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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Guthrie?

While the majestic pines, fruit trees, and cedar trees are well-tended in the city, the trees on private property and the outskirts of the city face problems that can be unintentionally transmitted into the city. Cedar Apple Rust, Dothistroma Needle Blight, cankers, and invasive insects like the Emerald Ash Borer threaten the health of the trees. Our trained arborists can detect and treat these diseases and help in the prevention of the spread. Firewood should not be transported to another area for use due to the possibility of the transport of insects and diseases that can infect other trees in the destination area.

Does the City of Guthrie Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While Guthrie does not provide assistance to private property owners for the removal of hazardous or dead trees it is very active with grants and tree plantings. The Oklahoma Forestry Services has a grant and cost-share program to increase the forested areas around Guthrie. Each Arbor Day, there is a tree-planting ceremony that is aimed at enhancing the canopy coverage of the city. Downed trees due to natural disasters may qualify for assistance from FEMA.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Guthrie?

Each landowner is responsible for preserving their property as well as the people, animals, and vegetation on it, in line with municipal rules. Our skilled arborists may help with tree feeding, pruning, or removal. Schedule an annual examination with us if your tree is in poor health. What happens when the tree falls over property lines, is unhealthy, or injures someone?

If you are a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for all property care responsibilities, such as tree pruning and fertilizing, extermination, and repairing any damage caused by hazards. When a tree falls, it is the obligation of the homeowners to deal with the portion of the tree that is on their land as well as the damage to the property. They are also responsible for notifying the electric company should any tree pose a hazard to the main lines. An unhealthy tree can make the homeowner liable for damages and injuries from the tree falling onto a neighbor’s property.

If you are a renter?

The renter is usually responsible for keeping the house clean and repairing any damage caused by their residence, family, or visitors. If a contract has explicit terms regarding tree falling, the renter can be held liable if the trees come down. The contract’s specific wording will dictate the terms of a fallen tree; however, most rental agreements do not cover such instances. In the case it is not specified, the responsibility falls on the landlord. Regardless of who must clean up after a fallen tree, renters should have adequate insurance to cover their possessions. Maintain car, renters, and flood insurance to be sure your possessions can be replaced after a disaster.

If you are a landlord?

When there is no renter to assist with upkeep, landlords have the same rights and obligations as homeowners. Landlords must be clear about who is responsible for a fallen tree in the contract for the responsibility to bypass their care. Agreements between landlord and renter should be in writing to safeguard the property. Fallen trees generally fall under the outside maintenance of a property and should be the landlord’s responsibility to deal with. Insurances can cover the damages and the cost of removing the tree if their contracts agree.

If you are a neighbor?

Neighbors do have some rights concerning encroaching limbs and roots. If limbs or roots intrude on the property and constitute a hazard, the neighbor has the right to prune back to the property boundary if it does not injure the tree. The tree owner is not liable for a healthy tree that falls due to circumstances beyond their control. The individual property owners will need to clear their own properties, call insurances, and mitigate their damages. If it can be proved the tree was unhealthy, the tree’s owner can be liable for damages and injuries.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Guthrie?

With mostly sandy loams that drain semi-well, the soils around Guthrie aid to the development of the trees well. Roots are allowed a deep and wide berth, anchoring the trees deep in the ground. Nutrients are readily available for native trees and can be easily modified for imported species. The pH can be tested and adjusted to the correct level for the tree species by a trained arborist.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Guthrie?

Ice storms, heavy rains, hot temperatures, and sunny days all are included in the climate of the Guthrie area. While the southern breezes can take the bite out of the heat of summer, the blistering heat and days of rain that can keep foliage damp can combine to promote fungal diseases. Below-freezing temperatures with rain can cover limbs in ice which can cause breaking and sap snapping, injuring tree limbs. Wind storms and tornadoes can completely uproot trees, snap limbs, and cause other injuries that allow access to insects and diseases. On a typical day, the climate is beautiful and sunny, which is perfect for hardy trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Guthrie?

OGE Energy Corporation can maintain vegetation that poses a hazard to electrical lines and poles. They have the authority to trim trees that obstruct the right of way of electricity wires between poles. They are also responsible for the removal of dead trees that represent a threat to power lines. Never climb or trim a tree that is near a power line. Trees may carry electricity, and power can be directed to metal items within ten feet of power lines. Allow a professional like Tree Triage to trim or remove trees that pose a threat to the lines connecting the house to the pole. The electric company considers any pruning of trees within 10 feet of the lines to be working on the lines and can only be done with permission and foreknowledge.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Guthrie?

For several reasons, a tree may need to be removed. Trees that are infected or polluted, dead trees, fallen trees, or clearing for new construction may all be acceptable causes. Insurance companies may be able to help with the financing of certain tree removal depending on the circumstances and conditions of the contract. Tree removal for purely cosmetic reasons will not be covered. The cost can be reduced or raised dependent on factors like equipment, proximity to structures and electrical lines, tree size, and any other services required. The average cost to remove trees in the city is $675 and can range between $200 and $2,000.

Tree Size

The biggest determining factor of tree removal is how tall and wide the tree is. Each five-to-ten-foot section can add between $50 to $100 to the cost of the removal. Some species are more difficult to cut and so the type of species will be factored in. Multiple trees on the property that need to be removed will cost extra depending on their type and size. We often offer a discount to reduce the cost of multiple trees. While the smaller trees can be removed easily, larger trees can require cranes and more of our crew members. Each piece of equipment used will have a maintenance fee with its use, as well as a fuel surcharge.

Proximity to Structures

Safety is very important when removing a tree and the extra measures taken for protecting people and property can be reflected in the bill. More of our specialists and equipment may be necessary to remove a tree that is overhanging a structure. Utility companies may need to be notified if stump removal is performed as the underground lines must be monitored. Electric companies will shut off power for work around the lines that go from the poles to the home and may incur reconnection fees. Moving the wood when haul off is requested is also a safety matter. Most sections of the tree will be too large for the crew to handle and will need tractors to move them to the area where the large truck can pick them up and place them into the back safely.

Additional Services

Services like stump grinding, haul-off, restorative landscaping, limb chipping, and firewood cutting can be added to the basic work contract if the service offers it. Stump grinding can cost $300 more depending on the size of the tree. Inquire about options to cover the hole and treat the roots for the prevention of regrowth. Limb chipping is normally not done but can be requested for mulch or ease of disposal. If you do not want the wood, there can be a fee for hauling it off the property. Adversely if you would like the service to cut the wood into firewood, there can be a fee for stacking the cords. Restoring the landscaping damaged by the equipment may not be covered in the contract and inquire about the clean-up may clear up misunderstandings beforehand.


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