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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Shelbyville?

Known as “The Pencil City” and “The Walking Horse Capital of the World,” Shelbyville, TN has an interesting history and is located in Middle Tennessee along the Duck River. There are also multiple trees and plant farms in Shelbyville and the surrounding county, including a large Christmas tree farm. It is a relatively rural area, and this, along with its location in “Dixie Alley,” the name given to the area southeast of “Tornado Alley,” contributes to some unique problems for trees.

  • Tornados: Even though Shelbyville is not located in the areas associated with the more well-known Tornado Alley, the area sees frequent and severe tornadoes, and Dixie Alley tornadoes are often more dangerous. This is due to the formation of high-precipitation cells that cause the tornados to be more unstable, as well as wrapped in rain, which makes the tornados more difficult to see.
  • Gypsy Moth: The Gypsy Moth is a highly destructive insect that is not native to the area, and is in fact native to Europe, but was introduced into the U.S. in 1869. These insects are particularly destructive to trees because the damage to the leaves and trees they cause occurs during the spring and early summer when growth is at its most active, and the starch reserves are at their lowest. This causes the trees to have difficulty forming new leaves, which in turn can cause the tree to die if the infestation continues. Due to this, Tennessee, including Shelbyville, has specific requirements regarding which trees you can and cannot plant in order to discourage gypsy moths. 

Does the City of Shelbyville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Shelbyville does not provide much assistance with tree removals. They have a monthly brush collection program where they collect brush, as well as tree branches and limbs. They do require that any branches or tree limbs be under six feet long. The City of Shelbyville also operates a burn pit year-round for brush and tree branches. The city maintains trees in public spaces, but as a smaller community, counts on residents to help with storm cleanup.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Shelbyville?

If a tree falls and needs to be removed, you might not be completely sure if it is your responsibility or not. If your tree falls into your neighbor’s yard or your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, are you responsible or is it your neighbor? If a tree that is on city property falls in your yard, who is responsible? And what if you rent your home? Let’s take a look.

If you’re a homeowner?

Regardless of where it falls, if a tree from your yard falls, the removal and cleanup will be your responsibility. If the tree is a shared tree, where the property line passes through the tree, it is the responsibility of both property owners. Additionally, if there was an existing problem with a tree that you had knowledge of and did not address, it will be your responsibility to remove it, as well as pay for any damages. Most of the time, homeowner’s policies will not pay for removal or any damage in this situation. 

If you’re a renter?

Usually, if you are renting your home, it is not your responsibility to clean up or remove a tree that fell in your yard. However, check to see if your lease states that you would be responsible for removing any fallen trees. In either situation, you do need to call your landlord as soon as possible if a tree from your property falls anywhere on the property, or onto someone else’s property.  Almost all of the time, your renters’ insurance should cover any costs that are associated with damage from a fallen tree. The caveat to this is if it was your fault that the tree fell, your renter’s insurance likely won’t cover those costs, and your landlord will also probably come to you to pay for the damages and/or removal of the tree.

If you’re a landlord?

As the owner of the property, your responsibilities are the same as a homeowner, provided your rental agreement did not stipulate that the renter would be responsible for any tree removal or clean up. You should work with your renter, either way, to facilitate quick clean up and removal if necessary. If it turns out your renter was responsible for the fallen tree, you are usually within your rights as a landlord to require the renter to pay for any damage that was caused, as well as removal, provided you are able to show it was their fault.

If you’re a neighbor?

Unless it is considered a boundary or border tree, if your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, it is generally their responsibility to have the tree removed. If you are concerned about any trees on your neighbor’s property, it is a good idea to discuss those concerns with them before anything happens. However, unless the tree is dangerous, they are not required to remove it unless they want to. If it is a shared tree, you are able to prune roots or branches that extend to your property, if they create a nuisance or cause harm, or potential harm, to your property. However, neither you, nor your neighbor, can remove the tree without the other person’s consent, or remove part of the tree if it would damage the tree in general. Additionally, if you remove a tree, or even trim a tree that is not on your property, you may be subject to double, or even triple, the costs of replacing the tree.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees in Shelbyville?

The soil found in Shelbyville is composed of silt, clay, and some loamy soil. The various soils also have a wide range of how well they drain. For example, Bradyville soils are well-drained and composed of silty clay loam. Agee soils are poorly drained and composed of silty clay loam as well and are generally flooded. Noah soils are well drained and composed of a gravelly silt loam, which formed in residuum derived from gravelly limestone. This wide range of soil and characteristics can make it difficult to grow specific trees, so it is recommended that you have your soil evaluated prior to planting any trees to ensure that you are planting trees that will do well in your particular soil.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Shelbyville?

Yes, Shelbyville sees on average 57 inches of rainfall annually, with some form of precipitation occurring every month. The summers are hot and muggy, and the winters are very cold. Shelbyville also sees a large number of tornadoes, and on average actually sees a higher number of tornadoes than other areas of Tennessee. The combination of heavy rain, wind, as well as thunderstorms, are all detrimental to healthy tree growth and sustainability.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Shelbyville?

Trees that fall on or near power lines can be very dangerous, whether the tree is dead or not, and you should not attempt to remove them without assistance. Due to the high number of storms and tornadoes, Shelbyville sees downed trees or branches on power lines can be very common. In Tennessee, utility companies are not allowed to perform tree trimming or removal of trees on private property without the owner’s consent, unless the trees are preventing use of the power lines or they are a danger to the power lines or other critical infrastructure. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Shelbyville?

Every tree removal is different, and so there are not really any set prices. In Shelbyville, on average, it can cost between $477 and $649 to remove a tree, but your total may reach well above $1,400. Depending on the reason for removal, you may be able to get your homeowner’s insurance to cover some or all of the cost, minus a deductible. Larger trees generally require a permit for removal, the exception being trees with Gypsy Moth infestations or damage, which can be removed without a permit since they are an invasive species. Our arborists and tree trimmers will be able to either supply or help you apply for any needed permits.

Tree Size

The size of the tree is one of the biggest influences on how much it will cost to remove. Larger trees, both in terms of height and width, are more expensive to remove because more time and resources are required. For taller trees, the safest method, and the most commonly used, is the top-down method. This involves cutting sections of the tree starting at the top and working our way down. This process can not safely be done by one person and requires more resources and time, both of which will increase the cost.


In a more rural area, removing a tree is typically much easier than in an urban area. Shelbyville is not considered urban, but there are areas where the homes are closer together and more planning might be required. While living in an area far away from neighbors can be nice and quiet, it can also be more difficult for one of our tree trimmers or arborists to reach your property, and this can potentially increase the costs as well.


In general, trees that have already fallen down are less expensive to remove. However, this only accounts for costs to remove the tree, not any damage the tree caused on its way down. Trees that are diseased or partially decayed can often be more expensive due to more prior planning being necessary. Being able to control a tree as much as possible is one of the most important factors in safely removing it. Trees that are decaying could fall unexpectedly and cause more damage. Therefore, removal is much more difficult.


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