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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Brentwood?

Brentwood and its surrounding areas are the home for a wide variety of spectacular trees. Sadly, these trees do come with their own problems that can cause the tree’s health to decline, sometimes, to the point of death. You can offset the damage to your precious trees by examining them a couple of times a year for any signs of disease or infestation. Be on the lookout for leaf deformities, discoloration, holes from insects, sap leaking, or abnormal growth. 

Be especially mindful of the following issues: 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAS)

The Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle native to northeastern Asia. While beautiful to look at, the EAB is one of the biggest threats to the ash trees of Brentwood. The EAB is responsible for destroying millions of trees throughout 30 states including in Brentwood. 

Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD)

Thousand Cankers Disease is a fungal infection that primarily affects black walnut trees. Black walnut trees are very important to the economy of the area due to their use in products and for their walnuts. TCD is spread from a small beetle and the tree, once infected, will die within a couple of years. Sadly, there is no treatment for TCD. Prevention is the best way to protect the trees by stopping the spread. 

Fire Blight 

Fire blight is a bacterial disease that is very contagious and deadly, especially for apple, pear, and crabapple trees. It is the cause of many tree removals. The tell-tale sign of Fire blight is how the leaves appear burned with the brown-to-black scorched look of the twigs, flowers, and foliage. Fire blight can spread very quickly. You need to respond immediately at the first sign of it. Any affected trees need to be pruned or removed completely. Even the tools used on the affected tree need to be disinfected with alcohol. 

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA)

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is a destructive aphid-like pest of eastern and Carolina hemlocks. The HWA originally came from Asia. The HWA enjoys trees of all ages by attaching itself to the base of the hemlock needles and feeds on the new twig growth. You can spot a HWA infestation from the white masses at the base of the needles on the twigs. Limb dieback is a potential danger within two years for younger trees. Larger, more infested trees can die within four years. 

Does the City of Brentwood Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Whether or not Brentwood will help with tree removal is all based on where the tree is located. If the tree falls on public land, then the city will most definitely handle the removal and cost.  The city, however, will not handle removing a tree that falls on private property. If a tree from your private property falls onto the public property, then the city will cover that, too. When there is a tree on private property that is deemed to be a hazard by the City of Brentwood, then the homeowner will be asked to remove the tree. If the homeowner does not comply, then the City may have the tree removed, and then send the bill to the homeowner. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Brentwood?

Trees definitely don’t fall when we want them to, nor do they fall where we want them to. When a tree falls, who is responsible for its removal? Sometimes, the answer is pretty straightforward, and other times, it can be more tricky. Continue reading as we discuss who is responsible for fallen trees in a variety of circumstances. 

If you’re a homeowner?

The owner of the private property where a tree falls is responsible for its removal. Due to safety issues that can arise, you need to hire our professionals to remove the tree. Be sure to check with your homeowners’ insurance policy to see if tree removal is covered and what else is covered in case there is damage to your private property. 

If you’re a renter?

There are benefits to being a renter. For one, renters are not responsible for tree removals in Brentwood. As the renter, you are not the property owner, and it is the owner who is responsible. That being said, you should stay in contact with the property owner about any problematic trees that could potentially fall. It’s best for everyone to remove a tree on their own terms. Also, check with your renter’s insurance to see what could be covered in the event there is damage to your private property. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord, your responsibilities are the same as the property owner. This includes removing, trimming, pruning, and maintaining any trees and vegetation at your rental properties. The landlord should also be diligent, work with the renters, and keep an eye open for any problematic trees on the property. This is to protect the safety and wallets of both the renter and landlord. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Where the tree falls will determine who pays the cost for its removal. Everyone is responsible for their own properties and what happens on their properties. So, if your tree falls in your neighbor’s yard, your neighbor will need to have it removed. And on the flip side, if your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, you will need to pay for its removal. The exception to this rule is if the owner of the property where a tree falls is able to show that the tree fell due to negligence from the owner. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Brentwood?

Brentwood has the privilege of being located in the Cumberland Plateau which affords it some rather ideal soil conditions for a wide range of plants and trees. This soil is well-drained, loamy, and strongly acidic. The native plants of this area are specifically adapted for this type of soil with its moisture and soil pH. For this reason, it is best to plant trees and plants native to the area for the best growing results

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Brentwood?

Brentwood is blessed to enjoy the overall pleasant weather of Tennessee. The average high temperature is 70 degrees, and the average low is 45 degrees. The humidity is relatively low throughout the year. Snowfall averages out to about 4 inches and rainfall around 53 inches. 

The problem is that Brentwood can have some rather crazy weather. Sadly, wild weather is hard on trees. Tornadoes are one of the worst weather events that can threaten the residents and trees of Brentwood. Nothing can stand up to the power of the worst tornadoes, even the strongest trees. These strong winds will make these trees unstable and cause them to become uprooted. There have even been instances when an entire tree is pulled up from the roots and thrown on top of a house. Trees that are already weakened by disease or infestation do not stand a chance against tornadoes. As trees fall, widespread power outages occur. 

Another problem for the trees in Brentwood coming from these possible severe storms is the sheer amount of rain. Flooding is a real concern stemming from these severe storms. All this extra water can weaken the roots of your trees causing them to be more likely to fall from wind events. If your tree becomes weakened due to damage to the root system, you may need to contact us to have the tree removed to ensure the safety of your family and your neighbors. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Brentwood?

Tree branches and dead trees are very problematic around power lines. Weakened trees can fall during any number of weather events and cause widespread power outages. That is why Nashville Electric Service knows that their Tree Trimming Program is an integral part of their power delivery system in Brentwood. NES follows a rotation that manages trees and vegetation growth along every circuit in their coverage area. This planned maintenance rotation takes between three and four years, and then they start again. Keeping the growth under control the best they can help NES minimize outages. In the event of downed trees due to a weather event, NES will respond promptly to clear the trees and work to restore power. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Brentwood?

Tree removal in Brentwood is going to cost you on average about $618, with prices ranging between $200 and $2,100 in most cases. Each tree removal job is going to be different, and the cost is heavily dependent on a few cost factors. 

Size of Tree 

The size of the tree is going to influence the price. To be honest, cutting down trees can be a dangerous trade. The job gets more dangerous the taller the tree is. The cleanup and removal are going to cost more as the tree gets bigger. The logic follows that smaller trees require less risk, less time, and a smaller crew to finish the job and will cost you less. 

Tree Location

How difficult a tree is to remove is greatly affected by where the tree is located, and this location will affect the cost. A dead tree that is lying on the ground is fairly easy to remove, while a tree near power lines, in a dense subdivision, or lying on a structure is much more difficult to remove. The cost of tree removal in Brentwood is directly proportional to how difficult it is to remove. The harder it is for us to remove, the more it will cost. 

Labor and Materials 

The more difficult a tree is to remove, the more of our workers will be required. It is true that falling trees do not always follow a convenient schedule and sometimes fall on the weekend or during a holiday. The labor cost is going to be higher during those times. Also, if heavy machinery is needed, you will be charged extra for the cost of its operation. Plan ahead if you can. You will save on labor and materials if you can have more than one tree removed at once.


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