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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Ashland?

While the trees provide ample shade, shelter, and places to play, they too face disease and infestation. Proper care can prevent or treat diseases and pests from killing the trees. Species like Cedars, Firs, Pines, Yew, and Hemlocks face several diseases yearly. Cankers, wilts, and insects that eat foliage or burrow into the wood are dangerous to the trees. Ash trees are being ravaged by the Emerald Ash Borer, and Elms are dying from Dutch Elm disease. Frequent evaluations of the health of trees can lead to early intervention to save the tree’s life. The worst offender in the Ashland area is the Mountain Pine Beetle that is devouring the pine trees, leaving them needleless and dying. There is another issue that insects and diseases contribute to, and that is the forest fire season. Dead or diseased trees provide excellent timber for the slightest spark to catch and cause huge problems for the community.

Does the City of Ashland Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Ashland does not aid with removing dead or diseased trees from private property. Insurance companies might be able to assist with the removal of hazardous trees or trees that fall, depending on contract wording. Homeowners are responsible for the trees on their property and should notify the city of any public trees that pose a potential hazard. In the event of a weather event or other natural disaster, FEMA may be able to assist with funds for removing fallen trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Ashland?

While it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the trees on the property in accord with the ordinances set forth by the city, there is some confusion as to the role of others when a large tree falls over. Small trees that fall within the property line are, of course, the responsibility of the homeowner. Alerting the insurance company for any damages is the usual first step.

If you are a homeowner?

A homeowner is not only responsible for the structures on the land but the land itself. Trees should be inspected at least yearly for infestation and disease and documentation kept proving services have been rendered. This will assist if a tree is damaged or falls onto a neighbor’s property, and they go to the court stating the tree was unhealthy and choose to place liability on the homeowner. While it is important to maintain the trees, there is nothing to prevent a storm from overturning them. In this case, each property owner is responsible for the removal of the fallen tree and the damages to their own properties.

If you are a renter?

Renters are in the unique position to either be responsible and yet not be responsible for a fallen tree. Renters are not responsible for structural damages caused by a fallen tree. Another responsibility for the tree removal and debris clean-up is only their responsibility if the contract specifically states it is. Otherwise, it falls on the landlord to repair and remove the tree. Renters should have ample renter insurance and flood insurance to cover their possessions in case of a disaster.

If you are a landlord?

Regardless of the contract, a landlord is responsible for their own land. Renters can move out or be evicted from breaking the contract, but the damages will continue to be under the care of the landlord in the renter’s absence. Renters may be charged for tree removal service only if it specifically states in the signed contract that they are. Otherwise, all damages to the structure and tree removal fall on the landlord. Keeping ample insurance on the property should assist with the clean-up and repair of damages.

If you are a neighbor?

Small trees usually do not cause much of an issue for neighbors, however, older, and larger trees may pose a hazard. Limbs and roots that encroach and endanger the neighbor’s property may be trimmed professionally back to the property line so long as the tree remains healthy. Fallen healthy trees pose no liability threat to the homeowner and each property owner must deal with the portion of the tree on their own side of the property line. Diseased or infested trees that fall can potentially be a liability for the tree owner and physical proof of the damages to the tree must be provided to the court.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Ashland?

Fruit trees thrive well in the sandy loams of the foothills near Ashland. The soils are well pH balanced, nutrient-rich, and well-draining providing great ground to grow the trees. Each species would need alterations to the nutrients in the ground to ensure the best soils for growth, but as a base, the loams provide a great start. Drainage away from the tree roots and into the streams and creeks allow for roots to dry well without giving hold to root rots and fungi.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Ashland?

The cool climate of Ashland is neither hot nor too cold proving to be great for growing. Little to no snowfall throughout the year aids in keeping weakened limbs unbroken through the winter months. Ample rainfall and cloud coverage assists in growth. Warmer temperatures tempt new foliage out of their spirals to soak up the much-needed sun. Enjoy the summer breeze and warmer temperatures but remember that it rains less in the summer and that can lead to dry hazardous conditions in the forested areas.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Ashland?

Trees that touch power lines can cause a lot of damages like electrocution of anyone who touches the tree, fire, electric line falling, and electrical arcing to pruning equipment. It is best to leave the pruning of trees with any type of utility line to professionals who have trained for years to perform the job. The Ashland Municipal Electric Utility company sends out trained professionals to mark and trim trees that endanger the lines every few years. Should there be any issues with a tree that endangers the lines between poles, it would be best to report it to them as soon as possible. Lines for the home to the pole do not pose a problem for the community and therefore will be the homeowner’s responsibility to hire our professionals to trim or remove the dangers.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Ashland?

Very small saplings can be removed easily by the homeowner. Restrictions and necessary permits are depending on the type of tree, size of the tree, and location. The average cost of our professional removal services in Ashland is $871. While the average does not include extra services, it does include the cost of cutting down one tree with easy access. Other factors like distance from the access points, multiple trees, and additional services will increase the cost.

Multiple Trees

While the expense for one tree is high, multiple trees increase the cost with each addition. Each tree is measured height and girth and the cost to bring it down is based on the measurements. All tree’s cost is added together with equipment and crew costs for each project. Every tree is different, and so the cost of bringing one tree down may be different from your neighbor’s tree. Emergent services for the removal of several fallen trees may run over $2,000. This is because of two things; one, emergent services require an extra crew or to push back other clients, and two, fallen trees can pose a safety threat and the speed at which they need to be addressed can cause more problems.

Access Points

Trees close to the road or drive will be easiest to get to and so the cost for transporting the crew or logs to the trucks will not be so high. Trees further away on private property will require extra equipment to haul and extra crew to manage the equipment. Each extra will cost more on the final bill. Cranes and other equipment used during the cutting or hauling stages will require a maintenance fee to help with their upkeep and fueling. Each of our crew members has their own labor cost, insurance, and benefits package for which portions of the bill will cover.

Additional Services

Our basic services do not typically cover stump grinding, covering and treatment, or limb chipping. Other services like firewood cords can be offered as well. Stump removal will run an extra $300 per tree and hole covering and treatment costs vary. Limbs are not usually chipped, but a request can be made for us to chip and leave mulch. This will cost extra for the wood chipper’s use. 


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