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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in York?

York trees have a variety of issues depending upon the species of tree, their proximity to other trees and plant life, the soil, the weather, and more. Some problems are just that, more of a problem than others. More common issues include epiphytic plants, opportunistic parasites, fungus, pests, and other diseases.

Spanish Moss

Spanish moss is characteristic of South Carolina’s low country. Contrary to its name, this flowering plant is not moss nor is it Spanish in origin. Rather, it is in the bromeliad family and takes advantage of its host tree for support. Unlike a parasitic organism, Spanish moss receives water and nutrients through the air. It only lives in trees for protection and support.

Spanish moss needs sunlight to grow and, therefore, is often found in trees of poor health. If moss grows heavily within a tree, it could further harm the tree. Spanish moss prefers bald cypress and live oaks. However, under the right conditions, it will grow in almost any type of tree.


Lichens are a combination of fungus and alga. These are crusty growths located on the trunk and branches of an ailing tree. They choose diseased trees with fewer leaves which allow for more sunlight the lichens need to grow. It is the alga that uses sunlight combined with carbon dioxide to create food. The fungus protects the alga while living on the food it provides.

Hypoxylon Canker

Another opportunistic fungus, hypoxylon cankers, enjoy oaks, hickory, and pecan trees. The cankers develop within the bark of hardwoods and are detrimental to the health of trees already under stress due to drought or root injuries, affecting the tree’s ability to take in water. Besides the formation of cankers, initial symptoms of the disease include dying back of the tree’s crown and a loss of outer bark. 

Powdery Mildew

One or more fungi combine to form powdery mildew, which can be found on a variety of trees and plant life. Oaks, maple, magnolia, crabapple, basswood, and dogwood are all favorites for the disease. Signs of the disease are the white powdery growth atop and under the leaves. It can also cause the malformation of leaves and may lead them to drop prematurely. While an ugly sight, powdery mildew is rarely fatal to a tree.


The tales of mistletoe date to the time of Celtic druids in the 1st century. The Druids saw mistletoe, which could bloom during the coldest of winters, as a symbol of fertility. Fertile it is as this parasite grows in more than 100 species of trees including oaks, hickory, red maple, pecan, and black gum. While mistletoe makes food of its own, it does gain minerals and water from its host tree, weakening its ability to fight off other parasites, according to Clemson University Cooperative Extension. Mistletoe is toxic to people and pets and should be handled with care.

Does the City of York Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of York is responsible for public trees on city property. The city does not provide any assistance or financial aid for private tree removal.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in York?

While it sounds pretty simple, sometimes, determining and understanding who is responsible for a fallen tree is not so clear-cut. Such an issue can cause grief between neighbors much like a sagging fence line, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re a homeowner?

A homeowner is responsible for any tree that has been living on his or her property. Despite where a tree may fall–onto a public property, or neighbor’s property–the person who owns the property the tree was occupying must take care of tree removal.

If you’re a renter?

In most cases, a renter bears no responsibility for removing a fallen tree. Renters rarely have any responsibility for tree life other than routine watering. But, if a tree appears diseased or ill, is leaning or seems otherwise hazardous, or has fallen, the renter should notify the property owner or rental agency responsible for the property. 

If you’re a landlord?

Simply put, a landlord is the property owner. As such, he or she is responsible for the trees on the property they own. When a landlord becomes aware of a fallen tree on their property, he or she should arrange to have the tree removed as soon as possible. A fallen tree can be a danger to residents of the property and other trees.

If you’re a neighbor?

This is where things may get sticky. Remember, a homeowner who had a tree living on their property is responsible for the tree if it falls. If your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, you are responsible for having it taken care of. The reverse is also true. If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, they should have it removed.

Unfortunately, neighbors have gone to court over such matters. Being a good neighbor is owning up to the responsibility. While both parties should agree on a mutually convenient time for cleanup, the neighbor who owns the tree that fell needs to make the arrangements with us and pay for the removal.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in York?

The majority of York County and the City of York soil is silt loam, which is a combination of soils higher in silt. The silt retains nutrients that are good for trees. However, some areas experience drainage problems, especially when they see a lot of water all at once, and that can be a problem.

To best understand your soil, you can have it tested through Clemson University. The cost is minimal for a standard test which includes the pH and various mineral content. The results can help you determine the need for additional fertilizer or other amendments. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in York?

Those of us who live here know that York sees a lot of precipitation. Our winters are cold and wet, and our summers are hot and muggy. On average, we get 44 to 45 inches of rain each year and a couple of inches of snow. But, we are lucky in the weather department. Our rain is normally spread out over 100 days or so each year. We are at low risk for hurricanes, although we have experienced some. And, we see a few nights below freezing. We rarely experience weather conditions that have an ill effect on our trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in York?

If you have a tree that is dead and leaning near or on power lines, stay away from it. If the situation is contained to your property and seems stable, contact us for emergency tree removal service right away. However, if it is rainy, your yard is wet, or the tree has fallen onto your lines or around the main power lines on public property, you should report it immediately. York County asks that you call 803-329-1110 so they can dispatch a team to the incident immediately. They will clear the lines and restore any lost power. However, removing the tree debris remains the homeowner’s responsibility.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in York?

Many things factor into the price of tree removal. On average, you can expect to pay around $225 for a small tree, $825 for a medium-sized tree, and upwards of $1,600 for a large tree in York. Included in the cost is cutting the tree down and removal of the trunk, branches, limbs, and other debris. Just how long it will take depends not only on the tree’s size, but its location and proximity to other trees, buildings, power lines, and more.

Tree Location

When a tree sits alone in the front yard with easy access, well, that is our tree removal team’s dream, but that is less common than a tree that is right up next to the house, garage, or other building–or a tree that stands among other trees. Or even worse, one that is entwined with power lines. These are much more difficult to remove. Care must be given not to damage the roof or other trees. And, a tree embracing power lines could be very hazardous. The harder the project, the more it will cost.

Tree Size

We referenced the size of the tree previously. The obvious reason a taller tree costs more is that there is more to cut down. Beyond that, climbing up higher in a tall tree is more dangerous and requires more support equipment. To cut down very tall trees, a bucket truck must be brought in to reach the higher crown. More specialized equipment costs more to run and translates to a higher cost for removal.

Health of Tree

Removing a healthy tree is easier than removing one that is diseased and has decayed–or a dead tree. A healthy tree is stable and more predictable to climb in and cut down than an ill or dead tree in which our removal team cannot predict which branches are stable and which may be more brittle. It takes more time to maneuver around a dead or ill tree than a healthy one, and the liability is higher.


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