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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Broken Arrow?

If you notice small, dead areas forming on the needles of your trees, followed by the needles dying off and dropping, it may be anthracnose. This is a tree disease that is caused by several varieties of fungus. This starts with a small black fungus eating the dead needle tissue. Anthracnose is common in Broken Arrow and causes large parts of the branches to turn brown as needles fall. Although anthracnose is not likely to kill your tree, it will make it weaker. If the tree is too weak, it may not make it through frost and other storms. The disease can be avoided by keeping the foliage dry. Try watering at the base of the tree rather than overhead, or use a drip watering system.

Bagworms come from the same species family as moths and butterflies. If you have ever looked up at a tree and seen tiny hanging sacs of pine needles, then you have seen where the bagworm lives. These sacs are made from silk and whatever tree foliage that particular tree makes. The damage occurs when the larvae start feeding on their host tree. If you have a large infestation, you can expect complete defoliation on smaller plants. If they defoliate the tree, it can end up dying.

Another disease in Broken Arrow that can rapidly kill pine trees is cedar-apple rust. If you notice that the wood on the tree is dry when cut with no pitch flow, it may not be due to drought. It could be cedar apple rust. In Oklahoma, only Austrian, Scotch, and Japanese black and red pine are infected so far. The main sign you want to look out for is the galls that appear in the trees in spring. The galls will have long, orange, gel-like tendrils coming from them. Having the galls pruned and removed can control the disease as long as it is done before the tendrils appear.

 These are just some of the common problems trees are susceptible to in Broken Arrow. It is important to walk around your property and inspect the trees. The signs to look out for are unusual color changes, new cankers forming in the bark, and infestations. Preventing many of these diseases can be done through regular tree maintenance by our arborists.

Does the City of Broken Arrow Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Broken Arrow will only remove and maintain public trees. If you are concerned about the safety of a tree on public or private property, you can contact the Streets and Stormwater Department. They are responsible for ensuring the trees are well kept and safe. According to their ordinance, they will try to find a resolution with residents who are not maintaining private trees only if the trees are a danger to the public or public spaces.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Broken Arrow?

The responsibility for tree removal in Broken Arrow usually belongs to the property owner. If the tree is considered a part of the city’s public area, the responsibility goes to Broken Arrow. There are a couple of situations where the burden of responsibility is harder to determine. For example, who is responsible for trees on shared land or whether renters are responsible for fallen tree removal.

If you’re a homeowner?

The homeowner is responsible for fallen tree removal on his or her property. If the property has an HOA that maintains all the common areas, the HOA may be responsible only if it is in the agreement. This is more likely to be so if the home is a townhouse rather than separate single-family homes. Another possibility is if the tree causes any other property damage. If it did, it might be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter, you are not responsible for fallen tree removal in Broken Arrow. You will need to get a hold of the property owner to let them know about the problem as soon as possible so that they can make arrangements. If any of your property is damaged due to a fallen tree, it’s a good idea to call your rental insurance company to check for coverage. This may help with replacing any items that were damaged. 

If you’re a landlord?

A landlord is a person who owns property that is leased or rented to tenants. In the City of Broken Arrow, landlords are responsible for fallen tree removal on their property. If a tree falls and also damages the property, the landlord’s insurance may be responsible depending on policy coverage. Another possibility is if the tree falls because a tenant or another unauthorized person harmed it. In this case, the landlord may not be responsible for tree removal if they can prove it.

If you’re a neighbor?

In Broken Arrow, neighbors are only responsible for tree removals on their property. If your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, you are responsible for removing it. If your tree falls in your neighbor’s yard, they will need to have it removed. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Broken Arrow?

The soil found in Broken Arrow is Ul­tisols. It is a type of red clay soil that has high acid levels. It works well for forest trees and trees native to the area. Because the soil is high in acidity, some homeowners find that it does not do well in their gardens if those plants want a more neutral pH. They may try to compensate by using lime and fertilizers in the soil. It may be a good idea to keep the garden area away from trees. If you accidentally change the soil’s pH near the tree, you may cause it harm since the tree is used to and prefers the acidity.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Broken Arrow?

