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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Alvin?

Tree preservation is an important practice in Alvin, Texas, with most city residents on board with the idea. The city created a tree ordinance to uphold preservation, stating that trees are important public resources enhancing citizens’ quality of life and general welfare.

This says everything about what the residents think about trees in the area. Alvin is located southeast of Houston where trees are equally valued. Some of the most common tree species seen in the area include Live Oak, Loblolly Pine, Black Hickory, Sycamore, and Cottonwood.

All of these get the best care possible but are also still vulnerable to numerous insects and diseases. Of course, other forms of nature are just as much of a risk.

One of the most feared pests for trees in Alvin are aphids, which can easily spread a fungal growth called sooty mold on branches and leaves. It turns those parts of a tree black, leading to tree death. These aphids are far from the only thing ravaging trees. Borers, scale insects, lace bugs, spider mites, webworms, whiteflies, and weevils are other insects invading the area far too often.

Tree diseases are also a challenge to control in Alvin. Phytophthora root rot, leaf spot disease, and Oak Wilt continue to plague trees in our parks and properties. Oak Wilt is particularly concerning considering many oak trees almost 200 years old are still seen in abundance throughout this region of Texas.

Humans can also cause damage to trees, either through vandalism, car accidents, or construction crews disrupting nearby root systems.

Does The City of Alvin Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

Based on Alvin’s Tree Ordinance, they don’t want to remove trees if they can help it. When a tree becomes overly diseased or dies, it’s a necessity to prevent the tree from falling and causing injury or damaging property.

To remove a tree, residents need to obtain a tree destruction permit aligned with the city’s ordinances. If this rule isn’t followed before removal, it’s considered a crime, and someone could easily be prosecuted. Obtaining a permit is sometimes time-consuming, yet essential so trees are removed appropriately. Keep in mind that a permit isn’t necessary if the tree is a danger to the public and needs to be removed as soon as possible or if the tree disrupts service utilities due to a natural weather event.

In most cases, permits are issued when trees pose any sort of impediment to daily life or work. During those times, our tree crews are sometimes hired by the city to take care of the issue or private citizens after a proper permit is granted.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Alvin?

Deciding who becomes responsible for a fallen tree requires a bit of an education on local laws. It’s not too complicated, but still, often confuse local residents.

For homeowners, the responsibilities are a little more straightforward, depending on property lines. Renters, landlords, and neighbors may have different scenarios, based on the nature of the tree incident.

If you’re a homeowner?

According to Texas law, tree ownership means residents have certain duties to take care of tree issues. If you’re a homeowner and own a tree, you’re responsible for cleaning up debris if the tree falls and removal if it poses a danger to other property or life. Sometimes, boundary trees can cause a bit more confusion if the stump of the tree falls between two properties. For these types of trees, both parties are responsible for the removal.

When the tree causes damage to a residential property, you have to pay for the tree cleanup and consult with your homeowner’s insurance. Those who have such policies can get damages covered, albeit the insurance company often choosing the tree care company to clean up debris.

If you’re a renter?

Similar responsibilities apply to renters on fallen trees, but only if the rental agreement says they’re responsible for trees they plant themselves. Otherwise, renters are off the hook if the landlord owns the land where the tree falls.

Every renter should read their rental agreement carefully to see who is responsible in such situations.

If you’re a landlord?

Most landlords in Alvin partake in preventative maintenance; they take care of dangerous trees like any other homeowner. Sometimes, landlords create contracts to make their renters responsible for yard upkeep. This is not very common, but still, it may be agreed to in the beginning when a tenant first moves in.

If you’re a neighbor?

Texas law also states that if a resident sees a dangerous tree in a neighbor’s yard that could fall over, they have a right to warn their neighbor about it. After repeated warnings and no action taken, that tree could topple into the other neighbor’s yard or property. In this case, the resident has a right to sue the neighbor for negligence for not taking care of the tree.

Only in a situation where an uncontrollable act of nature causes the tree to fall would there be no legal circumstances. If a healthy tree falls on the neighbor’s side, the neighbor is responsible for the cleanup and damages.

These legal circumstances are sometimes confusing, and our team sees too many similar cases. Rather than deal with legal turmoil, it’s best for all residents to call us to take care of dangerous trees on their property.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Alvin?

Not everyone understands how much soil affects tree health. To better understand how soil affects trees in Alvin, it’s a good idea to look at the official soil survey.

The survey analyzed all the soils in Brazoria County and determined it’s mostly made of clay. These are described as slowly permeable soils, and can easily harden if not provided enough moisture.

All clay-type soils expand and shrink based on the extremes in climate or weather. Since Alvin can have long, dry summers, it’s important to remember adding organic materials and mulch becomes necessary to keep this soil moist.

Similarly, if a flash flood occurs from a hurricane, it could overwhelm clay soil. Even though clay soils are one of the best for growing trees, taking care of soil around trees should become an essential practice for local residents.

If unsure about what soil surrounds a property, residents should ask for a soil test to determine exactly what it is before planting new trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Alvin?

All Alvin residents can attest to how weather changes on a dime. While summers are hot and dry, a sudden rain, wind, or thunderstorm can hit from out of the Gulf of Mexico.

These sometimes volatile weather patterns wreak havoc on already weakened trees due to disease. While the city does have an Office of Emergency Management during natural disasters, things can still become chaotic during wild weather events.

Wind, of course, is the biggest culprit in bringing down our trees. Hurricanes hitting Alvin have been numerous, often wiping out valued trees virtually overnight. Tornadoes are also common from volatile storms. In many cases, tornadoes can cause even more damage within a localized area.

During these situations, our tree care teams are often slowed down due to the cleanup demand from other residents. Patience is always required since cleaning up tree debris could take days during worst-case scenarios.

Everyone should do the best they can to prepare trees for any type of natural disaster. Not everyone can stop a tree loss, but giving tree care now avoids a feeling of negligence when it falls.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Alvin?

Our crew has seen more than our share of trees going over on power lines in all areas of Alvin. During these situations, we advise residents to sit tight and let our team or other professionals take care of the cleanup. There are numerous dangers when working around electricity.

Most importantly, Alvin’s local power utility works with us to address any fallen trees on their lines. Reliant Energy is one of several power utilities in Alvin, though may also be 4Change Energy or Frontier Utilities, among others.

We sometimes work with these power companies to turn off the power so our workers have complete safety while removing tree debris. Otherwise, the city is responsible if a city tree falls on power lines. The city works with us as well to speed up the cleanup process.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Alvin?

The cost for tree removal is a lot more variable than other tasks based on unpredictable situations.

An average cost of tree removal in Alvin will cost $675. The lowest price for a simple job might only be $187, and more complex work may cost as much as $2,100.

Other cost factors may apply:

Accessibility Issues

A fallen tree’s location makes a big difference in how fast cleanup is done. A tree falling on flat accessible land means a faster job than our crews trying to access a tree in a dense and brush-laden area.

The Tree’s Size and Condition

Many of the 200-year-old trees in Alvin have massive trunk sizes. After one falls, it can be a tremendous job cutting up the trunk and branches. Plus, if the tree is in particularly bad condition, the cleanup could be more strenuous and would take a longer time for us to finish.

Stump Removal

The stump of the tree might be a burden afterward and need separate removal. Doing this adds to the cost, even if many residents choose to leave the stump in place to save money. It’s a good option if the stump won’t cause disruptions to utilities or people.


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