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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Blandon?

Though over half of the state is forested, two main issues face the trees of Blandon. Of the majestic trees that surround the area, the Ash and Trees of Heaven are in danger. The Spotted Lanternfly and Emerald Ash Borer are destroying the population of these trees. The Spotted Lanternfly is attacking more than the Trees of Heaven; it has also attacked various fruit trees. While these two infestations are horrible for the tree populations, other diseases and infestations can be a problem. Wilts, root rot, and cankers can develop and cause an issue with the growth and beauty of the trees.

Does the City of Blandon Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the Blandon township does not provide private property owners assistance with removing dead or hazardous trees, the State of Pennsylvania offers grants through Tree Pennsylvania. These grants cover the planting and maintenance of approved species and locations. The end goal is to increase the tree canopy coverage in the State. The deadline for the 2020 reimbursement date was 1 June 2021, and no announcements have been made for the 2021 reimbursements.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Blandon?

Diseased, infested, and dead trees pose more than a fire hazard. These trees tend to fall over at the most inopportune times, causing injuries and property damages. Neglected trees are a liability for their owner and should be cared for promptly. Who is responsible when a healthy tree falls across property lines?

If You Are a Homeowner?

Homeowners have a lot on their plate when it comes to property care. Failing to maintain the vegetation on the property is unsightly but can also bring legal repercussions. Not only is it against city ordinances to allow overgrowth of vegetation, but any damages incurred from a dead or diseased tree that falls will be the tree owner’s responsibility. Healthy trees that fall, usually due to Acts of God, can be covered with each property owner’s insurance. Each property owner will be responsible for removing their respective portion of the fallen tree.

If You Are a Renter?

There are two different aspects of a renter’s responsibility in the case of a fallen tree, and it all depends on the specific wording of the contract. General renter’s contracts cover the renter’s responsibility to replace or repair damages from family and friends and maintain the home. The extent of their responsibility outdoors is to alert the landlord to any abnormal circumstances. However, if the contract is specific enough to cover lawn care, the maintenance of the trees is included. Fallen trees will still typically fall under the landlord’s responsibility unless otherwise stated in writing. The best protection for a renter is to obtain renters insurance and flood insurance to protect their belongings in a disaster.

If You Are a Landlord?

Depending on contract terms, the landlord is typically responsible for any outdoor care. Fallen trees require professionals to remove them without placing others in danger and are covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. Structural damage is the landlord’s responsibility to repair. Should a renter fail to perform tasks stated in the contract, the landlord is still responsible for maintaining tree health according to ordinances and nuisance laws.

If You Are a Neighbor?

Neighbors have the right to trim encroaching limbs and roots professionally without causing the tree to become irreparably damaged. Healthy trees that fall over the property line are not the full responsibility of the tree’s owner; each must clean up their property and repair their damages. Insurances usually have a clause that can assist with the funds to remove the fallen tree.

Funds spent preventing and treating diseases and infestations and maintaining the health of the trees are worth the cost. Annual inspections by our trained arborists can assist with the growth and health of the trees on the property. They can also advise when it is necessary to prune or remove trees that can cause a hazard.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Blandon?

Soils in the Blandon area are deep, moderately well-drained, in granitic gneiss and assorted igneous and metamorphic rocks. These soils provide ample nutrition for growing crops as well as trees. Fruit trees thrive on the grounds of the area. Our arborists can determine if the soil has the correct nutrients and pH level for the tree species you wish to plant before planting. Conditioning the earth gives the trees the best chance to thrive.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Blandon?

Sunny days abound through Blandon, but clouds and showers are frequent. Warm but not hot summers lead to more outdoor activities like play near the creek or reading under a favorite shade tree. Freezing temperatures and snow pose a problem with limb breakage from snapping saps and weak spots. The rainy season and oversaturate the soils and allow for flooding, which can weaken the tree roots. The rains never last too long, as the sun comes out to dry up the soils most days, giving the trees plenty of light to grow with.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Blandon?

Never attempt to climb or trim a tree that has an electric line running through it. Lines that touch the tree can energize it, and tools within 10 feet of the line can cause arching and electrocution. Professional assistance is needed to trim or remove trees near a power line. FirstEnergy Company reminds residents to notify them should any hazards, tree or otherwise, endanger the electric lines. For lines between the home and the pole, the homeowner must hire a professional like Tree Triage to remove or prune around the lines. Since the home’s electrical service is the only thing that is endangered, the electric company is not responsible for private property trees.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Blandon?

Trees cost the homeowner money no matter what state of health they are in. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the trees’ health and well-being and should be paying for annual inspections, pruning, soil analysis, and treatments to prevent disease and infestation. Eventually, the subject comes up when a tree is no longer healthy. How much does it cost to remove the tree? The average cost to remove a tree in Blandon is around $836, with most jobs falling between $220 and $2,300. Several factors will influence the final bill, including safety issues, distance, tree size and health, permits, and any additional services requested.

Tree Height and Health

The health of a tree matters most when it comes to tree removal. A healthy tree is easy for our team to cut into pieces and lower to the ground with minimal equipment. However, a dead or dying tree runs the risk of breaking apart. A dead or dying tree causes an extra hazard to climb, cut, and lower the pieces to the ground. Additional equipment and crew members may be necessary to remove the tree safely. While the health of the tree is a significant factor, the size matters as well. Shorter trees do not take so long to cut down, while larger trees not only take longer but are more dangerous. Limbs must be removed from a tall tree before the trunk is cut into sections for removal. Removing the trunk and limbs can take a lot of time and several crew members to achieve. Cranes may be necessary to assist with lowering or even cutting the tree. Multiple trees can quickly increase your fee from $800-$900 to well over $3,000.

Safety and Distance

Most homeowners have not considered an issue is the distance from the tree to the drive or road. If it is not on the property line near the road, extra equipment will be necessary to remove the pieces from the property. Proximity to the structures on the property poses additional risk as well. From limbs and trunk pieces slipping and hitting walls and windows to underground pipes being accidentally brought up by roots from stump removal, there is a risk anytime a tree is removed on a property. Any extra equipment that assists with the removal will come with a maintenance fee.

Additional Services

Before you sign the contract, it is best to know what will be included in the basic service of removing the tree. We will cut the tree down and remove all debris, but additional services will cost more. Stumps are not usually included in the fees either and generally run between $100 to $300 extra. Covering the hole the stump was in will cost extra if the service is available. Asking for limb chipping is usually no more than $100 and can provide a great mulch or playground covering. Firewood cords are easier to move than five-foot sections of a massive trunk. However, the extra time and equipment necessary to perform this additional service will cost extra, and it varies depending on the service.


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