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In this guide, we cover common questions including:

  • How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost?
  • Does The City Provide Any Assistance?
  • Who Is Responsible For Fallen Trees?
  • How To Save Your Lawn Before And After Tree Service?
  • What About Trees Near Power Lines?
  • And Why Tree Triage Is The Best Tree Removal Company For You!
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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Carlisle?

The European gypsy moth is a significant problem for many species of trees in Carlisle and throughout much of Pennsylvania. Adult moths tend to be less destructive than their caterpillars, which frequently defoliate trees by eating their leaves. Although leaf loss is usually not the immediate cause of tree deaths that are linked to European gypsy moth caterpillars, leaves provide a layer of protection for trees, and losing too many leaves can leave the trees vulnerable to diseases, other pests, and the elements.

Like many hungry pests, European gypsy moths and their larvae are most commonly spread by moving fresh wood products, such as firewood, Christmas trees, wood chips, or removed trees that are improperly disposed of. For this reason, it is important for residents of Carlisle to avoid bringing these products into the city from other states and preferably from other parts of Pennsylvania. Residents of Pennsylvania can report suspected European gypsy moths or other hungry pests to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 

Apple scab and cedar apple rust are two major types of fungal diseases that are common among Pennsylvania’s apple trees. Both diseases are characterized by damage to the leaves of both apple and crabapple trees throughout the region, which can lead to dry and twisted leaves that eventually fall off. Fruit may also fall off diseased trees before it has time to fully develop, which means that significant apple scab or cedar apple rust outbreaks can have a significant impact on Pennsylvania’s economy by affecting the size of the region’s apple crops that can be eaten and sold. Apple scab damage is generally characterized by dark gray or brown spots, while cedar apple rust typically causes similar spots in vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red with small patches of black.

Apple scab, cedar apple rust, and similar fungal diseases are typically best managed by proactively spraying trees with a fungicide early in the season and during any especially wet periods. While these fungicides tend to work well as a preventative measure, they often have little to no effect on visible damage, and removing damaged leaves is typically your best option for attempting to save your apple trees once they reach this stage.

Anthracnose and verticillium wilt are other types of fungal diseases that affect a much wider variety of species of Pennsylvania deciduous trees. Although they can affect many species, maple, ash, oak, sycamore, and dogwood trees are among the varieties that most commonly experience these fungal infections.

Both diseases cause leaves to turn brown, especially along their edges and veins. Other frequent symptoms include new leaves that are smaller than usual, buds and twigs that die prematurely, and wood that streaks in areas that are near affected branches. Verticillium wilt can also cause more seeds than usual to grow, but they are usually of a much lower quality than normal and will not grow as efficiently. These diseases can sometimes be treated with fungicides or soil solarization, which kills the fungus by heating the soil that surrounds your trees, but using fungicides as a preventative measure is generally more effective. 

Although fire blight most often affects roses, it can also occur in certain types of fruit trees. In Pennsylvania, it is most often found in flowering pear trees. This disease initially causes blossoms and leaves on the trees to wilt and turn brown, causes cankers to grow on the trees’ branches and trunks, and can eventually kill the trees. There is currently no known cure for fire blight once it occurs, but diligent pruning can prevent many cases, and removing affected leaves can help keep it from spreading.

Does the City of Carlisle Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

As a 2020 Tree City USA award-winner, the City of Carlisle is extremely committed to protecting local trees and discourages voluntary tree removal. The city requires residents to obtain a free permit before having any tree work done, including pruning, planting, and removal, to ensure that local guidelines are followed. Under most circumstances, permits will not be issued for healthy trees to be removed if there is no essential reason for doing so.

Residents that choose to plant trees need to have the species and location approved to make sure that trees that will grow well in the Carlisle area are chosen and planted in a location that is unlikely to become a problem in the future, and branches must be pruned to a specified distance from sidewalks, streets, and other obstacles to keep them from becoming a safety hazard. 

Yard wastes, branches, and tree trunks that are less than 12 inches in diameter can be brought to Carlisle’s Compost Facility between March and December. Brush, branches, and tree trunks that are less than 6 inches in diameter can be picked up on your regular trash day during a specified time frame each spring, and Christmas trees can be left at your curb on your regular trash day to be picked up during the first half of January.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Carlisle?

Pennsylvania aligns with most states in placing responsibility for removing fallen trees on the owner of the property where they land, rather than the owner of the trees. However, this can change if a tree owner’s negligence caused the tree to fall instead of a storm or other accident. 

