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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Mount Pleasant?

Acting as a sibling to many of South Carolina’s beloved beaches, Mount Pleasant is a Charleston city that’s filled with good food, relaxing waters, a few alligators, and an enjoyable calming atmosphere. The city itself is filled with large mossy trees that add charm and historical beauty to the scenery. As you walk around the suburban town, you’ll find stately live oaks and historic homes that make you feel reminiscent of times you’ve only heard stories of. As beautiful as Mount Pleasant is, it’s old (and young) trees are prone to having natural pests that require a little TLC from time to time. 

Southern Pine Beetle

Considered as part of the bark beetle species, the southern pine beetle experiences four life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The beetle bores through the bark of pine trees, creating small patterns and holes beneath the bark. Over time, the pest lays eggs, and as it grows, it begins to colonize the host tree. This leads to defoliation over time and can reduce a tree’s ability to consume and transfer nutrients. 

Sirex Woodwasp

You’re probably familiar with the common day red wasp that’s an annoying pest and not super friendly. Fortunately, the Sirex woodwasp primarily attacks trees rather than people. Unfortunately, this woodwasp is a vector for a fungus that’s known to kill pine trees. The wasp feeds on healthy pines and is black with an orange stripe. When it lays eggs, the larvae bore holes into the bark of trees and cause the resin to drip down the stem of a tree. This leaves the host tree prone to more than the fungus it commonly brings. 

Does the City of Mount Pleasant Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Currently, the town staff of Mount Pleasant will only assist with the removal of trees that are considered part of a protected species. This consideration will take place in the form of an evaluation of the tree and potential removal following the submission of an online request. The city will not assist with trees on private property that do not meet the standards of being classified as part of a protected species. 

Additionally, Mount Pleasant has strict regulations regarding the protection of certain species of trees and sizes, which may require you to file for a permit before the removal. The Mount Pleasant Planning Department handles all regulations and concerns regarding permits for tree removal, and the property owner is required to be the party that submits the request for the permit. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Mount Pleasant?

Following Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Charleston County implemented some pretty strict county laws regarding the removal of trees. The laws dictate that grand trees, which are trees more than 24 inches in diameter when measured at chest height, require an approved permit before being removed. Fortunately, these regulations don’t exactly hinder what to do when a tree falls. In any case, knowing if you’re responsible for a fallen or decaying tree can save you from a lot of stress and potential fines. 

If you’re a homeowner?

In South Carolina, many cities follow the ‘Act of God‘ defense, stating that fallen trees are the responsibility of the homeowner on which the tree resides. If it falls due to negligence on your property or your neighbor’s, then you’ll likely be held accountable for having the tree removed if it’s proven that you knew or should have known the tree was going to fall. However, if it falls due to natural causes, you’re only responsible for it if it falls on your property. 

If you’re a renter?

Many leases will state that the tenant is responsible for basic lawn care. This doesn’t usually include the maintenance of trees on the property unless stated otherwise. However, if a tree has noticeably been showing signs of decay and you neglect to tell your landlord, then you may be held partially liable for any damages caused or removal services if it’s proven that you were aware or should’ve been aware the tree was at risk of falling. The best rule of thumb is to send your landlord a message in writing, as a text or email when you notice a tree could fall.

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord, you hold responsibility for the maintenance and removal of trees on your property unless stated otherwise in your current lease with your current tenant. If you neglect to trim back limbs or file for permits to have a visibly dying tree removed, then it’s your responsibility to have the fallen tree removed. 

If you’re a neighbor?

While the ‘Act of God’ defense can be a benefit to many homeowners, if a storm passes through and a tree from neighboring property falls due to natural causes, then you can ask politely if they’ll split the cost of having it removed, but you’re ultimately responsible for having it removed. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Mount Pleasant?

Considered to be part of Charleston County, Mount Pleasant is filled with tidal, marsh, and soft land. Being so close to the Atlantic Coast, the city’s soil is a combination of gentle slopes filled with sandy and loamy textures. Throughout Mount Pleasant, you’ll find soil types that include Seewee Rutlege, St. John’s-Leon, Chipley-Lakeland, along with many others. 

