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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Nashville?

Multiple native tree species flourish in the Nashville soils and seasons. Some of the ones you will find in Nashville include the magnificent cherry blossom, maple trees, buckeye, elms, oaks, and magnolias. Cherry blossoms are especially common in the area to the extent that the town organizes an annual Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate the beauty of the tree’s flowers. While it is best to grow native plants in any area, these are also attacked by a variety of pests and diseases. Invasive plant species also affect the health of the trees in your yard. Below are the most common tree issues in Nashville.


Powdery mildew is a disease that affects the leaves of trees, leaving a white powdery deposit on them. High humidity, temperatures beyond 90℉, and insufficient light are factors that promote the growth of powdery mildew. Although the disease is not fatal to most trees, it affects their aesthetic appeal, kills the leaves, prevents flowering, and stunts their growth.

The walnut twig beetle carries a fungal disease called the thousand cankers disease. The beetle bores holes through the bark and branches of trees and deposits the fungus in the tree. The combined effect of the fungus and the insect has a devastating impact on black walnut trees and eventually leads to the trees’ death. There is little to be done to control or stop the infestation, but you have a shot at saving your tree when you contact our professional arborists. 

Oak decline is a slow yet widespread killer in Tennessee forests. The issue is caused by various factors, including the location, soil, tree age, weather, diseases, and insects. Oak decline makes oak trees more susceptible to other tree diseases, such as hypoxylon cankers and armillaria root rot. 


The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive Asian beetle with infested ash trees all over Nashville and the wider Davidson County in epidemic amounts. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, if the EAB is not controlled or treated promptly, it will kill all ash trees by 2026. The invasive pest spreads and acts fast. Additionally, all ash trees and some of their close relatives are susceptible to its devastating effects. EAB infestations cause leaves to wilt, canopy to dieback, bark to split, and increases woodpecker activity. There are several management practices and a few pesticides that you can trust to help control emerald ash borer infestation.

The gypsy moth is another insect that weakens and kills many hardwood forests in Tennessee. The moths spread in three main ways: crawling, ballooning, and hitchhiking. The female moth lays thousands of eggs that hatch in time for leaf production. The caterpillar feeds on the leaves, causing heavy defoliation and predisposes the infested trees to secondary attacks by other pathogens and insects. Other insects that often attack trees in Nashville include the Southern pine beetle, Nantucket Pine Tip Moth, Black Turpentine Beetle, and RedHeaded Pine Sawflies.

Invasive Plant Species

Invasive plant species threaten the ecosystem by reducing tree species diversity, compete for limited resources, and prevent native plant growth. In Nashville, some of these invasive plant species that will affect the health of your yard include Japanese Honeysuckle, Asian Bush Honeysuckle, and the Japanese Privet. These plants are hard to identify and kill, but our tree experts will know exactly how to handle them for you.

Does the City of Nashville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The Urban Forestry Division of Codes Administration enforces the tree and landscape ordinance in Nashville and Davidson County. The division is responsible for protecting available trees and planting new ones in the county. The ordinance stipulates regulations on the kind of trees that can be removed. The city also entrusts the removal of damaged or diseased trees in the right of way or is heavily infested by the Emerald Ash Borer to the Metro Nashville Public Works. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Nashville?

The above-mentioned tree and landscape ordinance states that anyone intending to remove trees exceeding a six-inch diameter must obtain a permit. It also dictates that the permit shall only be granted to remove heritage, retained, or protected trees on particular conditions. You are also advised to replant trees that you remove to promote the diversity of Nashville’s tree species. Inspections follow the issuance of a tree removal permit. 

The level of responsibility for tree removal varies for rural and urban setups. Below is a description of how responsibility for tree removal shifts in four ordinary circumstances.

If you’re a homeowner?

