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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Arlington?

Arlington is home to some of the most beautiful greenery, but that doesn’t mean those gorgeous trees are invincible. Diseases and insects are common hazards for trees in the area. If not closely monitored, you could have potential invaders attacking the health of your backyard trees. 

Mistletoe Infestation

Two of the most commonly found trees in the city, cedar elm, and sugarberry, are prone to mistletoe infestation. While the name sounds cute, the parasite is incredibly harmful and spreads rapidly. Mistletoe infestation starts by draining the host of water and minerals. It reduces a tree’s ability to grow and seeps into the bark and internal structure of trees, often killing them over some time.

Hypoxylon Canker

Known asa fungus that primarily targets oak trees and other hardwoods in the area, hypoxylon canker is a slow-killing fungus, appearing as a dead lesion on limbs, branches, and trunks. The disease lives beneath the bark of trees. Invading and infecting a tree’s sapwood causes damage and stress to already weakened trees. This can cause thinning and branch dieback. 

Dutch Elm Disease

First reported in the 1930s, Dutch Elm disease has since killed over 50% of the native elm population throughout the United States. In a 2009 study, it was estimated that the disease could wipe out 42% of Arlington’s trees. Fortunately, since that study, significant measures have been taken to monitor and maintain the health of the city’s tree population.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Insects and bugs that are harmful to trees in Arlington include the Asian longhorned beetle.The beetle creates damage by boring into hardwoods and feeding off of the nutrients, creating massive damage to trees through the tunnels it bores.

Does the City of Arlington Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

According to the Forestry and Beautification Division (FAB) in Arlington, trees between the curb and property line fall under the responsibility of individual residential owners unless planted by the city. The city’s division maintains trees in public areas. The Code of Ordinances in Arlington dictates that limbs on trees above sidewalks must be 7 feet high and 14 feet high for branches over roadways. The residence owner can be fined if the limbs are not kept out of the way and remain non-compliant with local safety ordinances. 

Should a tree on private property become or appear to be a hazard, Code Enforcement enforces the removal. In most cases, the party where the tree’s location and neighboring property must agree before the city will assist in removing the tree. Some trees on private properties are protected and require approval before removal. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Arlington?

Texas laws state that if a tree falls due to natural causes, such as storm, lightning, or rain, then the property owner where the tree has fallen is responsible for removing and cleaning up that tree. However, if the tree falls due to negligence or if limbs fall due to poor maintenance, it is the responsibility of the property owner where the tree originally resides to handle all removal and damage fees.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to care for and maintain trees located on your property. Should a tree fall onto neighboring land due to disease or decay, it is up to you to arrange for the removal and to discuss and handle any details regarding damages with your neighbor. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance may assist in paying for property damages as well as your neighbor’s.

If you’re a renter?

When you’re renting a home, your responsibilities for landscape maintenance and care may vary depending on your lease. However, if it’s not explicitly stated in your agreement, your landlord will be responsible for removing a tree should it fall on the property. Your duty will be to maintain the limbs and report any signs of decay to the homeowner of the property, but should they ignore your reports and not do anything, they will be held liable when dealing with a fallen tree.

If you’re a landlord?

If a tree falls at your rental property due to lack of care, you are liable for damages and tree removal. However, suppose it falls due to a storm or other natural causes and winds up on your neighbor’s property; they will also be partially responsible for cleaning it up and assisting in getting it removed. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Trees are the full responsibility of the homeowner where the roots and trunk live. If your neighbor’s tree falls on your property or limbs are overhanging, the city of Arlington mandates that they maintain and care for the tree. However, if you notice limbs are hanging over your fence or property line, you can trim them so long you remain on your property. 

Both homeowners are responsible for trees located on Texas property lines since it is considered joint property. Neither party can have the tree removed without both of them approving it. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Arlington?

Arlington soil is known for being made up of a mixture of clay and sand. If the soil on your property is more clay-based, you may have a more challenging time replanting trees or greenery. South and East Arlington primarily have clay soil with poor drainage and limit the air that roots can get. You can choose to combat this by watering more frequently or planting on raised rows; however, the latter isn’t a permanent solution. 

During the fall and winter, planting trees and caring for newer trees is slightly easier than in spring and summer. It depends on how much water newer plants need. In summer, you’re going to need to water younger trees more often to help their roots settle in the soil.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Arlington?

Weather in Arlington is very back and forth on the scale of hot, wet, and cold. Spring is typically filled with cool and damp air, which is incredibly beneficial for the growth of new trees but can lead to lethal water mold. Winter is often frigid and can create frozen damage to trees during seasonal storms. If you notice ice damaged, broken, or cracking limbs, remove them immediately to help the tree begin healing. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Arlington?

If a tree falls due to a storm or you notice it looking sickly, and it is near a power line, contact Oncor. The power company is responsible for handling the pruning and removal of trees surrounding primary electric lines. Oncor does not assist with secondary lines such as cable or phone lines.

Rather than attempting to trim back limbs yourself, contact Oncor to ensure one’s safety. Power lines can be extremely dangerous and are life-threatening. Oncor’s staff is professionally trained to work around lines with electrical currents. Tree branches touching power lines act as conductors for electricity and will need to have the power briefly turned off during trimming to best serve everyone. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Arlington?

So far, in 2021, homeowners have reported spending an average of $561 for tree removal in Arlington. Quotes for tree removal in the area vary between $475 and $647. When getting a tree service estimate in Arlington, your quote may include:

  • Cost of labor for an average or middle-aged tree 
  • Expense of materials and equipment
  • Fees for removal, clean up, and site preparation

Estimates for tree removal in the city may not include:

  • Potential permits required by the city 
  • Inspection fees
  • Sales taxes required by the state and city
  • Additional contract fees

Several cost factors may play into the final bill when having a tree removed from your property. These factors are pretty common nationwide and can increase or decrease the fee for having the service performed. Each cost factor is unique to each job and can vary by company. 

Yard Accessibility and Complexity

If you have a difficult yard to access or the tree is located near active power lines, you might see that estimate raise. While Oncor handles trees in direct proximity to power lines, professional services such as Tree Triage can and will be needed for trees that don’t pose a threat to power lines. Yard accessibility and complexity can impact the pricing due to the risk and difficulty of getting to the tree and the equipment needed to make sure the tree doesn’t fall or make contact with the lines. You may also see an increase in price if a tree is located next to your home.


Younger trees are less likely to cost you a fortune. They typically don’t require a large team to do the job, and they don’t usually take up a lot of time. If you have a shorter, skinnier, young tree, you could save money when you need it removed. However, if it’s old and tall, you may be looking at paying for extra expenses such as heavier equipment. Occasionally, cranes are required to move large trees.

Stump Removal

Some companies will include the price of hauling limbs and pieces from the tree off, but this usually doesn’t include removing the actual stump. Removing a stump from the ground requires special equipment and can be a little more time-consuming than the actual removal of the tree. If you’re asking for stump removal, you can expect additional charges. Typically, a company will use a grinder and chainsaw to remove the stump and any residual roots.


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