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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Chapin?

While trees near the water are a great place to string a hammock and take an afternoon nap, they have their own problems and need some human help to solve them. From the emerald ash borer to annosus root rot, various destructive forces are damaging the trees in Chapin. Invasive ferns and vines are reducing the nutrients for trees and stunting their growth. Some damages can be mitigated through the vigilance of the property owner, but others kill too quickly. All that can be done is to ensure the disease or pest does not affect other trees and spread wider.

Does the City of Chapin Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The town of Chapin does not offer any services for the removal of trees on private property. However, there is a program that assists with planting trees in community areas. Palmetto Pride Tree Grant educates and assists with litter pickup and beautification of neighborhoods and community lots. They schedule events to assist with litter and competitions for winning trees. If a tree has fallen because of a natural disaster, FEMA may be of some financial assistance.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Chapin?

As a general rule, each property owner is responsible for maintaining their property and the people, animals, and vegetation on it to comply with city ordinances. When a tree falls, it can leave people wondering who is responsible for the damages. Protect yourself and your trees by getting an annual inspection. Catching diseases and pests early will help reduce the damages and remove the hazards associated with an unhealthy tree. We can help fertilize, prune, or remove a tree if necessary.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners or property owners are responsible for all maintenance tasks on the land that they own. This includes pruning and fertilizing trees, extermination in, around, and outside the structures, and repairing any damages caused by hazards. Fines and fees can be charged to the homeowner who does not maintain their property to the codes of the city. When a tree falls, the portion that is on the property and the damages to the property are the homeowners’ responsibility.

If you’re a renter?

Most basic rental agreements state that the renter is responsible for maintaining a clean home and repairing the damages caused by their presence, family, or guests. Maintenance is usually a landlord’s responsibility. Tending to fallen trees is within the realm of outside maintenance. So, by a basic contract that does not dictate terms of outside responsibilities, a fallen tree is the landlord’s financial responsibility. However, if the contract does state the specific terms and tree falling is mentioned, it will be the renter’s responsibility.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords maintain all the rights and obligations of a homeowner, especially when there is no tenant to assist with repairs. Depending on the contract, when a tenant is in residence, the landlord is still responsible for fallen trees. The contract must be specific enough to dictate who is responsible for a fallen tree before an incident occurs.

If you’re a neighbor?

While it is trespassing to walk into a neighbor’s yard to determine the health of a tree or to prune its limbs, neighbors do have some rights. If limbs or roots are encroaching and pose a hazard to the property, the neighbor has the right to prune them back to the property line, so long as it does not harm the tree. Sickly trees can cause a problem if a storm were to come through and should be discussed, in writing, with the property owner. Sometimes, agreements can be made to prune or remove the tree without legal assistance. However, should a tree fall, and its health is in question, physical proof can prove the liability of the property owner for any damages. Healthy trees that fall over property lines because of acts of God carry the responsibility of removal and repair for the respective property owners. The tree’s owner is not responsible for a healthy tree that falls because of situations out of their control.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Chapin?

Most of the soils around Chapin are clay loams which suit well for tree’s health and well-being. So long as there is no drought, the soil is easy to dig into and retains enough moisture to water a tree for a little while. Before planting trees, consider the average dampness of soils to determine the best location and species of tree that will thrive in the area. Remember to locate underground pipes and watch for electrical line proximity. A bad location for a tree can reduce the nutrients in the soil and make removing the tree more likely.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Chapin?

The climate in Chaplin is usually cool to freezing in the winter and hot in the summers, providing a good balance of dormant and growing times. Above-average rainfall with fewer rainy days can produce the potential for flooding if drainage is not established well. The less frequent days of rain allow roots to dry and reduce the likelihood of fungi and bacterial infections. With winters barely dipping below freezing, the winters do not provide much heavy snow that harms the weakest limbs. Pruning should be done in winter, when the pests are dormant. Its location near the Atlantic coast brings damages from hurricanes, tropical storms, and inland flooding. Strong trees can be uprooted with these storms, especially with wind-related events.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Chapin?

Downed trees and limbs are the number one safety hazard that causes widespread power outages. That is why Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative has a right-of-way program for clearing lines. New lines and trees that endanger existing lines fall under the pruning or removal rights of the energy company. No one should attempt to prune or climb a tree that is near or touching a power line due to trees’ ability to conduct electricity. Power lines can arch electricity up to ten feet to metal pruning equipment, possibly causing electrocution or fires. Wood from dead or dangerous trees will be left on the property for the property owner to dispose of.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Chapin?

Removal of a tree or trees must be done for several reasons. Issues like infected or infested trees, dead trees, downed trees, or new construction clearing can be a good reason. Insurance companies can assist with the financing of the removal of some trees, depending on the conditions and terms of the contract. Removal of a tree for purely aesthetic reasons will not be covered. Ordinances and codes require permits for tree pruning or removal, and there are protected species that require extra care. The average cost of a tree removal service in Chapin is $500, but costs can range from $150 to $1,900 or more. The cost can be reduced or increased depending on factors like equipment, proximity to structures and lines, tree size, and any additional services requested.

Safety, Equipment, and Crew

Safety is the number one priority for our crew as they work in high places with very dangerous equipment. Climbing a tree and cutting limbs while suspended is not an easy task. Specialized equipment like cranes, tractors, and different cutting tools require different levels of maintenance after use. Fuel costs will depend on the current rate for the fuel type used. Our specialists and extra crew members will add to the overall cost, especially if difficulties arise during the service.

Tree Size

The biggest factor of the pricing is the tree itself. The diameter and height of the tree will determine the base price for the service, and proximity to structures, lines, and any other hazards will add on from there. Multiple trees can add more to the bill, though we will discount additional trees. Selling the taller trees for lumber may reduce the bill. Small trees under 10 feet can be cut down quickly and may cost under $100. Large multiple trees can run the final bill over $3,000.


Our basic contracts for tree removal usually does not include limb chipping, firewood cords, or stump grinding. The location of the tree determines the equipment necessary to move the wood after the tree comes down. Limbs are generally cut into manageable sizes and hauled away.

Requesting chipping can create mulch for landscaping use, at the cost of the chipper and crew to do the job. Firewood cords are wonderful to have to keep the inside warm or have an outdoor fire. If you would like us to cut up the wood into cords, it will cost more for the time and equipment necessary to create them. 

Stumps pose another issue altogether. They can be left as we cut them to create a cute gnome garden or you can request their removal for an extra $300, on average. Before requesting the service, ask about filling the hole and treating the roots.


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