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you will usually be responsible for having trees that fall during a storm removed from your yard. The only common exception is trees that you can prove your neighbor knew were damaged. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you are not responsible for any tree removal costs.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, your tree removal responsibilities generally match those of homeowners. As the owner of a property, you will need to have fallen trees removed unless you can prove that a neighbor’s negligence caused a tree to fall in your renter’s yard.

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, you are responsible for maintaining your trees and having them pruned or removed if you notice problems, especially if they are in a location that could cause them to fall into a neighbor’s yard. You will typically be responsible for removing trees that fall for preventable reasons from your neighbor’s yard, but not healthy trees that fall during a storm.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Carlisle?

Much of Pennsylvania is rich in Hazleton soil, which is a type of sandy loam soil that drains well and provides ideal growing conditions for many tree and plant species that are native to the area. However, the soil tends to be a bit stony, which can make it difficult for certain species to thrive when brought into the region. The area is also prone to erosion and runoff, which can leave roots exposed and wash nutrients away from the trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Carlisle?

The Carlisle area does not typically experience severe weather that damages trees beyond regular thunderstorms. Strong wind, heavy rain, and lightning associated with severe thunderstorms can blow leaves off trees and damaged branches, and some storms are strong enough to knock over trees that are young, diseased, or otherwise weakened.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Carlisle?

PPL Electric Utilities handles most issues that are related to power lines within Pennsylvania, including those that involve trees. The company stresses the importance of taking power lines into consideration when trimming, planting, or removing trees to prevent injuries or additional damage to nearby property. PPL Electric Utilities handles pruning of any branches that are within ten feet of an active power line, as well as tree removal that is within this distance, and the company will temporarily turn off your service wire for you if you wish to work on trees yourself or have tree work done near it. Residents of Carlisle and nearby cities can report downed power lines, fallen trees that are on or near power lines, and similar issues online or by text.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Carlisle?

Tree removal services in Carlisle usually fall between $538 and $732 per tree, with an average cost of $635 per tree. These estimates cover the majority of costs that are typically associated with tree removal, including labor costs for your arborist or team of arborists, the use of any cranes, trucks, or other special equipment that may be needed to remove trees, branches, and stumps from your property, and any cleanup needs associated with your tree removal. Although tree removal permits are generally free in Carlisle, residents may be fined up to an additional $300 if they do not present adequate evidence that a tree needs to be removed and obtain proper permission from the city before having one or more trees removed.

Condition of the Tree

The City of Carlisle typically does not allow healthy trees to be removed unless there is no practical alternative, which means that most trees that are eventually removed in this area are diseased, infested with hungry pests, or otherwise damaged. Trees that are infected with a disease or are being eaten by insects tend to be weaker and more difficult to manage than healthy trees. While a qualified arborist can have a good idea of how a healthy tree will react to being cut down and where it will land, damaged trees are more unpredictable, may require much less pressure to fall, and need to be cut into smaller pieces than healthy trees to minimize potential danger to nearby property, trees, and people. 

Size of the Tree

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to having trees removed and the diameter and especially the height of the tree will have a significant impact on the overall cost of having it removed. Arborists usually cannot simply chop down trees that are located in residential areas and will instead need to cut them into manageable pieces to keep them from falling on nearby homes, vehicles, or other obstacles. Each cut that needs to be made increases the amount of time and effort that are required to safely complete the project, which means that larger trees (typically those over 30-feet tall) can cost much more to remove than smaller trees. 

Timing of Tree Removal

Most of Carlisle’s tree removal companies provide emergency tree removal services, but this option will not be kind to your wallet and should rarely be necessary. With the exception of storm damage, most tree problems take time to develop, and scheduling removal several days or weeks in advance is much more affordable than waiting until they are about to fall over. 

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Looking for affordable tree removal service in Carlisle? Great! Tree Triage is at your service 24/7. In this guide, we cover common questions for residents of Carlisle including:

  • How Much Does Tree Service & Removal Usually Cost In Carlisle?
  • Does The City of Carlisle Provide Any Assistance With Tree Problems?
  • Who Is Responsible For Fallen Trees In Carlisle? (You, Neighbor, Landlord?)
  • What You (And We) Do To Save Your Lawn Before And After Tree Service?
  • What You Need To Do If Trees Are Near Power Lines In Carlisle?
  • And Why Tree Triage Is The Best Tree Removal Company For You!

Tell us about your project in the form and we’ll get you connected with specialists in Carlisle or continue reading to learn what you should consider when removing a tree in Carlisle.


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