A recorded soil survey suggests that soils in the area are defined as one or more major soil, combined with at least one minor soil, giving them hyphenated names.

  • Seewee Rutlege is most commonly found running along narrow troughs and is poorly draining, which means that it is not a prime soil for tree growth. However, trees that do well with this type of soil are pines and hardwoods, thriving off the high-classed water table. 
  • St. John’s-Leon soil is similar to Seewee in the fact that it can be found alongside broad ridges and is poorly draining. The soil resembles a fine black or dark grey sand and is poorly to moderately suited for woodlands.
  • Chipley-Lakeland soils are made of fine loamy sands and drain moderately well, giving it the upper hand for encouraging tree and crop health. 

There are a few soils in and around Mount Pleasant that offer trees a much better chance at a healthy growth cycle. These soils are well-draining and represent a mixture of sandy and loamy soils. Wando-Seabrook, Kiawah-Seabrook-Dawhoo, and Yonges-Hockley-Edisto are all soil types in the area that are rich in nutrients and great for pines and hardwoods. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Mount Pleasant?

One of the great things about Mount Pleasant is that it’s a fairly sunny city year-round. The average number of sunny days per year in the town is 211, which means trees get to soak up vitamins from the sun almost daily. During the summer, temperatures run around 90 degrees, and in the winter temperatures settle around 39 degrees. The coastal town doesn’t usually experience snow, which means that most of the trees can thrive without the stress of potential freezing too often. 

Mount Pleasant receives around 48 inches of rain throughout the year in the form of scattered thunderstorms, which can help ensure trees continue to soak up nutrients from the soil but can also be harmful in large quantities due to poorly draining soil in areas. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Mount Pleasant?

As you likely know, power lines are not to be played with or interacted with unless you’re a licensed and trained professional. Active lines carry thousands of volts of electricity, which can be hazardous and even lethal if you come into contact with them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop trees from occasionally growing too close to power lines, or growing so big that their limbs hang over the lines. When this occurs, it’s time to take a step back and let our professionals handle the dirty (and risky) work. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Mount Pleasant?

Pricing tree removal services are based on a variety of factors that are highly dependent on the complexity of the job. Typical costs for having a tree removed in Mount Pleasant are between $230 and $1,820, with an average total of around $690. When you schedule to have a tree removed, your quote will be considerate of labor, time spent on the project, materials and machinery, safety equipment, and more. 

There are a few cost factors or services that are considered as additional work, such as stump removal and cutting the tree into lumber, and these specialty services will cost a little extra but can be worth it at times. A few of the main factors when deciphering your quote for tree removal services are as follows:


Having clear access to a tree that’s not far from the road or located near structures or power lines can make all the difference in how you’re charged when having a tree removed. When trees are difficult to gain access to, perhaps for reasons like being near a body of water, it can take a little more planning and thinking for our experts that are removing the tree. This is impactful to the cost of the job as it impacts what safety measures need to be taken and can change up the necessary equipment and machinery on some projects. 

Complexity of the Project

Accessibility isn’t the only thing that can make a tree removal project more complex. While the location of a tree and the efforts made to get to it are important, the cost will also depend on things such as how quickly you need it removed, if it’s caused property damage, what type of tree it is, and much more. Various types of trees can add to the difficulty level when being removed. Hardwoods tend to soak up more water and retain that water, making them heavier and requiring more materials to safely cut branches and the tree itself down. This can be more time-consuming and a more tedious process solely based on the fact that it requires more precision and attention to detail. 


The size and diameter are some of the most valuable factors when it comes to tree removal services. Smaller trees will usually cost a lot less than removing a tree that’s 30+ years old. The shape and diameter of a tree are also calculated into the size due to how the tree grows. Certain trees may have a wider base but be short while others may be tall and take up minimal space on the ground. Depending on how wide and round the trunk is, as well as how tall or large it is, the pricing for removal will fluctuate. 


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