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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Kingsport?

Kingsport, Tennessee, is located on the northern border of the state. Sullivan and Hawkins counties split Kingsport. The location and the history of this area are as densely packed as the forests that surround them. With all those trees, some pretty dramatic tree issues will occur. But if you are looking for some big worded diseases and problems that affect the tree population of Kingsport, you would be sadly disappointed. The tree population is diverse, yes. But the issues that affect the tree population in Kingsport are simply the ones that we see affecting other areas that we serve, and the solutions are the same for these typical issues that we see across the state.

Here, in no particular order, are some common issues that we see daily with trees in the greater Kingsport area:

  • Leaf Rust. Leaf rust is precisely what it sounds like – a build-up of reddish-brown spots on the leaves of the trees. A mineral deficiency causes it and can spread to the entire tree, eventually causing death if not treated as soon as these spots appear.
  • Fire Blight. Fire blight is not what it sounds like. In this case, the leaves of our infected tree appear to have been scorched by fire. These spots usually indicate a need for water and water-based minerals that feed the roots and fertilize the surrounding soil for the tree’s use later. This disease is not as detrimental to the tree’s overall health as prompt watering, and proper fertilizing should cure the problem. This problem is more common in the trees in the mountain areas or extremely hilly regions. The nutrients are drained away as the runoff from rain or any other precipitation ferries out the needed nutrients for the tree. If left unattended, this tree will eventually lose its root system as it loses its ability to hold on to the firm ground.
  • Gall and Canker.  These two diseases affect the trunks of trees and are usually the result of improper pruning, or a limb has been torn away from the tree due to storm damage. While these unsightly marks probably won’t kill a tree, they will provide an access point for invasive insects to infest the tree, and that can kill the tree. If you see one of these places on a tree, contact our expert arborists for a complete treatment plan to correct the problem.
  • Aphids and Borers. Aphids are the name given to the insects that eat the tree’s leaves, while the borers eat away at the wood in the trunk. Aphids will begin eating the leaves and can devour the entire leaf system of a tree in less than a month if left unattended while the borer digs its way into the trunk to feast on the tree’s cellulose. These boring insects will leave the distinguishing ‘drilled holes’ throughout the tree trunk, and some spots will even have bits of sawdust that will indicate the presence of a boring type insect. Prompt pest control is the remedy for this infected tree.

These typical tree issues aren’t detrimental if promptly addressed. Those trees that are not tended to are at the most significant risk of dying from these common issues. The best thing for a tree’s overall health is working with our arborists when you need professional tree service in Kingsport. We are familiar with these diseases of Kingsport’s tree community and are always a simple click or phone call away to solve your tree problem.

Does the City of Kingsport Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Kingsport has a Code of Ordinances where there are provisions under the Code for Vegetation, concerns, and laws for the health of the trees in the greater Kingsport area. While the City does assist, they are very vague about the assistance they provide. If you want a tree removed, the process is pretty much the same as it is anywhere else – buy the permit, remove the tree.

What about instances that involve trees that have fallen from high winds or a storm in the Kingsport area? That too is in the Code of Ordinances listed under Natural Disaster and Emergencies. The tree commission for the City of Kingsport has a Landscape Professional the City employs responsible for scheduling the pruning, maintenance, removal, and replanting of the urban canopy surrounding the City of Kingsport. That same individual is also responsible for the prompt removal of any damaged trees due to any natural disaster. This person is accountable for the health and welfare of trees that are, according to the City’s Code of Ordinances,” both on city-owned land and any adjacent privately-owned land where the health of a tree is considered to be a nuisance or a hazard to human life.”

When dealing with the City of Kingsport, the FAQs page on their website provides answers to most questions. If the FAQs don’t do the trick, by all means, contact our team of dedicated professionals at Tree Triage.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Kingsport?

In the above section, we mentioned that the answers you are looking for, whether for a tree issue or any other civic issue, might be buried in legal jargon; this section will also be that way. Over the past few years in the U.S., there have been issues involving the ownership and responsibilities of a tree that several state courts and even some state Supreme Courts have made rulings on.

