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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Moncks Corner?

Tree species like black tupelo, eastern redbud, flowering dogwood, laurel oak, live oak, and willow oak are found here in abundance.  The common issues you will find in these trees are:

Pests and Diseases

The North American Beaver is the most common tree pest in Moncks Corner. These beavers use the trees for food by eating and barks, twigs, and leaves.  They also create dams using tree limbs which causes flooding.

These beavers fell trees by burrowing into barks, especially during winter leading to a string of problems like damaged structures and weakened barks. Locals use traps to reduce the beaver menace.

You may also find fungal tree infections like black root rot nicknamed ‘dead man’s fingers’ caused by fungus. 

According to, other tree pests include the lecanium scales, which affect willow trees and water oaks.  The emerald ash borer (EAB) mainly infects ash trees and gloomy scales, which affect red maples, and the invasive Asian longhorned beetle infests and damages hardwood trees in this area. 

Luckily, many tree diseases do need treatment, and in some cases breaking out the tops of parasitic plants has been proven to control the spread of the tree disease. 

Natural Disasters

Storms and tornadoes cause severe damage to trees in Moncks Corner. These storms range from moderate to severe and are accompanied by strong winds, causing trees to fall, uproot others, block roads, and injure people’s scores. 

Wildfires in this town are known to damage more trees than property and other structures. Hail storms bend trees or break limbs and leaves.  

Overgrown Trees

Poor trimming and pruning practices are the primary causes of overgrown trees in Moncks Corner. For example, oaks should be trimmed every 3 to 5 years, but people often forget about them until they invade other people’s territories.

Pollarding, for example, is useful in reducing trees’ canopy, thinning the crown, which promotes air circulation, the aesthetics of your yard, and getting close to power lines.

Does the City of Moncks Corner Provide any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Moncks Corner authorities are usually the first responders to fallen trees during a storm or other natural disaster.  Moncks Town Council strives to keep as many healthy trees as possible. However, the council provides for permits and tree removal assistance when the:

  • Tree is diseased or dying, thereby posing a hazard to the community
  • Tree stands in the way of necessary developments and installations. This tree should be at least 5 feet within the perimeter of a construction site or approved driveways and parking lots
  • Tree removal is the only way to keep the town and locals protected
  • Tree removal is considered beneficial by the town council

The authorities encourage Moncks Corner residents to stay alert about storms through the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Moncks Corner?

Fallen trees are most times the cause of natural disaster than being felled by people. However, since fallen trees have a history of ruffling feathers between residents, the government, according to South Carolina Justice,  has set clear laws about fallen trees to settle any arising complaints fast and objectively.  Here are the applicable laws regarding fallen trees in Moncks Corner in different scenarios.

If you’re a homeowner

You are squarely responsible for removing fallen trees or limbs that fall onto your property or into your compound, whether they belong to you or a neighbor. 

Insurance will pay for damaged structures caused by the fallen tree – when neglect was not involved. If a storm causes damages throughout the town, the authorities will assist you in removing the tree. 

If you’re a renter

In most cases, your HOA or COA insurance will pay for damages from fallen tree limbs on your property as a renter. However, the natural disaster has to be exactly that and not aided by human intervention.

You are not responsible for cleaning up after a tree falls into the compound where you live on tenancy terms. That’s your landlord’s job. 

If you’re a landlord

The Moncks Corner law sees you as the rightful owner of the property. Therefore, you are responsible for calling us to remove a fallen tree from your compound, whether it belongs to you or your neighbor. 

However, negligent neighbors are liable for paying for damages accruing from neglected trees that fall into other people’s territories and properties.

You can send any questions or clarifications you have about insurance in these cases from the South Carolina Department of Insurance.  

If you’re a neighbor

The South Carolina law considers fallen trees caused by natural disasters as an act of God. This removes any liability on your neighbor’s part for removing their tree when it falls into your compound under natural circumstances. 

You are liable for removing the limbs that end up on your property. Insurance will pay for damaged structures caused by the fallen tree or its limbs.

If you live in a neighborhood run by an HOA, the HOA insurance can pay for the damages.

If the fence is damaged, the location of the fence determines who repairs it. If it’s entirely on your property, you bear the costs alone, and so does your neighbor if the fence falls completely on their property. 

If the fence is exactly on the boundary, you and your neighbor share the costs of repairing and restoring it. You can report disagreements and tussles to the town council or find a lawyer to help settle the matter. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Moncks Corner?

Moncks Corner has less sand in the soil compared to areas along the coast of South Carolina.  The Soil Survey of Berkeley County says most soils in Berkeley County are loamy and clayey, with 95% of these soils having excess water. These soils have a pH of 8, which supports much wildlife and broadleaf trees like southern magnolia, live oak, azalea, and longleaf pine found in abundance in Moncks Corner.  

Most tree roots in South Carolina only go a foot under the ground, but some pines have deep taproots, which do better withstanding harsh weather conditions. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Moncks Corner?

On average, Moncks Corner experiences about 51 inches of rainfall each year, zero inches of snow, and 210 days of sunshine. The highest temperatures here average 93 degrees in July during summer and fall to 35 degrees in January during winter.

This weather is most conducive for growing many tree species including tupelo, bald cypress, different kinds of pine trees, and willow oak.  

However, storms are usually severe when they hit Moncks Corner, with some reaching speeds of 145mph. This kind of weather not only fells trees but uproots them. The town has gone through 22 severe weather warnings in the last year, according to Counton2 News. The EF-3 twister in April tore through the Fairlawn area, leaving destruction in its wake.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Moncks Corner?

It’s unwise to try to remove dead trees or prune or trim healthy trees under power lines.  Moncks Corner tree ordinances allow the town council to remove any dead or dying trees near or under power lines. 

If your tree is 10 feet away from a power line, it’s illegal to try to trim it. Only OSHA-certified tree removal workers like Tree Triage are allowed to remove it.

In any case, you are not responsible for removing or attending to a dead or healthy tree near power lines in South Carolina, according to the Weekend Energy Consumer. The National Electrical Safety Code requires utilities to do it instead. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Moncks Corner?

If a tree falls under the category of protected trees in Moncks Corner, you’re not allowed to remove it without a permit. However, whether the tree is a protected species or not, you need to pay an average of $722 in Moncks Corner to remove it safely. This price may go down to less than $200 or up to $2000. Several varying factors may alter this figure.

Nature of the Job

Some circumstances make it harder or easier for our crews to remove a tree and increase the price by 25% to 50%. If a tree is in a sensitive area, for example, close to a kindergarten, public road, or caught in a tight space between two structures, the cost may go up significantly. If we have to use more than ropes and ladders, that also affects the price. 

Emergencies and requiring the removal of several trees or one with a split trunk also tend to increase the removal price.


Trees are measured in DBH – diameter-at-breast-height – a tree trunk diameter measured in inches at a height of 4 and ½ feet.  A 24-inch tree is considered a grand tree in Moncks Corner. Shorter and more slender trees cost less than thicker and taller trees.


Some species have complex limb systems, while others have simpler systems and are shorter. For example, aspens are naturally smaller than oaks and will therefore cost much less. 


The healthier the tree, the harder it is to remove and the more it costs. Additionally, a fallen healthy tree may cost less than a healthy standing tree because half of the job is already done.  However, some health conditions, such as a disease that has not spread, have little to no effect on the price of removing it.


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