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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Newberg?

Though afternoons strung between trees, napping or reading, sounds like a slice of heaven, the trees in Newberg may not be up for it. Spotting disease in the tree species is one of our professional arborists’ jobs. We maintain the various trees within the area, including elm, ash, hawthorne, and oak. While fungi and root rot bacteria can damage the trees from the roots up, insects devour foliage and burrow into the woods to destroy from the inside. Some diseases include root rot, cankers, wilts, or situations where the tree just does not thrive. Insects that infest the trees like emerald ash borers, webworms, elm leaf beetles, and aphids cause numerous problems that leave the tree weakened or dead.

Does the City of Newberg Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the city does not provide a service to remove trees from private property, there is a grant that can assist with street trees. Sidewalks and street trees are under the care of the individual property owner. If a tree should destroy a sidewalk, a grant may be requested to cover the removal of the tree and repair the sidewalk. No matter if the grant is received or not, it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair the sidewalk in question including removing the roots that are causing the problem. Should a tree fall due to a natural disaster like a tornado, FEMA may be of some assistance in financing the removal of the tree. Check with your insurance carrier regarding the removal of potentially hazardous trees and coverage for fallen trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Newberg?

Property owners are responsible for anything that happens within the bounds of their property. However, a tree tall enough that falls may go over property lines. This causes a lot of confusion when the issue comes up with who is ultimately responsible for the removal of the fallen tree.

If you are a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and care of trees within their property lines. Annual inspections and hiring our arborists to care for and prune trees is a great idea. This not only reduces the risk of unintentional neglect, but also increases the growth of the tree. Proper care can prevent weak trees from falling over and catching any disease and infestations before they become hazardous. Once a tree falls, the general rule is that the property owner is responsible for the portion on their land. Insurance companies may reimburse funds, provided that the tree that fell was in good health and there is ample coverage for the act of God.

If you are a renter?

Renters have the responsibility to maintain the property in the same condition it was in when they first moved. Depending on contract wording, this may or may not include outdoor vegetation. The wording must be specific for any tree service fees to fall on the renter, including pruning or removal of fallen trees and limbs. However, if there is no clause, the renter’s obligation is discharged with a notice to the landlord of any changes, including disease, infestation, hazardous limbs, or fallen trees. Renters insurance and flood insurance will protect the renters’ personal belongings and aid in quicker recovery after damages have occurred.

If you are a landlord?

Ultimately, the landlord will be responsible for tree maintenance and ordinance following. Despite the presence of renters and depending on contract wording, the landlord will need to maintain the outdoors and structure of the property. This includes fallen tree removal and cleanup. Contacting insurance when a tree falls helps recoup some cost of removal.

If you are a neighbor?

Neighbors have the right to safely prune limbs or roots encroaching and endangering their property. However, they cannot damage the tree intentionally. Physical proof is necessary to provide a court with documentation of any neglect of diseased or infested trees that fall across property lines. Only with this and a court order will your neighbor be found liable for any damages caused. If a healthy tree has fallen across property lines, each property owner is responsible for the cost of removing their portion and repairing damages.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Newberg?

Newberg has excellent soil for all growing vegetation. Fine, sandy loam that is deep and excessively draining only poses a problem with droughts. Nutrients in the soil are excellent for the propagation and continued growth of native trees and plants. Proximity to the river increases the strength of the trees greatly. Trees can grow deep without much interference. Native trees will need little to no fertilizer or pH balancing, though invasive or foreign trees may need extra attention to thrive through the harsh winters. Below-freezing temperatures freeze the soils and prevent tree growth during the winters, but aid the tree in storing nutrients for the spring.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Newberg?

With an average temperature of around 52 degrees, the area around Newberg is great for growing evergreens and hardy deciduous trees. Rain and snow keep the trees hydrated throughout the year. However, the cloudiness of the area limits the amount of sunshine the trees are provided. July boasts the longest days with sunshine throughout the year, and the trees grow rapidly during this time. Pruning is best done in the early winter to prevent pest infestation and damages to the tree. The dry season brings the hazard of forest fires with it. Though the temperatures are not hot, careless use of fire pits or even a lit cigarette can cause a fire issue for the whole area. During the forest fire season, be sure to properly care for heated objects and maintain a safe distance from dry tinder while cooking outdoors.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Newberg?

Never prune a tree with electric lines running through it. Never allow anyone to climb a tree touching electric lines as trees can conduct electricity. Portland General Electric reminds residents to call them should a tree limb or dead tree endanger the lines between poles. Pruning occurs once during two-to-three-year spans and residents will be notified before the start of work in their neighborhood. Their professionals go through a two-year course to learn about trees and safety factors before being allowed to trim or remove trees near lines. Wood chippings are available while the crews are in the neighborhood. Trees that have lines through them between the pole and home are the responsibility of the homeowner, who needs to hire a professional like Tree Triage to remove the hazards.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Newberg?

The typical cost of removing a tree in the area is between $200 and $2,100. Costs increase with the size of the tree, number of trees, extra equipment, extra crews, permits, and add-on services.

Job Size

Size matters when bringing down a tree. Our trimmer must climb the tree and remove the limbs sections at a time before removing the trunk in five-foot sections. The taller and bigger the tree, the longer it will take. Taller trees may even require additional equipment to bring them down safely. Unhealthy trees will also cost extra to remove as they are at risk of breaking or can be unsafe to climb. Multiple trees add to the bill as each tree has its own cost. We may reduce the cost of extra trees if we are already on the property.

Equipment and Manpower

Extra cranes, chainsaws, ropes, and crew members all have extra costs if necessary for the job. Our crew members require labor costs, insurance coverage, and benefits payouts, with each additional member adding to the bill. All equipment must be maintained and cleaned, and replacement blades or broken parts will need to be obtained, adding their maintenance fees to the bill. Additionally, gas costs fluctuate, so the costs of travel and running of gas-powered machines also fluctuate.

Additional Services

Basic services, depending on our quote, only provide the tree’s cutting and removing the wood. They do not include stump grinding, filling in the hole, treating roots, chipping the limbs, or firewood cords. Stump grinding alone can cost over $300. Be sure to ask us about additional services and costs before signing the contract. Chipping limbs and firewood cutting take extra time and equipment, and charges vary depending on the size of the tree. Emergency services will also cost you more, usually because we are pushing back a scheduled service to accommodate you.

Newberg’s area is well known for its forests and river getaways. Please remember not to remove firewood from where it was chopped, to prevent the spread of diseases and infestation. Take care when camping and creating a fire. Dry forest floors catch fire quickly and forest fires are not easily contained. 


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