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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Warminster?

Climate change is the biggest threat to trees in Pennsylvania right now. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR), “some tree species won’t be able to thrive here as the climate continues to change faster than plants can adapt.”

American beech, balsam fir, mountain maple, quaking aspen, and paper birch are at substantial risk of dying off. DCNR claims, “our climate may warm too quickly for these species to adapt before dying out.”

Another threat to trees in Warminster is pests typically found in the south that are moving northward in record numbers. Some of these pests include the Asian Gypsy Moth, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, European Cherry Fruit Fly, and the Spotted Lanternfly.

Fungi-causing diseases such as Sudden Oak Death also cause severe devastation to trees in Warminster. There is no known cure for the water mold pathogen, making it very dangerous as it attacks a wide array of trees and plants. Symptoms of Sudden Oak Death include calluses, known as bark cankers, located on woody portions of the tree. There is often black or red ooze seeping from the area. Other telltale signs are spots on leaves and twig dieback.

As the trees of Warminster continue to adapt to changing environmental conditions, it is essential to select tree species for your yard that are both fungal and insect resistant. Replacing dead and diseased trees with healthy solutions will help ensure viable trees for future generations.

Does the City of Warminster Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

To encourage tree sustainability, DCNR offers statewide Tree Vitalize Grants. Financial assistance is given to communities to “plant, maintain, and sustainably manage public shade trees.”

The Keystone Tree Fund encourages Pennsylvania drivers to submit $3 with their vehicle registration application to “buy, plant, and maintain more trees across the commonwealth.”

The Township of Warminster does not offer assistance with residential tree removal. According to Chapter 25-105 of the Municipal Code, tree removal “shall be the responsibility of the property owner on whose property the tree is located or whose property abuts the right-of-way in which the tree is located.”

If the Township Department of Public Works recognizes a tree causing a health or safety hazard, they will notify the responsible property owner to take corrective action. If the tree is not trimmed or removed within ten days, the Township will correct the problem, billing the property owner. If payment is not received, the Township will place a lien against the property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Warminster?

A tree removal permit is not required in Warminster if the tree is already dead or diseased and located on private residential property. The issue becomes who will pay for the tree removal, which varies based on the following situations:

If you’re a homeowner?

Most insurance companies will cover damages incurred by a tree falling on your property, assuming an “Act of God” was the reason the tree fell. If the tree had a disease, was not maintained properly, or you contributed in any way to the tree falling, the claim could be denied.

If you’re a renter?

Tenants do not have the right to remove a tree on a rental property without prior written consent from the landlord. Cutting down a tree could substantially depreciate the value of the property, holding you accountable for damages.

Cutting down a tree can be considered defacement or destruction of property, resulting in costly legal proceedings.

To avoid such situations, never attempt to alter or remove trees on a rental property. Contact the landlord to advise them of any fallen trees or problems with existing trees, and then leave the remedy up to them.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords in Warminster are obligated to remove hazardous trees from a rental property since they are the rightful owner of the tree. If a tree falls and damages a structure, assuming the tree was in good condition, the landlord’s insurance will cover the claim. If a tree that is not maintained falls and causes damages, the insurance company may decline the claim based on negligence.

If a tree falls and damages a tenant’s personal property, their automotive insurance or renter’s insurance policy should cover the damages. As a landlord, you cannot charge a renter for any costs associated with tree removal services.

If you’re a neighbor?

In Pennsylvania, as in most states, if a tree belonging to your neighbor falls on your property, your insurance company will process the claim for damages. Likewise, if one of your trees falls on a neighboring property, their insurance company would cover the damages.

If a healthy tree falls, you will not only have to make an insurance claim but will also have to clean up the fallen tree and offer your neighbor the firewood. If the tree is proven to be diseased, the neighbor could be held liable for negligence.

It is essential to maintain all trees on your property. Doing so will alleviate the risk of being held accountable for unforeseen damages incurred.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Warminster?

Good soil composition enables roots to grow and expand, promoting healthy tree growth. In Warminster, the soil forms an intricate pattern consisting of stony gravel with a shallow depth to the bedrock.

According to the USDA Soil Survey for Bucks and Philadelphia Counties, 70 percent of the trees in Warminster are taking advantage of excellent growing conditions. A mere 15 percent are planted in a poor soil environment.

The biggest limitation in this region is soil erosion caused by excessive wetness and slope that left unprotected exposes the subsoil.

Established 60 years ago, the Bucks County Conservation District helps prevent soil erosion in Warminster. With the ever-changing landscape, the need to protect the water resources in the county has increased tenfold. Soil erosion is not only putting healthy trees at risk, but it is also contributing to the pollution of the waterways in the county.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Warminster?

The climate in Warminster, classified as humid continental, is affected by its proximity to the ocean.

As climate change takes hold of the northeast, places like Warminster are experiencing an increase in annual rainfall. The DCNR reports heavy rains have increased by more than 30 percent since 1991.

Most trees that grow in this region do not do well in continuously wet and soggy conditions. Researchers predict a significant decline in healthy tree growth throughout Pennsylvania in the coming years.

Homeowners in Warminster are being encouraged to plant climate change-resilient trees that can better tolerate wet soil. Recommended species include Boxelder, Sycamore, Hackberry, and Eastern redbud. Oak and hickory trees are also favorable in a warming climate.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Warminster?

PECO invests millions in an annual preventative management program. Taking a “scientific approach to vegetation management,” the power company trims, prunes, and removes any trees that are encroaching upon electrical power distribution lines.

With more than 1.6 million customers in southeastern Pennsylvania, PECO adheres to strict guidelines set forth by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. They are on a five-year cycle maintaining the trees in their service area. Hazardous or invasive trees are immediately removed to eliminate safety risks and prevent power outages.

Homeowners should never attempt to prune, trim, or remove a tree within ten feet of a power line. It can be very dangerous, resulting in injury or death. Only trained certified professionals should deal with trees near a power line.

If you have a tree touching a power line, contact PECO immediately at 800-841-4141. Call 800-494-4000 during regular business hours for general questions and non-emergency issues.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Warminster?

The average cost for tree removal services in Warminster is approximately $630 for a medium-sized tree with no special requirements in an easy-to-reach area. Every situation is different and several cost factors go into the final pricing.

Tree Size

The taller the tree, the more it will cost to remove. Most tree professionals charge between $10 to $14 per foot for removal. The following is meant to give you an idea of average costs and is not indicative of actual pricing.

  • Small tree – up to 30 feet: $150 to $350
  • Medium tree – 30 feet to 60 feet: $385 to $630
  • Large tree – 60 feet to 80 feet: $650 to $1,120
  • Extremely large tree – 80 feet and up: $1,150 to $2,935


Trees in easy-to-reach areas of the yard will be more readily accessible and cost less to remove. A premium price is typically charged for trees with surrounding obstructions such as fences, gates, sheds, or neighboring structures.

The use of special equipment such as cranes and chippers will also come with a surcharge. Sometimes, trees in hard-to-reach areas are more time-consuming to take down. Although the price will be higher, we want to ensure the job is done safely to protect you and your property from harm.

Condition of Tree

If a tree is already down, it will cost less to remove since all we have to do is haul it away. If you want the stump grinding service, it will cost about $150. A diseased tree may cost more to take down, as special care is needed to eliminate danger to our crew and the surrounding properties. Trees infested with invasive pests also require extra attention to prevent spreading to other landscaping in the yard.


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