’s estimate is higher than expected given its size to help you understand.

Additional Conveniences and Inconveniences

Realistically, your tree removal may take more time than expected, but we will not add a cost if we didn’t accurately estimate the time it would take when we gave you a quote. The conveniences and inconveniences that might change your bill include things like scheduling. If you want the tree removed quickly, getting on the schedule soon could incur more of a fee since the crew will have to shuffle current appointments to make room. That being said, if you let us know that you are in no rush, we won’t charge any additional fees for urgency. 

Another way you might be able to save money is by opting to have our crew remove more than one tree. If they can do a full day’s work without having to move to a new location and set up the equipment again, we will give you what amounts to a ‘bulk discount,’ passing along some of the efficiency savings to you. If you’re on the fence about getting a second or third tree removed, consider getting a quote for the main fallen tree from us as well as any other potential tree work done. Just make sure you’re not taking down healthy trees, since healthy trees in this area of Texas are wonderful to keep growing for years to come.


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