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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Springfield?

There are several tree diseases present in Springfield and throughout western Oregon. Of these, the most prevalent are Swiss needle cast and laminated root rot. Swiss needle cast affects the foliage of Douglas fir trees, causing them to prematurely shed their needles. Laminated root rot attacks and kills a tree’s root system. This presents a severe problem, as trees become unable to absorb the water and nutrients they need to survive.

Additionally, trees that have been affected by root rot are also more susceptible to other issues, such as bark beetles, wood borers. These issues weaken the structure of the tree, making it much more likely to be damaged by a storm’s high winds. When diseased trees fall onto people’s properties, it can lead to disputes over whose responsibility it is to clean up and remove. If you’re currently struggling with this issue, we will provide all the information you need later on in our guide.

Besides these pests and tree diseases, there is another issue plaguing the health of Springfield’s trees: drought. The vast majority of tree problems people in this area experience are actually due to weather conditions. While Oregon begins its tree growing season with lots of moisture, this time is followed by a dry period which can be long-lasting and frequently results in the trees using up all the soil’s water. If you’ve noticed patches of trees dying within the same year, or even an individual tree, heat and drought are likely the cause. 

If trees are growing in overcrowded conditions or in an area that gets a lot of sunlight, such as along a south-facing slope, they will likely experience dry conditions that can contribute to their decline. Once a tree’s sickness becomes noticeable, it has often progressed to the point where it is difficult or impossible to reverse. Trees that currently appear to be dying most of the time have actually been in decline for at least a year. If you’re noticing that trees around your property aren’t looking their best anymore, contact us at Tree Triage as soon as you can so that one of our experts can provide personalized advice on your next steps. 

Does the City of Springfield Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Springfield has municipal codes in places that define public and private trees and discuss who is responsible for their care and removal. These codes also address issues such as:

  • The purpose and criteria for obtaining a tree felling permit
  • Tree removal within natural resource protection areas
  • The fines associated with damaging or destroying a city-owned tree without the authority to do so

According to these ordinances, the city of Springfield is responsible for trimming, maintaining, and removing trees in city-owned areas such as along streets and sidewalks. If a city-owned tree falls onto private property, the city is still responsible for removing the tree, not the property owner. Trees that have been planted in public spaces such as along roads are referred to as street trees. Removing a street tree without prior approval from the city of Springfield is a violation of Municipal Code 5.262. 

If an individual plans on removing five or more trees of at least five inches in diameter within a 12-month period, a tree felling permit is required. Whether this permit is granted depends on a number of factors, such as whether the tree removal is necessary due to disease, the danger of falling, or interference with utility services or traffic. 

If a tree on your property is in contact with a power line or in danger of doing so, the Springfield Utility Board advises calling them immediately and not attempting to trim or remove the tree yourself. As it is a violation of local laws to work on trees near power lines without special training, SUB provides tree-trimming services for property owners within the city limits, if the tree is located near high voltage lines.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Springfield?

The responsibility of tree removal in Springfield depends on the location of the tree. As we discussed earlier, if a city-owned tree falls onto your property, or anywhere else, they are responsible for removing it. However, what if a privately owned tree falls onto a neighboring property, or what if you’re a tenant renting a property when a tree falls? Situations like these occur frequently and getting them resolved can be frustrating. Let’s take a closer look at each of these situations. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If one of your trees falls on your property, as the homeowner you are responsible for its removal. All trees located on private properties are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. However, you should be sure to check your homeowner’s insurance policy as it may cover the cost, especially if the tree fell as the result of a storm.

Additionally, if a city-owned street tree falls onto private property, it cannot be removed without prior approval from the city, as specified in section 4.2-140B.2.b. of the city code.  One last thing to be aware of is that according to city ordinances, property owners cannot remove existing trees to accommodate expanded or additional driveways. 

If you’re a renter?

Since fallen or damaged trees are the responsibility of the property owner in Springfield, if a tree needs to be removed from your rental property, you should inform your landlord. As a renter, you shouldn’t be held responsible unless your rental agreement says otherwise or unless you were directly responsible for the damage to the tree. If you were responsible for damage that led to a tree needing to be removed, you should be sure and check your renter’s insurance policy to see what’s covered. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the property owner, it is your responsibility to remove fallen trees on your property, as well as to perform any needed trimming and maintenance. The only exception to this rule is if, as previously stated, the fallen tree was city-owned and fell onto your property. As always, be sure and check with your insurance policies to see tree removal is covered in your policy. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighborly disputes are stressful situations no one hopes to find themselves in. In order to avoid unnecessary conflict, it’s smart to know your local laws regarding fencing and tree removal responsibilities. According to Springfield’s public works department, if a neighbor’s dead tree or tree branch is hanging onto your property, it is within your legal rights to remove the portion of the tree that is on your land. 

If you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association, the HOA can have its own regulations about fallen trees and tree maintenance. In general, HOAs desire well-landscaped lots as they add to the value of each home. If you notice a tree removal situation that should be dealt with, you can always report this to your local HOA. 

Additionally, neighbors can report fallen trees to the city. It’s always especially important to report any trees that have fallen on power lines to the power company as soon as possible. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Springfield?

Soil samples from Springfield and around Lane County have revealed a silty clay loam soil that is made up of a higher percentage of clay and silt than sand. Silt and clay particles are rich in nutrients that support plant and tree life.  However, while this fertile soil gives many types of trees an excellent growth start, the warm, drought-prone summers in Oregon lead to dry soil. This can make it difficult for newly planted trees to survive. If you’ve recently planted trees, make sure to give them extra water during Springfield’s hottest months. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Springfield?

In Springfield, summers are short and dry, and as previously discussed, this period without rain can last long enough to negatively affect tree health. However, colder winter months can also have a negative effect on trees. Winter snow and ice storms can weigh down tree branches causing them to snap off. In previous years, heavy snowstorms have taken out trees and caused power outages.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Springfield?

If you’ve noticed any dead trees near power lines, it’s important to contact the power company right away. Trees that have fallen onto power lines are very dangerous and need to be handled by a professional. Never try to trim or remove a tree located near power lines yourself. In Springfield, the Springfield Utility Board performs this service, so be sure to get in touch with them. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Springfield?

Tree removal prices in Springfield vary but typically cost between $250 to $1,750. This variance in price is based on how difficult of a removal job it is and how long the job will take. 

Tree Size

Very large, old trees are more difficult for our team to remove and take longer and require more heavy-duty specialized equipment. If you have multiple trees needing to be removed, it’s sometimes possible to get a discount as our arborist, crew, and equipment will already be there. This is something you can inquire about when you contact us for a quote.


Accessibility plays a large role in the cost of tree removal. Fallen trees that are located in remote areas that are challenging to access, or that have fallen onto other structures are just some of the factors that can increase the price of removal services. 

Safety Concerns

Sometimes trees fall in a way that makes them potentially dangerous to humans and building structures. They might also fall in a way that is particularly challenging to safely remove. Trees near power lines need to be carefully and quickly dealt with, as well as any tree that is at a high risk of falling onto a home or into a roadway. Tree removal situations like these need to be handled quickly and this can increase the price. 


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