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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Dayton?

Dayton is in Montgomery County, just an hour’s drive north of Cincinnati and west of Columbus. While the city environment is primarily urban, you’ll still see many trees in the parks and green spaces. Dayton experiences above-average precipitation with snowy cold winters and warm summers. Below are some of the common problems affecting trees in the area.

Fallen Trees

Trees can fall for various reasons, from improper care to strong winds, rainfall, and snow. Winter weather can knock down dead trees prompting tree removal in Dayton. After heavy rain or a windstorm, it can also be a busy time for our tree removal service. If you see a dead tree or a tipping tree, it is best to call our professionals to remove it rather than waiting for it to fall. Trees can cause considerable property damage if they fall in an unfortunate direction.

Tornadoes are a common occurrence in Ohio. The state experienced over 1,200 tornadoes since 1940 and 20 tornadoes in 2020. Tornadoes can remove branches and bark from trees, knock over dead trees, and uproot trees. Even relatively minor tornadoes commonly referred to as “gustnadoes” can break branches causing damage to windows.

Insect Infestation

Several invasive insect species throughout Ohio can cause tremendous damage to trees. The gypsy moth is one such invasive species. It was initially identified in parts of Cincinnati. Its larva is known for damaging various trees, including spruce, Japanese maple, white birch, hemlock, and willow trees. An infestation results in leaf or needle loss, and despite being small, the gypsy moth larva is somewhat easy to identify by its blue and red spots.

The Asian longhorn beetle travels long distances on scrap wood or firewood and infesting various host trees. The most at-risk hosts include maple, willow, ash, and elm. Unfortunately, if the black and yellow colored beetle is detected in your trees, they will have to be removed under strict statewide orders.

The emerald ash borer is an invasive insect species first identified in North America in 2002. It inhabits living and dead ash trees and causes fatal damage to healthy trees. You will recognize the emerald ash borer by its metallic green color and signature D-shaped hole bored in the trunk and branches of a host tree. If you see any signs of the emerald ash borer, notify our tree removal service in Dayton for a fast solution.

Tree Roots

When a tree doesn’t have adequate soil to grow, the roots can circle the tree’s base, causing girdling tree roots. Girdling can be a danger to the tree, restricting the moisture that the roots can absorb as the roots cut off circulation from the roots to the tree trunk. It is crucial to plant trees with sufficient soil space to grow.

Tree roots can also be a problem when you plant them too close to your home. Trees that grow too close to a house can find water where their roots are unwanted, including plumbing lines, sewage lines, septic tanks, and foundations. While tree roots cannot break into well-maintained pipes, they can easily breach leaky or corroded pipes and cracked foundation walls.

Does the City of Dayton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Dayton can often help with tree removal in certain situations. While fallen trees on private property are the property owner’s responsibility, Dayton Public Works typically remove fallen trees on public property. Streets, right-of-ways, and medians are cared for by Dayton Public Works’ street maintenance crew.

Dayton also provides care for trees and other vegetation on public right-of-ways and medians. They maintain vegetation with pruning, trimming, and other treatment.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Dayton?

When a tree falls, determining who is responsible can often be confusing. We will help you decide whether you will have to call for tree removal in Dayton or if another party will be responsible.

If You’re a Homeowner?

As a Dayton homeowner, you are responsible for caring for trees growing within your property. You are also typically responsible for trees that fall from your property onto your property or someone else’s. The primary exception is for trees that fall due to unforeseen natural causes such as storms. You might also not be obligated to pay for removal if the tree was deliberately cut or damaged by a neighbor.

If a tree that stands on your property falls onto a neighbor’s property, you will likely be responsible for any property damage and fallen tree removal in Dayton.

If You’re a Renter?

As a renter, Ohio law obligates you to keep the premises neat and clean and report any maintenance and repair issues to your landlord. While disposing of trash is typically part of your responsibility as the renter, removing fallen trees, caring for trees, and cleaning up or repairing damage from a fallen tree is usually the landlord’s responsibility.

When in doubt, refer to your lease agreement. It is also vital to notify your landlord of any signs of dead or tipping trees, so they can remove the tree before it causes any property damage.

If You’re a Landlord?

As the landlord, the law requires you to keep the common areas of the rental property in sanitary and safe conditions. This requirement can include removing tree limbs and fallen trees in the yard or driveway. Repairs to the property are also your obligation. If a tree falls and damages the rental property, you will be responsible for any damage.

Caring for the trees on the property to prevent tipping and fallen trees are also your responsibility. If a tenant or neighbor informs you of a dead or tipping tree that may damage your rental property or the neighbor’s property, it is vital to act before any damage occurs.

Suppose a tenant or neighbor damages or cuts down a tree on the rental property deliberately; the party that damaged the tree may be held responsible for removing the tree. In that case, property damage and damages for permanently altering your property without permission.

If You’re a Neighbor?

As a neighbor, your responsibility for fallen tree removal in Dayton depends on several factors. If the tree was initially standing on your property and falls on your property or a neighbor’s property, you will likely be responsible for the damage. If the tree falls due to a storm, the homeowner whose property was damaged can file a homeowner’s insurance claim regardless of where the tree originated.

If a tree falls from a neighboring property and a storm does not cause it, the neighbor will typically be responsible for the damage and tree removal in Dayton.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Dayton?

Montgomery County’s soils are primarily formed from glacial limestone. This includes Bellefontaine-Miami-Crosby association silt loams natively found in deciduous forests and used for agricultural purposes. We use this soil to grow grain, hay, corn, and soybeans along with a range of trees. They drain poorly to moderately well and have a low to moderate runoff potential.

It is essential to avoid overwatering trees in poorly drained soils, as the damp ground can cause root damage. Overall the silt loam is good soil for growing a variety of trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Dayton?

While many trees thrive in the warm and rainy spring and summer seasons, winters can bring freezing temperatures that can damage certain trees. Winter weather and freezing temperatures in late winter and early spring can cause damage to ornamental trees from temperate regions.

An unusually warm early spring followed by several days of freezing temperatures exacerbates damaging frost. Trees can begin to blossom during the warm weather, and then the sudden frost can cause blossoms and foliage to wilt and even result in death. Our tree removal experts in Dayton can help you find trees that will survive chilly winters.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Dayton?

Dead trees near the power line running from the transmission line to your home should be trimmed or removed by the property owner with assistance from AES Ohio. They will need to turn off the power to the property while they remove the tree to ensure your safety and the safety of the tree removal crew.

If the tree is not on your property and is near a power transmission line, AES Ohio will remove the dead tree. They provide emergency trimming during storms and ensure tipping trees and branches will not fall on the power transmission lines year-round. They rely on residents like you to inform them of risky trees that require tree removal in Dayton.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Dayton?

The average cost of tree removal in Dayton is around $750, but your total will depend on several factors. