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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in West Chester?

Residents of West Chester, Pennsylvania already know their city loves local trees, with two trees planted for every one removed. The city also has one of the most diverse lists of tree species in the U.S. A few trees found here include paperbark maple, dogwood trees, longstalk holly, and Japanese zelkova.

Every one of these trees is vulnerable to natural elements, including various insects and diseases. As unfortunate as this, the city does the best it can in caring for each individual tree. Still, these insects are a big problem for local trees and likely always will be.

One of the most insidious in Chester County is the Spotted Lanternfly. These insects come from China and are known to feed heavily on local fruit trees. While not harmful to humans, it’s one of the most destructive tree insects ever seen in West Chester.

Other insects affecting trees here include the Emerald Ash Border, spider mites, and stink bugs.

Various diseases can affect trees throughout Pennsylvania all year long. A decade ago, cooler weather brought a tree fungus that killed off numerous Sycamore trees throughout the city.

Other things can also make trees sick or eventually die:

Tree Blight

Bacterial or fungal infestations all too easily bring tree blight to Pennsylvania’s trees. It turns leaves brown or yellow on area trees with the most color.

Our professional arborists are a must-hire to examine your tree for tree blight. Some people let the blight continue, eventually leading to tree death.

Weather Extremes

West Chester’s trees can easily die from inclement weather events occasionally plaguing the area. We’ll look more later at how Pennsylvania’s weather can affect trees in your own backyard.

Construction Disruptions

Construction crews frequently work around old trees near residential properties. Workers all too often disrupt tree roots in the process. Digging up ground only 20 feet away from an old tree can create more root damage than construction companies realize.

Does the City of West Chester Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Removing a tree in West Chester requires a thoughtful process going through the city’s Tree Commission. The city sometimes orders specific trees for removal if posing a danger to property or human life.

Only if the tree is truly dangerous will the tree be considered for removal. In this case, The Tree Commission sends orders for tree removal to specific residents. These residents can appeal the order if they think the tree isn’t a hazard to the community. All orders from the city regarding these risky trees require tree removal within 30 days.

Once city officials remove the tree, it leaves the stump in place as a separate matter. Our crews are equipped to get these trees and stumps removed quickly and affordably. handle this.

The responsibility of who really handles a fallen tree is slightly different when trees reside on your own residential property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in West Chester?

The circumstances behind a fallen tree and who holds responsibility often cause confusion among West Chester’s population. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll probably have sole responsibility (sometimes by decree of the city) if the tree doesn’t fall within West Chester’s right-of-way areas.

When renting (or working as a landlord), other responsibilities may apply. A fallen tree from or into a neighbor’s yard could bring legal problems.

If You’re a Homeowner?

Any tree falling on your own West Chester property is going to fall on your shoulders. Like many U.S. cities, West Chester plants trees within residential neighborhoods. As already seen, you’re responsible for trees you own if they pose a danger to human life or property.

Use your homeowners’ insurance policy to claim damages if one of your trees falls and damages your own home. Your insurance company sends someone to assess the damages. Then they hire a tree removal specialist like Tree Triage to get the work done.

If You’re a Renter?

If you rent a home or other dwelling, you may not have responsibility for a fallen tree if your landlord states so in your leasing contract. Landlords in West Chester are generally responsible for damages on their own properties.

An exception might be if you first bought the felled tree. In this scenario, if you planted the tree, you’re responsible if it falls. Take time to read your leasing contract so you never have any surprises.

If You’re a Landlord?

Working as a landlord in West Chester usually means preventative maintenance should become automatic. The rental contract you create for tenants is what tells the real story.

Maintaining trees on your property should become a recurring practice to prevent those trees from becoming public hazards. If this becomes a problem for you, consider a lease addendum stipulating your tenants are responsible for yard upkeep.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Based on Pennsylvanian law, a neighbor’s healthy tree falling on your property after a nasty storm means you’re responsible for your own damages. The law uses the “Act of God” process where your neighbor isn’t liable. Use your homeowners’ insurance policy again for your own repairs. Your neighbor would do the same if your tree falls on their house due to inclement weather.

Things might get litigious if your tree falls on your neighbor’s home after they repeatedly warned you your tree is diseased or dangerous. Your neighbor could sue you in this scenario if the fallen tree caused damage to their property. Only when the tree is deemed healthy would it mean you’re off the hook legally.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in West Chester?

Soil is directly responsible for how well trees thrive throughout Pennsylvania. Based on a Pennsylvania soil survey, most of the soil here is described primarily as silt loam. This type of soil has elements of acid clay shales with interbedded shales and sandstones. However, it’s noted this soil type has more clay in it than sandstone.

Since West Chester can have wild extremes of torrential winters and long, hot summers, clay soil means the potential for stressed trees. Based on whether clay stays moist or dry, it can easily expand or shrink.

At least clay soil holds water well, making it one of the best for West Chester’s trees. Just remember to water your trees when the area experiences a hot summer. Watch out for the occasional flood, as well. Clay soils become overwhelmed and turn gooey when too wet, hence weak trees tend to fall over.

Always be aware of the type of soil you have. Buy and use mulch each season when dry soil is overly noticeable.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in West Chester?

Weather is often very responsible for tree problems in West Chester and throughout Pennsylvania. Heavy rainstorms and other winter events are the most significant culprits in weather downing trees every year.

Pennsylvania has also experienced occasional severe flooding, which caused over $1 billion in damages. Older trees can easily topple when overwhelmed by water at this level.

Other freak weather events may occur in West Chester that take everyone by surprise. Tropical storms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms can hit the region at any time. Even small earthquakes have hit local communities in years past.

Weather events like this always concern arborists who want to protect the oldest and most valuable trees in various neighborhoods.

There isn’t much anyone can do about natural disasters when they become severe. Protect and care for your trees the best you can so any tree loss isn’t blamed on personal negligence.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in West Chester?

Windstorms continue to have a direct impact on how West Chester trees topple over on power lines. Sometimes remnants of hurricanes hit this area of Pennsylvania, causing more trees to go over.

What happens if a tree goes over on power lines near your West Chester home after a hurricane remnant? First, avoid even touching tree debris over power lines. You don’t want to be electrocuted, especially if you’ve never dealt with fallen trees in these scenarios.

Let your local power company handle this, which is PECO. This becomes more likely if the tree falls on the city’s own property. PECO could also bill you if you have a diseased tree falling over on their lines.

No matter what, let professionals do tree work over power lines. Even if your power went out for hours from a fallen tree, don’t risk your own life to get the cleanup done faster.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in West Chester?

What you pay to have a tree removed in West Chester varies based on the wrath of nature and the immovable force of commerce. Most homeowners in the area pay between $250 and $1,800, based on the below factors.

Extreme Weather in West Chester

West Chester’s potential for heavy wind or rainstorms means messy work for our tree removal experts. After a storm, tree removal often becomes a stressful task for our workers trying to please those wanting a quick fix. Chances are good this work could exceed 24 hrs., including required waits until the weather calms.

Prolonged labor time only increases the bill.

Tree Size

Older trees in West Chester are complicated to remove based on trunk size and the amount of foliage. Expect to pay maybe $100-$200 more when stump removal is requested.

Overly thick stumps could take two days to remove completely. Trees over a century old are usually types with trunk sizes this large.

Tree Service Rates

Tree removals have different pricing tiers. The average range for tree removal in West Chester is around $688. The lower average is $585, and the higher average cost is $792 for an overly complicated job. Those prices vary further if several trees need removal. Additionally, very large trees or complicated removal jobs can near $2,000.


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