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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Amarillo?

One of the most common reasons for tree removal in Amarillo is pests and diseases. The likelihood that your tree will be infected increases if the tree is in poor health and not being maintained. Keeping your trees healthy will help their chances of avoiding pests and fungal growth, lowering the risk of trees falling. Here are the most common issues facing trees in Amarillo.

Dutch Elm Disease

Elm trees do well in Amarillo, but they are susceptible to Dutch elm disease. This disease has killed thousands of elm trees in Texas. Dutch elm is caused by fungal pathogens that infect trees. There are two main ways that the disease can spread – bark beetles and root grafts. If your tree is affected, you will start to see the leaves yellow and wilt. This is an indication that the branches are dying. Infected trees will often die within months to a year, depending on the tree’s health beforehand. There is no cure, but if found early, we can apply a fungicide that may help.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is another fungal-caused tree disease you need to know about in Amarillo. The fungal infection is spread by beetles that like to feed on the tree’s bark. Once the fungus gets into the tree, it breeds in the tissues and causes clogs. These clogs will keep water and nutrients from reaching the top of the tree. Think of it like tree suffocation. If you notice the tree leaves start to wither, turn brown, and fall off, you may have oak wilt. This disease can kill trees in less than a month from the start of infection.

Fire Blight

A common bacteria harming trees in Amarillo is fire blight. Fire blight can be very destructive, especially to pear and pome fruit trees. During spring, while trees resume growing, the bacteria will start to multiply and ooze from the branches and twigs. The light brown or tan liquid will try to get into the tree through cracks and injuries on the surface. Any tree that has recently been hurt by wind, hail, or insects is at a higher risk of being invaded. 

If you begin noticing a foul smell coming from any of your trees, it could be slime flux or bacterial wetwood. This is another bacterial tree disease found in Amarillo. Environmental stresses can cause the slime to form. It can also be caused by wounding the tree. The smell can get pretty nasty if left unmanaged, and it can also look really gross. The bacteria can be a problem for our senses but is not likely to kill the tree. 

Does the City of Amarillo Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Amarillo does not help with the removal of trees on private property. If there is a dead or fallen tree on public land, they will remove it. They will come and pick up the debris from trees if collected and left at the curb for bulk pickup. This can help with some of the costs since you won’t have to pay for disposal. This can be helpful after storms when branches fall. If a tree falls from your property onto a city-owned space, they will come out and remove it. If the city owns the tree that falls and somehow lands on your property, you may need to call Amarillo for assistance. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Amarillo?

If you are trying to figure out who is responsible for fallen tree removal in Amarillo, the answer will depend on the property it has fallen on. In some cases, it can be difficult to know who is responsible, especially if both parties are worried about cost. This section will look at who is most likely responsible for a fallen tree under normal circumstances. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If you are the homeowner with a fallen tree on your property, you are responsible for removing it. In Amarillo, it is the owner of the property that is responsible for their property. What if the tree belongs to your neighbor? If the tree belonged to your neighbor and a wind storm knocked it over in your yard, you would be responsible for removal, not your neighbor. This can go both ways. The property owner in Texas is responsible for their property.

There are only two ways that you may be able to get out of paying for the removal. The first way is if a tree comes down on your home or car due to a storm or other unforeseen event. In this case, it is best to call your homeowners’ insurance to determine coverage and deductibles. The other possibility is if the fallen tree came down due to your neighbor’s negligence. This one is a little tricky because, in Amarillo, you will need to prove negligence.

If you’re a renter?

We have good news for renters. You are not responsible for fallen tree removal in Amarillo. If a tree falls on a rental property, in almost all cases, it is the property owner’s problem. You will need to call your landlord to let them know. It is also a good idea to take any notes if there is damage from a fallen tree. The only exception is if you harm the tree or cut it down. In this case, you could be held responsible because it is illegal to harm a tree that is not yours in Texas. 

If you’re a landlord?

