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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Clarksville?

Clarksville shares a common tree issue with much of the rest of the eastern United States, and that is the threat of Emerald Ash Borers. These beetles are native to China and other parts of Asia and were first detected in the U.S. in 2002. As of early 2021, Emerald Ash Borers have not been detected in Montgomery County yet, but they pose an imminent threat. These beetles have been found in the border counties of Dickson and Cheatham. Homeowners who have Ash trees on their property should be on the lookout for these beetles, as they are capable of quick and extensive damage. Signs that a tree is infested include increased woodpecker activity, S-shaped tunnels beneath the bark, D-shaped holes in the trunk, and sprouting branches near the base of the tree.

Another common tree issue in Clarksville is Phytophthora Root Rot. “Phytophthora” means “plant destroyer” and is a fungus-like organism that certainly lives up to its name. Like most forms of root rot, Phytophthora thrives in soil with high moisture content. It can be spread via contaminated soil and water; gnats, and shore flies. Trees that are planted in the Red River floodplain, as well as those that grow in poorly draining soil, are at an increased risk for Phytophthora.

Does the City of Clarksville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Most of the rules and guidelines pertaining to trees are found in chapter 17 of the city ordinance. A “hazard” or “nuisance” tree is defined as one that “could strike a ‘target’ within the city limits, or which poses a threat to public health, welfare or safety, or to other trees or vegetation due to disease or insect infestation. A target can be a person, vehicle, structure, or place where people are likely to gather or visit regularly.” 

That means that if your neighbor’s tree looks like it’s about to fall onto your garage and they’re not doing anything about it, you do have recourse with the city. Once a resident is notified that a tree on their property has been deemed a “nuisance,” they have a certain amount of time to take action. After the allotted time frame, the city reserves the right to remove the tree at the property owner’s expense. 

Residents who have questions about trees with the city limits can contact Clarksville’s Tree Board by calling Parks & Recreation at (931) 645-7476.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Clarksville?

The housing in Clarksville is almost equally split between owners (53.0%) and renters (47%). This is an important distinction to make because fallen tree removal is the responsibility of the property owner. But what is the protocol when a tree covers more than one yard? 

Local lawyers make it clear that it’s the placement of the tree’s trunk – and not the branches – that determines ownership. This law holds in all 50 states. Occasionally, we do see a tree whose trunk grows on more than one person’s property. These trees are called “boundary trees.” All property owners share equal responsibility for any boundary trees that are in their yards. 

While it’s difficult to account for every single tree issue that may arise, there are some guidelines for who is responsible for tree removal in Clarksville.

If you’re a homeowner?

As noted above, homeowners in Clarksville are responsible for the removal of any fallen trees that grew in their yard. This is true even if the tree didn’t land on your property, but fell on the street or in your neighbor’s yard. 

If you do have a fallen tree, your first call should be to your homeowners’ insurance. Most policies have some coverage for tree removal. This is often true if inclement weather caused the tree to fall and/or the fallen tree damaged property like a building or a vehicle. If a smaller tree fell but didn’t cause any damage, you’ll want to keep your insurance deductible in mind. In this case, it may be cheaper to not file an insurance claim and to pay for the removal out of pocket.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent, you’ll want to look over your lease agreement. In most cases, renters aren’t responsible for the removal of fallen trees. Even if you take care of mowing, raking, and other routine lawn care, removing a fallen tree is generally considered above and beyond these tasks.

One exception might be if you did something that caused the tree to fall. In that case, your landlord might expect you to pay for the removal. If you and your landlord are involved in a dispute over a fallen tree, one of Tennessee’s renter’s rights organizations may be able to help.

If you’re a landlord?

If you’re a landlord, you also owns the rental property, so you are responsible for fallen tree removal. As noted above, you may have some legal recourse if the renter was negligent or careless and caused the tree to fall.

If you’re a property manager and don’t own the property, the responsibility for fallen tree removal lies with the owner. 

If you’re a neighbor?