It is every homeowner’s responsibility to evaluate a tree’s health and the potential danger sick or damaged trees cause. Thus, if the said tree falls and there is evidence that the property owner had prior knowledge of the impending hazard, they are liable for the harm caused. However, homeowners are not responsible for damages caused by trees that fall due to an act of nature, like a storm.

If you’re a renter?

If the tenants or neighbor notices a dangerous tree on a rental property and reports it to the landlord in writing, the landlord is expected to take action. But if they fail to treat or remove the tree in time and it falls, the renter can recover punitive damages, actual damages, and a significant amount of attorney’s fees. In addition to recovering the damages, the renter may also choose to terminate the lease agreement and still recoup their security deposits and prepaid rent.

If you’re a landlord?

In Tennessee, a landlord must ensure the property is habitable and safe. This includes inspecting all the trees on their property and taking action when they notice any defective condition on the trees. Otherwise, they are responsible for the damages and injuries caused by a fallen tree. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Property owners are protected by insurance companies and the State of Tennessee should healthy trees on their premises fall on their neighbor’s property due to acts of God. These acts include storms, tornadoes, floods, and lightning. In these cases, the victim’s property insurance will cover the costs relating to damage, injuries, or death. However, when there is a reason to believe the property owner was negligent, the owner is responsible for the costs and is also not entitled to the act of God’s defense. Another instance of a liability conflict between neighbors is when the trunk sits on the property line. In this case, the neighbors should talk amicably and determine the best way forward.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Nashville?

Most of Tennessee, including Nashville, features acid soils with a pH value of 4.5 to 6.5. Unfortunately, these soils promote the growth of some invasive plant species, like the huckleberry. Nashville soils have poor drainage due to the degradation of topsoil during construction, soil compaction, and the natural mineral composition of our grounds. The poor drainage predisposes plants to several diseases, including fungal and bacterial root infections, and is a significant cause of tree death in the city.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Nashville?

In Nashville, Summers run from June to September and are often hot and humid. The temperatures during this time range between 65℉ and 89℉. Droughts and bugs threaten plant life, especially towards the end of the Summer. The winter months are generally cool but quite unpredictable. They also feature lots of rainfall but only light snow dusting. The average snowfall is 4.7 inches per year compared to the average annual rainfall of 49 inches. These conditions are bearable to the native plants, but some exotic plants might die during these times. The spring features plunging temperatures and more precipitation; it is also prone to isolated tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and damaging winds. A recent storm with intense hail tore through the city with winds moving at a speed of 65 mph. It also fell several trees and ripped branches from others.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Nashville?

Nashville Electric Service (NES) is a public power provider that supplies Nashville’s residents with reliable and safe electricity. The utility provider retains the right to remove trees that have fallen or are growing within a 10-foot radius of a pole line. They also conduct routine trimming and pruning to ensure your safety and prevent tree-related power outages. When trees fall as an act of God, the company will do what they need to get them off the power lines, but they are not obliged to remove any debris. The NES likes to remind residents to avoid fallen power lines, assume every wire is live, and leave the removal of tree debris to the professionals. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Nashville?

The average cost of tree removal in Nashville is $680, but it can range between $250 and $1,910 or more, depending on several factors. Below are the top three factors that determine how much you will pay for tree removal in Nashville, TN

Task at Hand

The cost mentioned above is the basic price for removing a healthy medium-sized tree in Nashville. However, it will cost you more if you require our tree removal professionals to handle root and stump removal, tree debris, and trunk removal. That’s because these services will need more time and special equipment to handle. The same applies when the tree is not easily accessible, and our crew will require a crane or bucket truck.

Number of Trees

Challenging projects involving multiple trees in diverse locations in varying conditions will take longer to be completed. In Nashville, you pay around $187.00 per hour for our three-person tree removal crew, so the longer you have them on your compound, the more you will pay.

Permits and Licenses Required

Our tree removal quotes in Nashville do not include the price of the city’s tree removal permits or inspection fees. All these will be priced separately.


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