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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bethel Park?

Trees in the Bethel Park area are subject to several problems that are common with trees in Pennsylvania. One common issue with trees in Western Pennsylvania is apple scab or cedar-apple rust, both of which are fungi that attack wild and domestic cultivated apple and crabapple trees. The fungus grows on leaves surrounding the flower buds and shows itself based on yellowing or browning spots on the leaves. 

Another type of fungus quite prevalent in the trees of Bethel Park is Verticillium Wilt is more common with deciduous trees than apple or crabapple trees. These are trees that have heavy seed production. This wilting can also kill the bark on trees, as well. Sometimes, part of the tree dies, and other times, the entire tree ends up wilting.

Finally, fire blight is a common problem among trees in Western Pennsylvania, and fire blight is known to infect over 75 different types of rose plants. The rose plants also share fire flight with certain fruit trees that also catch this disease. The fire flight attacks the blossoms, shoots, leaves, and limbs of the trees, and it kills them off as the fire flight progresses through the plant.

Many trees near the roads and interstates are also affected by “over-salting” on the roadways nearby. Oversalting is when the salt from the roadways affects the nearby trees, which can kill the trees or cause damage to them. Some of these trees may have to be removed if the damage is great enough.

Some of the most common trees in Western Pennsylvania can withstand the four seasons and the different weather that comes with them. Temperatures in Bethel Park can drop as low as the 20s in the wintertime and get as hot as the mid-80s (and sometimes in the 90s). Bethel Park averages about 39 inches of precipitation per year, which is on par with the national average of about 38.1 inches of precipitation per year. This means that trees like Eastern Hemlocks, Sugar Maples, White Pines, and Flowering Dogwoods are popular in Bethel Park.

Does the City of Bethel Park Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There is no public assistance available to help you cover the financial cost of removing trees on your property. The city of Bethel Park takes care of the removal of trees on public and city property, while homeowners and private businesses, and landowners must take care of the trees on their own property at their expense.  

Bethel Park has a project initiative called the “Shade Tree Commission,” which encourages locals to consider planting young trees to continue to ensure that there are plenty of trees in the community in the future. In addition, the trees that we plant now will pay benefits to those living in the Bethel Park community in 25 or 50 years.

If you are interested in participating in the Shade Tree Program, please contact Jeff Winkle, the Interim Municipal Planner at (412) – 831 – 6800.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Bethel Park?

The removal of fallen trees in Bethel Park is the responsibility of the homeowner or business owner who owns the tree’s property. The city of Bethel Park is responsible for maintaining all public and township properties and the expenses associated with the removal and replanting of those trees. If it’s private property, then the owner is responsible for removing and replanting any fallen trees on their own property. This responsibility includes the costs associated with the removal and replanting of these trees. 

If You’re a Homeowner:

If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for removing any fallen trees on your property and the cost associated with the removal of the trees. The homeowner needs to remove fallen trees on their property at their own expense and promptly. Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance available from Bethel Park’s city to help you remove these dead trees.

If You’re a Renter:

Renters have no obligation to assist with removing trees or covering the cost of these tree removals and/or replanting replacement trees. The costs of both the tree removal and the replanting lie with the landlord. Tenants must pay their monthly rent amount, and the rest is up to the landlord to maintain the property and take care of issues like a downed tree promptly.

If You’re a Landlord:

As a landlord, you are responsible for maintaining the rental properties that are in your name. You will need to take care of removing any downed trees, as well as replant new trees in their places. As long as the renters are paying their rent on time, you are responsible for property maintenance. You own the property and must pay all costs associated with the upkeep of the property your tenants are paying to reside on. However, in most states, the landlord can write expenses related to the upkeep of their rental properties on their taxes at the end of the year.

If You’re a Neighbor: 

If a tree partially falls onto a neighbor’s property, it is the person’s responsibility of the land the tree was originally on to cover the cost of removing and replanting the tree. If the tree were originally on your property, you would need to pay for the cost of removal and replanting. Understanding where your property lines fall can help you know if the tree in question was actually on your property or not. That way, the right person takes care of the cost of removing the tree.

After all, your neighbors are people that you have to live close to. So, you want to get along with your neighbors, and doing the right thing in such an instance as a downed tree, will help keep the peace between you and the people around you. 

How Does Soil Affect Trees in Bethel Park?

The soil in Bethel Park is generally described as soil developed in acid clay shale and interbedded with shale and sandstone. Most soils in the Bethel Park area fall into this category and are considered to be well-drained. There are high levels of rock fragments in the soil, but the soil erosion potential in the area is only high when there are steep slopes present in the ground. 

The growing regions are short in these areas, at generally less than 100 days per year. As a result, the area is the perfect climate and zone for growing things like potatoes and pastures for farm life. Generally, trees like the Eastern hemlocks, sugar maples, white pines, and flowering dogwoods are popular in Bethel Park.

Does the Weather Affect the Health of Trees in Bethel Park?

Yes, the weather plays a huge role in the well-being of the trees planted in Bethel Park. Understanding that the temperature varies so vastly throughout the year can help you understand how the trees like the Western hemlocks, sugar maples, white pines, and flowering dogwoods thrive in this area. The area also gets snow to the tune of about 30.3 inches of snow per year, and these trees tend to bloom in the blooming season and lie dormant through the winter months. Most lose their leaves during the colder winter months.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bethel Park?

If there is a dead tree down near Bethel Park, citizens are asked to contact the electric company immediately. You can contact West Penn Power’s Bethel Park customer service location at 800-686-0021 or the Duquesne Light Company’s customer service at 412-393-7100. Once you find out which light company covers your exact location, please explain the issue of the downed tree near a power line so that they can remove it as soon as possible.

There is no high wildfire risk in Bethel Park, as it is not a dry, hot, arid climate. However, trees falling near power lines are still a serious matter and need to be handled accordingly. The power company that takes care of that area will address the issue as soon as possible. 

Bethel Park encourages citizens to call their electric company and not try to remove the tree independently. Removing a downed tree near a live power line is exceptionally dangerous and can result in serious injury or death if you are not trained properly to remove the tree. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Bethel Park?

The average tree removal cost in Bethel Park will vary between $150 and $1,700 in most cases, depending on the tree that you have removed. A small, young tree will cost a lot less to remove than a 75-foot-tall red maple leaf tree. The following are some of the factors that will help determine the cost of having your tree removed:

The Size of the Tree

Generally, the larger the tree, the more it will cost to have the tree removed. For example, a small tree can be removed for about $150. However, a larger tree can cost $1,500 or significantly more to remove, depending on the size of the tree and the amount of work it takes to remove it. 

Location of the Tree

Trees that are located near homes or power lines will cost more to remove. Having to cut off each piece of the tree carefully to avoid damaging a home or building will take longer and cost more than just cutting the entire tree down at once and grinding it up to haul it away. Specific quotes will have to be customized to your tree to determine the cost of removing the tree.

Amount of Time It Takes to Remove a Tree:

The amount of time that the tree removal takes will be calculated into the total overall cost. The longer it takes to remove a tree, the more hours of labor you will be paying for. That will add to the cost of the overall tree removal.

Not all tree removals in Bethel Park will cost the same amount. Each situation will be a unique one. One way to find out what you may owe is by having our arborists put together an estimate.


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