We have seen some intense tree disputes in our day. Often, these situations arise when residents do not understand or aren’t aware of tree ownership laws. Some neighbors think they are off the hook for the cost of removal if their tree landed in their neighbor’s yard. Or, they think that because 90% of a tree’s branches hung over their neighbor’s fence, that the tree technically belonged to their neighbor.

Hopefully, some kind words and education about the laws will resolve neighbor disputes. If you and your neighbor can’t resolve the issue on your own, Clarksville’s Tree Board may be able to offer assistance.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Clarksville?

An extensive soil survey of Montgomery County revealed that only five soil types exist here: Clarksville silt loam, Clarksville stony loam, Clarksville clay loam, Clarksville loam, and Guthrie clay. This is a relatively small number, as many other counties in the U.S. have a dozen or more different soil types. 

Clarksville silt loam makes up the majority of the soil in the county at almost 67%. Historically, tobacco has thrived in this soil. Trees that also grow well include white and red oaks, beech, sugar maple, hickory, and walnut. The biggest soil-related threats to the city’s trees are the possibility of sinkholes forming and the high moisture content after floods.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Clarksville?

Summers in Clarksville can see daytime temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. While in the winter, daytime temperatures hover around the 40s and 50s. By late November, it starts to dip below freezing at night. In the winter and spring, younger trees in Clarksville are susceptible to sunscald and frost crack. Both of these conditions are caused by warmer temperatures and sun exposure during the day alternating with colder nighttime temperatures. Applying commercial tree wrap in the fall may help protect trees, but the wrap must be removed in the spring. 

In terms of severe weather, tornadoes can affect tree health in Clarksville. Some residents may remember the category F-3 tornado that tore through the city in 1999, which damaged and uprooted many trees. Another way that weather can impact tree health is Clarksville’s potential for flooding, especially along the Red River. Trees that lie within the area’s flood plains may be susceptible to root rot and other problems. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Clarksville?

Dead trees are at an increased risk of falling. Any dead or dying trees that are located near power lines pose a serious safety risk. If a dead tree on your property is near a power line, the city expects you to remove it as soon as possible. But be aware that removing or trimming a tree that is near a power line is not a DIY task. As professional tree removal experts in Clarksville, we have the experience and the equipment to handle this type of task. In addition, we’ll work with the local power company to ensure that everyone stays safe during the tree removal.

If you have concerns about a tree near a power line on someone else’s property, you should notify the electric company, which is CDE Lightband. If a tree looks like it’s in imminent danger of falling onto a power line, you can call 911. Police and other emergency personnel can block off the area and contact the power company.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Clarksville?

Tree removal in Clarksville typically costs between $486 and $661, with the average being $573. The circumference and height of the tree drive the cost of removal significantly higher, and there are other factors that come into play.

Tree Health

A strong, healthy tree takes more work to remove than a sick or dying one. So while it can be sad to have to cut down a tree with extensive root rot or a pest infestation, at least it will be easier on your pocket. And if you need us to remove a fallen tree, you can expect to pay less than if we had to cut the tree down ourselves.

Stump Removal

Stump removal and stump grinding are usually not included in the price of tree removal. After we remove a tree, you have three options for what you want to be done with the stump: leave it as-is, pull the stump out of the ground, or grind the stump down. It won’t cost you anything to leave the stump as-is, but this option may not always be practical. Grinding the stump is the cheapest removal option while pulling it out of the ground will cost you more. 

The average cost for stump grinding in Clarksville is $100. You could pay a little more or a little less, depending on the circumference of the stump. Most stump grinding will be in the $72 to $128 range.

Tree Accessibility

Trees that are difficult to access will cost more to remove. If you live in one of the subdivisions near the Austin Peay Recreation Area, getting our equipment to the tree could be a tight squeeze. We also have to take measures to protect any buildings, roadways, and sidewalks underneath and near the tree. On the other hand, trees that are not obstructed by buildings or other trees cost less to remove.


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