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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues in Lexington?

One common issue with trees in Lexington is the high infection of pests such as fruit worms, aphids, and borer insects. Fruit worms and aphids affect fruit trees, and their removal or prevention may require the intervention of our arborists. Ash and flowering trees are affected by aphids due to the small fruits.

Hardwood trees are affected mainly by borers that attack the trees through the sap. Japanese beetles are common in Lexington due to the heavy vegetation. The beetles mostly attack flowering trees during spring when they are most vulnerable and attack small and lawn trees. Japanese beetles also attack edible plants and vegetables.

Lexington, SC, receives frost cycles during winter. As a result, it’s difficult for citrus and tropical trees to survive in these conditions. Additionally, ash trees are known to attract Japanese beetles and borer insects. The insects invite verticillium wilt, a fungal disease that invades susceptible plants via the roots, especially during the hot climate.

High winds and drought are also a concern for trees in Lexington. Some trees, such as shade trees, will require lots of water and staking in the early growth stages. Still, improperly mulching a tree can damage tree trunks which prevent adequate moisture during the hot seasons. For better tree survival, we advise that you plan for planting during the dormant season after leaves drop, mainly in October and November.

Does the City of Lexington Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There are rules and regulations regarding private and public tree planting and tree retention in Lexington City. For instance, it’s illegal to plant or remove a tree within a public street if you don’t have a proper limit. Lexington city has developed SC codes that contain tree guidelines for planting trees within the properties. If the tree is in a public space, Lexington will safely remove it.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Lexington?

It’s possible to have falling trees in Lexington, especially during inclement weather, leading to structural damages or even injuries. When this happens, here is what you should do:

If You’re a Homeowner

When you buy a home in Lexington, the trees you find around your property are part of the deal. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to call tree removal Lexington services to clear the mess in case of a fallen tree. As a result, you need to be prudent enough when assessing the nature of the trees in a newly acquired home. However, sometimes it’s not easy to determine how old the trees are or the possibility of the entire tree or branches falling off, especially during heavy rains, storms, and winds. You can involve our professional arborists to evaluate the health of your trees and the possible hazards.

If You’re a Renter

As a tenant in Lexington, when a tree falls within the property, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to remove it. You are just a renter, and the property owner should handle the tree removal processes.

If You’re a Landlord

If you own rental units in Lexington, it’s your responsibility to take care of your property for the sake of your tenants. Due care includes tree removal and trimming or pruning branches that may fall off and cause damages to your property.

If You’re a Neighbor

When a tree falls to a neighboring property and causes damages or injuries, they have the right to take legal action against you. It’s your responsibility to be on the lookout for any unsound trees that might fall to a neighboring area and take the necessary prevention measures. However, negligence has to be proven even after the tree causes harm to another person or property. They should demonstrate that you knew about the risk posed by the unsound tree.

For instance, if the fallen tree frequently lost limbs, was uprooting, or had noticeable decay, you should have known the possibility of the tree falling. In most cases, neighbors can work things out without pursuing legal measures. Depending on the extent of the damages, you can file a homeowner’s insurance claim.

However, if the tree is healthy and a flash of lightning strikes it, causing the branches to fall, you aren’t liable for the damages or injuries it causes. You can defend yourself by saying it’s the ‘Act of God’ which led to the tree falling.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees in Lexington?

The quality of the soils in a particular area is fundamental to the health of trees. Soils act as the storage place for water and the essential nutrients and nitrogen dissolved in the water, necessary for the tree’s growth. The ground also provides a firm pace for the trees to anchor themselves as the roots reach the water.

While the handy-clay and sandy soils in Lexington may not be conducive for some vegetation, many trees will still grow well. Still, homeowners can choose the herbs or flowers best suited to the type of soil in their specific area in Lexington. However, the same doesn’t apply in trees because the root can grow much further below. You, therefore, need to choose a tree that can survive in the heavy clay soils such as Silver Maple, American Basswood, Honey locust, and Bur Oak.

The America Basswood can tolerate various soil types and can still grow in partial sunlight caused by trees canopy in Lexington. However, you have to be on the lookout for Japanese beetles that can negatively impact their growth by chewing the leaves. Silver Maple can also grow in full or partial sunlight, and it can tolerate minor flooding. Honey Locust trees are one of the most tolerant. They will thrive in compacted soil and even overcome drought periods.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lexington?

The weather conditions in Lexington are favorable for the growth of healthy trees throughout the year. However, if you plan to plant some trees, we recommend doing it during fall. The cool temperatures are favorable for the tree roots to establish themselves just before spring. Since the tops of the trees are a bit dormant in the cold months, it allows the growth energy to be channeled downwards to the roots. Once we get to the spring season, the tree roots will support the natural surge of the upper growth.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lexington?

Suppose there are dead trees on power lines. In that case, Dominion Energy will disconnect the service line without any charges to allow property owners to remove the hanging limbs or the entire tree safely.

On the other hand, when the dying, dead, or leaning limbs or trees are near power lines, the authorities will cut them. Still, they occasionally eliminate smaller debris and limbs. If there are large trunks and limbs, they remain at the landowner’s property. Additionally, removing tree debris due to storms in Lexington is the property owner’s responsibility.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lexington?

Tree removal Lexington services help enhance your property’s appearance, safety and increase its value. These services come at a cost, with the average amount in Lexington being around $573. Homeowners can spend a minimum of about $400 to a maximum of about $750. These costs don’t include inspection fees, permits for tree removal in Lexington, and sales taxes for the materials and supplies in Lexington and South Carolina.

Tree removal is an essential service, and you should involve our professionals whenever you want to clear trees in your compound. Before starting work, our experts will do a thorough assessment of the work and estimate the cost of the tree removal project. The expenses of Lexington tree removal service varies depending on several factors, including:

Material Costs 

Typically, trees with a large trunk diameter and the extra tall ones are difficult to remove and require special tools and equipment for safe removal. Our experienced tree removal experts have all the necessary equipment to get rid of the trees quickly, efficiently, and safely. In some cases, they may have to use cranes, which may require an additional $500, ropes, and more. While you will have to pay a higher price for the extra resources, it’s worth the cost.


Some trees are located in hard-to-reach areas without much space. Consequently, removal will involve more personnel to carefully work around it and ensure that there won’t be any damages. The process will also take more time to complete the task, which will add to the total cost.

If you want a complete service from us that includes tree root removal, stump removal, tree debris, and trunk removal, it will cost more. Note that roots and trunk removal require additional labor, which adds to the total costs. When the project involves many different trees, there will be an extra cost for each tree. If you need a tree and stump removal, there will be an additional cost of about $150.

Nature of the Job

Sometimes, you may notice that a tree or some branches are almost falling when it’s too late. In this case, we recommend that you call us for an emergency tree cutting service in Lexington to prevent potential damages or even injuries to your property. We offer these as a same-day service but at an extra cost.

What Can You Do to Save Your Lawn Before and After Tree Service?

Before the tree removal process, you can involve our professional arborists to assess the tree’s width, length, age, and branch layout. Involving our specialists helps determine the best condition or strategies to remove the tree. It also helps create enough room for the tree to lie flat by clearing any debris and making sure there won’t be any damages as you cut the tree.

After tree removal, you can plant new grass in the affected areas. Within a few months, your lawn should have a new look. If there are huge dents, you can utilize a lawn roller to flatten the bumps and marks to have your smooth and flat yard back.


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