This excellent four-page document published by The Tennessee Extension Service mentions some court cases involving trees, the rulings on those cases, and other valuable information that may answer your questions regarding tree ownership responsibilities. Then there are also these two rules that we have pretty much come to rely on regarding this issue: 1) the person who owns the property where the root ball or root system is located owns said tree; and 2) please be an adult about this, don’t let a 150-year-old tree destroy a 10-year-old relationship with your neighbor.

If You’re a Homeowner?

If you own the home, the chances are high that you also own the tree.

If You’re a Renter?

If you rent a home, the responsibility ultimately falls on the property owner. If this tree has come down due to natural causes, contact the City of Kingsport and schedule an immediate pick-up. If this is a tree that you simply just don’t like, the choice to remove it lies with the original property owner. If the owner agrees that you can remove it, then all the charges for the permit for the removal will fall on you. The best advice here is to live with it unless mother nature tells you differently.

If You’re a Landlord?

If you are a landlord, you need to treat the trees on your property just like you treat your rental. Keep it up, tend to its needs, and if it comes down or otherwise needs to be removed, confer with the City of Kingsport to see if they can assist you in its removal. If it has come down naturally, they will offer assistance. Also, check with your homeowner’s insurance policy; there may be some assistance in there as well.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Don’t let a few limbs and leaves that have drifted over the property line destroy a thriving relationship with your neighbor. And look at the reverse. If your neighbor’s tree has infringed on your property, how much pain and suffering is it causing? Be an adult, keep up the communication efforts, buy a permit, call Tree Triage, and solve the problem.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Kingsport?

The only problem with the soil in the greater Kingsport area is a nutrient deficiency, as the soil drains water away from the tree. The most recent soil survey for this area was very detailed, and the soil analysis is relatively healthy for a variety of plant life in the area, not just trees. Most of the regions with soil surveys in the Appalachian Mountain Range like Kingsport have at least one or two areas of deficiency due to the mountainous terrain. That does hold for Kingsport as the terrain has the propensity to drain nutrients excessively. Other than that issue, the soil in Kingsport is relatively healthy.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Kingsport?

Trees are going to fall anytime there is a storm that produces high winds. We have all seen the damage that tornadoes can do, as the City of Kingsport has known to have from time to time. It is just one thing that people have come to expect and tolerate during the spring and summer when these violent storms occur. 

Weather patterns for the City of Kingsport have felled several trees. The City’s Landscape professionals have outlined in their city ordinances that they will do their best to ensure that they will plant two trees in their place for every tree lost because of a storm. Weather does affect the tree population in Kingsport or any city where these violent storms rage through.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Kingsport?

The power companies that keep the lights on across our nation take tree issues rather seriously. They all want the same thing, keep the trees cleaned up and the power flowing. But there are those times when a tree will take down a piece of the grid and stop that flow. When that happens in the City of Kingsport, refer to this webpage from Appalachian Power to report the problem. If you do not have internet access, you can reach them at 800-956-4237 to immediately report the problem.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Kingsport?

Now we have come to the financial end of having a tree removed here in the City of Kingsport. Here are the low, high, and overall average costs for tree removal in Kingsport, Tennessee. Then we will factor in a few issues that can cause your fee to either increase or decrease in some cases. 

  • The low average cost of a tree removed in Kingsport, TN, $512
  • The high average cost of a tree removed in Kingsport, TN, $697
  • The average cost of a tree removed in Kingsport, TN, $604

Those are the averages for removing a medium-sized tree in the greater Kingsport area. Those numbers do not include:

  • Fees for any tree removal permits
  • Fees that may involve any extra equipment

Now, here are some factors that may cause that final price to go up or down:

How Big Is Your Tree?

Those numbers above are for a medium-sized tree up to 40 feet tall. If your tree is over 40 feet high, there will be extra charges accordingly. The situation is not a case where the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Big trees equal big money.

Where Is This Tree?

Is your tree going to be in an area that is easily accessed? Will our specialists be able to get their machinery in and out with no problems? Will traffic need to be diverted to get to your tree. These are all factors that will manifest themselves in the form of extra expenses regarding your tree removal costs.

Is the Tree Already Down?

This is the only contributing factor that may cause your cost to decrease. If the tree has already fallen and our tree removal specialists just needs to clean up, it will be a bit less than the dead tree that is standing and will need to come down in sections.


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