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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Albany?

Oregon is full of gorgeous, stately trees. Not everyone is aware that the most common tree is the Douglas Fir. They are prevalent in all but one Oregon county.

Other typical trees in the Albany area:

  • Pitch Pine
  • Black Willow
  • Northern Red Oak

All of these trees can have health problems like pests, disease, or external factors. Bad weather is typically the fatal factor for common trees like the Douglas Fir and Pitch Pine. Dry summers and harsh winters cause browning or die-back on limbs and foliage.

Albany also deals with Dutch Elm Disease, known as DED, which causes rigid, scaly blisters on the tree trunk and bark that leak a reddish sap. It can eventually kill a tree if not treated. Webworms or tent caterpillars can also be a problem around here, especially on fruit trees. They spin a giant, silky web over the trees’ leaves so they can devour them. A large infestation can defoliate a tree in a matter of days. 

City trees in Albany can get damaged from careless drivers and the frequent construction in the area. Weather is another factor. Major windstorms and ice storms hit throughout Oregon every few years, leaving a path of tree destruction in its wake.

Does the City of Albany Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Albany, like most cities, has programs available to assist with life’s surprises. The Department of Human Services in Albany can find someone to help you if you can’t remove a tree from your property. The city is responsible for all street tree issues and asks residents to report any problems they find. The Tree Commission oversees all the historic trees in the city and those outside city limits.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Albany?

You may be surprised at who is liable for tree removal, depending on where the tree falls. Sometimes city foresters are dragged into the middle of neighborhood legal battles over who is held responsible. Albany tree ordinances are stringent, and a permit is required in almost all circumstances before tree removal. Exceptions can be made for allergies or dangerous situations. Make sure you know what the law in Albany says when a tree falls on your property, rental property, or in a neighbor’s yard.

If you’re a homeowner?

The property owner is liable for a fallen tree on their property. But be careful, especially in city limits. Property lines differ in each city. In Albany, you may find city property lines adjacent to residential homes. Sometimes trees on city property reach across property lines. In this type of situation, the city would take care of the tree for you. Most of the time, though, you’d have to rely on your homeowners’ insurance policy to handle cleaning up the debris and giving you money for property repairs. Homeowner’s insurance policies hire city foresters who clean up your fallen tree based on the estimated price of damages.

If you’re a renter?

Albany’s renters have two typical situations:

  • The landlord is responsible for a fallen tree.
  • Your lease indicates you pay for the tree removal of any fallen debris.

Most renters obviously want their landlord to take care of problem trees without you having to pay out of pocket. Property owners may have to call in city officials to take care of the tree if it falls within city limits.

If you’re a landlord?

When you own rental property in Albany, it’s going to fall to you to take care of problem trees. It depends on the lease contract your tenants’ sign. Dangerous trees are a landlord’s responsibility, according to Oregon law.

If you’re a neighbor?

Things can get more complicated legally if your tree happens to fall on your neighbor’s property in Albany. It’s the same when your neighbor’s tree falls on your property or home. In those scenarios, whoever owns the tree is responsible for the mess. Once in a while, one tree can fall directly ona property line. When this happens, both neighbors are responsible for removal. The city may have trees along a public sidewalk existing right in front of your house. If one of those trees topples over, the city removes the debris.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Albany?

Soil can be a significant reason a tree fails. The type of soil, depth, and quality determines how well trees grow. Much of the soil in Oregon is very rich and well-suited for planting many tree types.

Here you will find mostly loose and uncompacted soils. However, some urban areas have sandy or clay soil, which is harder to grow trees in. Composting helps with any drainage problems. Adding mulch helps keep the soil moist, which helps in the dry summer months. Without adequate water and moist soil, a tree could easily die in a few years. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Albany?

Weather severely affects tree health. Windstorms are some of the most common weather issues not only in Albany, but in Oregon in general. The weather in the Albany area is moderate. We enjoy our short, hot summers. Winter is cool and wet for several months longer than in some southern states.

Thanks to all the rain in Albany, trees and greenery flourish. When the rare ice storm hits, it can wipe out hundreds of trees, especially older trees, overnight. Major windstorms usually happen once every five years to a decade.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Albany?

Never touch a tree that’s fallen onto power lines. We’ve all been told this lesson since childhood, but it’s still true. The chances of this happening often increase in the winter when windstorms occur and in spring when wet weather can be a real problem. Since the threat of electrocution is always present when anything is touching power lines, let your local power company take care of the cleanup. You’ll need to call Pacific Power or Consumers Power, whichever provides you with service.

When a tree you own falls on power lines, the power company is responsible, even if you are billed. The same goes with your neighbor if their tree knocks down power lines. Since trees can easily cause prolonged power outages when they take down power lines, pruning is critical. Always perform pruning and maintenance during the winter months to get ahead of the spring bloom season. A felled tree with heavy foliage is always more complicated to remove over power lines than a bare tree in the winter, and there are other more minor complications as well.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Albany?

The cost of tree removal varies in Albany, and surrounding areas like Canby and Newport, depending on the situation. Since so many weather variables exist around here, the price of tree removal could vary from a basic fee to something very costly. The average price for a small, simple tree job is roughly $109, while costlier jobs that require special care can be as much as $2,200.

The price you will pay varies with everything from the size of the tree to the type of services you need.

Weather Events

Albany gets its worst weather during the winter months. It can rain for eight months of the year, leading to messy work when trees topple. Tree removal can be a long and arduous job after a major storm. Chances are, the work could go on for several days. If this happens, you can expect your final costs to go up.

Size and Dimensions of the Tree

Albany has a lot of historic trees. They pose specific risks and can be very complex to remove. Our estimates are made based on their trunk size and the amount of foliage. When adding in stump removal, expect to pay up to $100 more. Overly thick stumps can take a whole day to remove. Trees over 100 years old are a good example, as well as trees on a historic property.


The timing of your tree job has more to do with price than you might think. Holidays and weekends are not usually business days. If our arborists have to come out on a day off, you can expect to pay more. Another example is timing. If your tree emergency happens at 1 a.m., and they usually do, you can expect to pay an additional fee for business outside regular hours. 


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