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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Youngstown?

Stroll around town and check out a selection of Ohio’s gorgeous greenery. You’ll see a good variety of trees, including oaks of all sorts, hemlock groves, and soaring sycamores. While the majority of the trees in the Youngstown area are healthy, sometimes removal is a necessity. Here are the three most common reasons Youngstown residents contact our tree removal service: 

  • Storm damage. Wind, rain, snow, and ice are all part of life here in Youngstown. These weather conditions can be tough on the tree population though. Extreme weather conditions can strip small branches off of a tree or even topple a fully-grown tree. While tree damage is messy, it’s also dangerous. Branches and limbs can do a lot of damage as they come down, most often to the roof of nearby structures or cars parked nearby. They are also a safety hazard to passersby. The issues don’t stop when the storm does either. Trees damaged by storms can be at a greater risk of disease and pest infestation. They may become structurally weak and pose an even bigger safety risk in the future. You’ll want to contact us to have your trees evaluated after a storm, so you can determine if they need to be removed for safety reasons. 
  • Diseased. Tree diseases are a big problem for Youngstown trees. Oak wilt is especially prevalent, and can quickly spread to groups of oak trees. Beech leaf disease has only recently come to the area, but it’s become a major threat to the beech trees in the area because of how quickly it can kill them. It’s possible to stop the spread of tree disease by catching them in the early stages, but often these diseases spread so quickly the best option is tree removal. This prevents the disease from spreading to other trees and stops the diseased tree from becoming a safety risk. 
  • Landscaping concerns. Trees can provide shade, homes for wildlife, and can even lower your utility bills. Some trees are a nuisance, though. Trees can outgrow the space you have for them, becoming more of a risk to adjacent structures like your home’s roof or your garage. They can also make landscaping your home difficult. They can rob smaller plants of sunshine or kill other trees by taking away all the nutrients in the ground. Trees growing too close to your home can start to create issues with your foundation and plumbing. Removing these nuisance trees can help the rest of your landscaping flourish, protect your home, and even increase your property value. 

Does the City of Youngstown Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Trees that sit within your property boundary lines are yours to care for and maintain. They are also yours to remove if it becomes necessary, so the city of Youngstown won’t help with any removal problems. If you are having a dispute with your neighbor over the removal of a tree, you may need to resolve the issue through the legal system. 

Street trees, those between your sidewalk and the curb, are maintained by Youngstown’s Parks Department. If you have concerns over one of these trees, you can report it to the Parks Department through their online SeeClickFix program

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Youngstown?

Fallen trees are more than just a nuisance. They can cause extensive damage to personal property and be expensive to remove. So who is responsible for the costs when a tree falls in Youngstown? Here are some quick answers. If you have additional questions, it’s best to speak to a lawyer. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Trees within your property line are yours to remove. But things get a little more complicated if the tree falls onto your neighbor’s property. 

Whether you are on the hook for the fallen tree will depend on what you knew about the tree beforehand. This was the guidance provided in the 1998 Ohio legal case of Shoemaker v. Harris. In that case, the judge ruled that the tree owner was only responsible for the removal of the fallen tree if they knew that the tree posed a risk before it fell. So if you knew the tree was diseased, dead, or already damaged, then you could be liable for the removal and any damage done to personal property. 

If you had no prior knowledge that the tree was a risk, or if the tree was otherwise healthy, then you can’t be held liable for removal and damages. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters occupy about 48% of the houses in Youngstown. If you are one of those renters, then it’s important to know that you aren’t responsible for the trees on your rented property. Those remain the responsibility of your landlord. So if a tree falls on your rented property, contact your landlord or property management company right away so they can arrange for removal. If the tree did any damage to your personal property, you should be able to make a claim on your renters’ insurance. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords remain responsible for the trees on their rental properties, even if they have a long-term tenant in place. If a tree falls on the property, your tenant should inform you, so you can arrange for removal. It’s important to have your tree inspected after a storm, too. If they showed signs of structural weakness, and you failed to act on it, you may be liable for the damage done to your tenant’s personal property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, there is a good chance you’ll be responsible for the removal of it. That’s because most fallen trees are due to an act of God, under the law. That means your neighbor couldn’t have prevented it and didn’t know it would happen. However, if you can prove that your neighbor had prior knowledge that the tree was a potential danger, they could be held liable in court. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Youngstown?

The soil in Youngstown is generally good for tree growth. In some places, the soil can have a high lime content, which essentially acts as food for the trees as it contains a lot of necessary nutrients. Areas without a high lime content can be less fertile though as there isn’t much organic matter to feed the trees. Youngstown soil is low on clay, also, which means it doesn’t retain moisture very well and drains quickly. This can be a benefit to trees, as there is less risk of root rot. However, that lack of clay also means the soil here is prone to erosion. 

The biggest issue with the soil here is that it may not contain the necessary nutrients at the surface to help sustain young trees. You may need to add fertilizers and other sources of nutrients, like lime, to help fuel the growth of young trees. Once the roots are deep enough, they should be able to tap into richer sources of nutrients further underground. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Youngstown?

Youngstown has four distinct seasons. Our summers are warm, our fall is crisp, our winters are cold, and our springs are rainy. These weather conditions have a positive effect on the tree population, providing plenty of moisture and sunshine to fuel new growth. However, extreme weather can be really hard on our trees. We get our fair share of heavy winds and rain, along with ice storms and blizzards. Youngstown actually gets less than the average snowfall for other nearby areas of the state, but that doesn’t prevent wet, heavy snows from bringing down large tree branches. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Youngstown?

If you spot a dead tree near power lines in the Youngstown area, you’ll want to contact Ohio Edison right away at 800-633-4766. You should also contact them if you see a fallen tree on power lines or a tree growing too close to the power lines. Ohio Edison handles all tree trimming near power lines, including street trees within the city. The Vegetation Management team trims trees on a rotating basis but will inspect any trees you have concerns about if you call to report them. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Youngstown?

You’ll usually pay between $200 and $1,900 for tree removal in Youngstown, with an average around $580. This cost will vary depending on factors such as:

The Size of the Tree

The bigger the tree, the more it’s going to cost you to remove. Red oaks and hemlocks, two common trees in the Youngstown area, grow to about 50 feet tall, slightly taller in some areas. These will cost you around $600 to remove. Black oaks tend to grow taller, potentially even reaching 100 feet tall, and have a very deep taproot. That makes them difficult for us to remove, so you should expect to pay closer to the $2,000 mark for their removal.

Accessibility of the Tree

You’ll pay more for tree removal if your tree is near your home or garage, close to power lines, or crowded in with other trees that you want to keep. These removals are more complicated and require more time, more manpower, and more equipment from us to get the job done safely. 

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal can be several times more expensive than a standard removal. Emergencies include when a tree has fallen onto your home or garage, has fallen onto power lines, or poses an imminent threat of fallen onto a structure. While the cost might be more expensive, it’s important to get the job done anyway. The damage caused by a fallen tree will be even more expensive than the final tree removal bill.


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