In Amarillo, landlords are responsible for fallen tree removal since they are the property owner as well. It is good to make sure you have adequate home insurance coverage. You will want to make sure that you can cover the cost of fallen trees because it may also affect your tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors in Amarillo are only responsible for fallen trees in their own yards. If someone else’s tree falls in your yard, you will be responsible. If your tree falls in your neighbor’s yard, they will need to take care of it. It is a good idea to maintain trees that have the potential to damage your neighbor’s property. If you have poorly maintained trees near property lines, your neighbor may complain to the City of Amarillo. This may cause the city to issue a warning or request for services. If that same tree falls in their yard in the future, you could be responsible for removal due to it being neglected. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Amarillo?

Amarillo is located on a dry lake bed. It has loamy soil with less organic matter than other areas of Texas. The tawny yellow color of the soil is where the city gets its name, which is the Spanish word for yellow. This type of soil is great for trees and moisture retention. The consistency makes it great for root development because it does not get compacted too easily.

On the other hand, loamy soils are known to erode. Because the soil has equal parts of clay, silt, and sand, you could have some erosion during long storms. Too much rain can wash away soil and, in some cases, reveal part of the root system.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Amarillo?

Amarillo is in northeastern Texas, giving the area a unique combination of weather. The annual temperatures here range from very hot and humid in summer to sub-zero in the winter. While most of the year is sunny, trees here will still need to deal with humidity and heat during summer. Too much humid air can cause problems for some trees, especially if there is a threat of infection. Fungi and certain types of bacteria like moist environments and need them to thrive. This could put your trees at greater risk of some diseases.

The lowest recorded temperature in Amarillo history was -23 degrees. Winters here can mean wind, hail, snow, and ice, which can be hard on trees. If the area gets a sustained ice storm, many trees will be damaged due to the weight of the ice and snow. Some trees may even fall. The city has a plan in place for these types of storms and asks the public for help. First, they want you to bring any fallen branches to the curb and request a pickup. Next, they ask that residents report fallen trees. 

Tornados in Amarillo cause a lot of fallen and broken trees. There is little that can be done to prevent possible damage to a tree from tornados. The best plan here is to make sure you have enough insurance coverage to handle any storms that come up. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Amarillo?

If you have a dead tree near a power line in Amarillo, you may think that it’s okay because it’s no longer growing into the lines. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Dead trees are hazardous because they become brittle over time. At some point, the tree will collapse from its own weight or the added weight of snow, ice, and rain. If the tree is near power lines, it can easily fall on them, causing power outages for you and your neighbors. 

Another thing to think about is fire. Dead trees are easier to catch fire than healthy ones. If a fire starts in a dead tree on your property, it could spread to other property and put people at risk. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Amarillo?

Tree removal in Amarillo can cost as little as $125 all the way up to $2,100. The reason there is a huge gap in the pricing range is due to many factors. Some trees are small and easy to get to. Others need twice as many of our workers to bring them down safely. Let’s go over some of the main cost factors that will determine the price of removing your tree. 


The number one factor that can influence the cost of tree removals in Amarillo is size. The size is measured by height as well as the width of the trunk. The bigger the tree is, the more you will have to pay. Larger trees often need more tools, like cranes. They also need more manpower to remove them while keeping workers and property safe. 


Some trees are easy to get to, and if that is the case with your tree in Amarillo, you can expect to pay less. On the other hand, if the tree’s location is hard to get to or inaccessible, you could pay a lot more money. If the tree is located near power lines, the power company may need to get involved. This will also affect the cost of tree removal. 


It will always be less expensive to take care of tree removals and maintenance during regular appointments. If you can schedule in advance, you will save money. Emergency tree removals can cost a lot more because our workers will likely be busy with other projects and emergencies. This usually means that we will need to pay our workers overtime. Maintaining healthy trees and scheduling regular maintenance can significantly reduce fallen trees and the risk of property damage.


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