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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Sevierville?

When you know what risks your trees face, you can better protect them from initial infestations and infections. Knowing common tree issues can also help you identify when a tree is damaged beyond repair or needs an inspection and potential removal by our certified arborists. Some of the most common tree issues in Sevierville include:


Trees require a lot of water throughout the year. Even after heavy rains, the soil may drain away the water, or the tree consumes the water without it being enough. When trees develop during long drought periods, their roots grow as quickly as possible to search for more water. However, these roots are not as strong as slow-growing roots, making them vulnerable to disease and pests. During droughts, trees may also have less foliage, foliage that easily yellows or turns pale green, and slower than normal above-ground growth. The tree is ultimately more vulnerable to pests, fungal diseases, and weather-related damage (though drought itself rarely kills trees).


Cankers are perennial or annual issues that can develop around branch stubs and tree wounds. They’re caused by different types of fungi that can infest previously weakened trees or portions of trees. Cankers cause poor growth, tree weakness, and more. Serious infections of cankers where branches or the tree trunk splits can severely weaken the tree and widen the splits. Different fungus varieties and canker types affect different diseases, so almost any weakened tree on your property can be susceptible to damage.

Leaf-Feeding Insects

Leaf-feeding insects, such as aphids and scales, can significantly hurt a tree’s foliage growth and damage their ability to photosynthesize and grow throughout the growing season. Trees infested with too many leaf-feeding insects can suffer from poor growth and slow root development, making them more vulnerable to other pests and diseases. Most leaf-feeding insects can be removed, and the damage can be treated if it’s caught early enough. However, once your trees are dead or fatally destabilized, it’s important to call us to remove them before they have an uncontrolled fall.

Emerald Ash Borers

Emerald ash borers are an invasive pest that has spread across large expanses of the country. While they only affect ash trees, they represent a pervasive threat that can kill infested trees within 3 to 5 years and spread quickly. Sevier County has been under quarantine since 2012 to minimize the spread of the pest. If your property has ash trees, look for D-shaped boreholes and premature dieback, as these are signs your trees are infested and may need to be removed.

Does the City of Sevierville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Sevierville does not provide financial assistance for removing trees from private property. However, the city’s residential waste programs do allow residents to place branches, twigs, and tree debris out for collection.

If you notice a fallen tree along public roads, city and county officials may be able to help. Sevier County’s Highway Department maintains county roads and can be contacted if a fallen tree presents a danger along the road. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Sevierville?

In Tennessee, if the main trunk of a tree is growing on your property, the tree is your property and responsibility. However, when a tree falls over, knowing who is responsible for removing the tree is a little more complicated. Check out these common scenarios to know what your responsibilities are.

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree falls onto your property (especially if you’re the tree owner), you’re responsible for arranging tree removal. We recommend arranging a tree removal appointment with us as soon as possible before the tree starts to rot or gets infested by pests. Your homeowner’s insurance provider may cover some or all of the costs of tree removal and repairs for damage the tree caused as it fell.

If you’re a renter?

When you rent your home, you’re not responsible for fallen trees – neither removing the tree nor paying the cost of removing the tree. So if a tree falls onto the property you’re renting, contact your landlord about the incident. You can also contact your renter’s insurance provider for repair or replacement costs if any of your personal property was damaged by the falling tree.

If you’re a landlord?

Just like homeowners, landlords are responsible for tree removal when the tree falls on the property they own. But it’s even more important for landlords to move quickly and arrange a tree removal appointment with us so we can remove the tree before it significantly damages your property’s landscaping or becomes a safety hazard to your tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

Even if you didn’t own a tree while it was still standing, you generally become responsible for tree removal once it falls on your property. Your home insurance provider may cover some or all of the costs of tree removal.

However, if the tree fell because of negligence on the part of the original tree owner, they may be responsible for the costs. In Tennessee, tree owners are held to a duty of care and are responsible for making sure their trees don’t become a nuisance or safety hazard for their neighbors.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Sevierville?

Eastern Tennessee is home to thick clay soil. This soil can hold onto nutrients and water with a limited risk of erosion. This is good soil for established trees with big root systems that can push through the clay and might otherwise topple over in areas with eroding soil. However, thick clay does make it difficult for young and weak trees to develop their root systems. The soil quickly compacts and stays thick and heavy. As a result, some trees have roots that wind around the base of the trunk and suffocate the tree instead of expanding outward.

Western Sevierville also has patches of soil with a heavy limestone composition. Limestone soils in the area can be either clay or sand, though limestone soils tend to be thin and with a high pH (alkalinity).

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Sevierville?

The local climate and weather can also affect tree health. Summer temperatures can reach 90°F or higher, which dries the soil and the trees. Winter temperatures can also plummet below freezing, exposing trees to cold winter winds and potential scorch. However, healthy trees can often withstand both low and high temperatures without it affecting their health.

Sevierville rarely receives significant snowfall, so there’s also no risk of heavy snow weighing down branches or knocking over trees. Instead, one of the biggest weather-related risks trees face is windstorms, which can damage branches and entire trees.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Sevierville?

The Sevier County Electric System serves businesses and residences through Sevierville with electricity. They are generally responsible for pruning and removing trees that pose a risk to power lines, so there should be minimal risk of trees near power lines. However, if you see a dead tree near or leaning against power lines, we recommend that you call the power company as soon as safely possible. Do not go near the tree; it is a potential shock hazard, and the tree may have already knocked down the adjacent powerlines. 

If there is a safety emergency, you can also contact the city about prompt tree removal. The county’s Department of Public Works can also help arrange for the removal of tree debris from storms.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Sevierville?

The cost of tree removal can vary depending on the tree and the surrounding conditions, but most jobs fall between $300 and $2,100. Is it a large tree? Is the tree near a power line or a structure that could be damaged by moving the tree? Once our tree removal specialists are onsite, they can give you a specific estimate. However, these three factors commonly affect the total cost of tree removal:

Why You Need the Tree Removed

The reason why your tree needs to be removed can influence the total cost. If the tree is dead or too damaged to be saved, it can be relatively simple to haul it away. However, if the tree has an infectious disease or infestation from an invasive pest, those trees may need to be carefully isolated and destroyed, which can lead to additional expenses.

Where the Tree Is

One of the biggest factors that affect how quickly and safely we can remove a tree is its location. For example, an isolated tree near a road is simple for our team to cut down or cut to size, move to a truck, and haul away. However, trees far away from roads may present a greater challenge. Trees right next to homes, standalone garages, power lines, and other structures are even more complicated to remove, especially if the tree still needs to be cut down. Our team will take all the precautions necessary to preserve the safety of the surrounding area, and that will increase the time and cost of the tree removal. 

Size of the Tree

The size of your tree can significantly affect what type of equipment we need to get the job done right. Short trees between 10 and 20 feet are simple and can be quickly hauled away. But very tall trees, such as those more than 60 feet high, will need to be cut into sections that can be moved. Tall trees that are still standing often require the use of a crane and specialized equipment to carefully cut and lower lengths of the trunk to the ground.

The height of the tree isn’t the only size factor that can affect the cost. Thick trees with hard, healthy trunks take additional time to cut through. Trees with full foliage also require more trucks and time to clear away.


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