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is in a high-risk area for tornados. Severe weather like tornadoes can cause many trees to fall or become unstable. This is especially true for trees that are already in bad shape because even moderately high winds can be enough to uproot them. If a tree is in bad condition, it may be a good idea to call us to take care of it before extreme weather causes an emergency. 

Snow and ice storms occur in Broken Arrow a few times every year. They can leave falling trees and branches in their wake. In some cases, they might even damage the bark. If the tree does lose a branch, it can become susceptible to insects and diseases that are looking for access inside. If the tree has not been trimmed in a while, there will be more surface area for snow and ice to sit, further increasing the risk.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Broken Arrow?

Dead trees may not be strong enough to handle the weight of snow and ice during winter storms. If a dead tree were to fall on the power lines, it could leave many people without power. During freezing weather, people need power and utilities to stay warm. The City of Broken Arrow is prepared to deal with fallen trees during storms, but it may take time to get to all of them. If you see a dead tree near power lines, you should notify them so they can take care of it or have the owner of the tree notified.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Broken Arrow?

How much does it cost for tree removal in Broken Arrow? The price you pay to have a tree removed from your property depends on a few factors. In this section, we want to discuss some of those factors and give a general estimate of what you can expect to pay. Most tree removal jobs in this area will cost between $170 and $1321. 

Size of Tree

The number one cost factor for tree removal in Broken Arrow is size. The larger and taller a tree is, the more you will have to pay. The crew and tools we need to supply to cut down a smaller tree will cost less than an 80-foot tree. Here is an average price range for tree removal in Broken Arrow based on height:

  • Tree removal cost for a 20-foot tree: $165 to $330
  • Tree removal cost for a 40-foot tree: $357 to $645
  • Tree removal cost for a 60-foot tree: $530to $976
  • Tree removal cost for an 80-foot tree: $725 to $1480 or more

Location of the Tree

In Broken Arrow, the location of your tree matters. If your tree is in a hard-to-reach area on your property, it will cost more. Trees that are near other homes and power lines may also cost more because more safety measures will need to be taken. If the tree has already fallen and it is not on any structures, you can expect to pay a lot less. In general, the more complex the job, the higher the price.

Tree Needs

Besides the size of the tree and where it is located, other tree needs may come up. If, for example, you want the stump removed or ground down, you will pay more. Usually, stump services are quoted separately, so make sure to ask us if you want your stump removed. Another consideration is labor cost. In some cases, a tree may need more workers to bring it down. This may happen if the tree is in poor condition from diseases or weather problems. A good rule of thumb is if the job is more dangerous, more resources will be needed. If you need us to come out for an emergency tree removal in Broken Arrow, it will cost more. In an emergency, like after a winter storm, our crews will be busy, causing prices to rise as our workers are on overtime.


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I have a tree that fell that needs removed, I have removed small limbs off of it already. Just need the big part removed about 15-20 feet and about 4ft diameter or so. Also there is one limb above needs to be gone. Please call with estimate or questions. Thanks!

Date of Request: June 1, 2023

Location: Broken Arrow, OK


I have a hybrid willow tree 28 years old that has reached it's end. 30 to 40 ft tall with a trunk that has been hollowed out , it's probably 12' or more around. I need it cut down and possibly hauled away. majority of large branches are down.

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Broken Arrow, OK


Tree removed that is on Ground and all small limbs already removed. Please call with quote or questions. Thanks.

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Broken Arrow, OK


I have probably 20 to 30 cedar knees that I would like to get a price to have them removed or ground.

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Broken Arrow, OK


I need snow remove at the address above please.

Date of Request: May 29, 2023

Location: Broken Arrow, OK


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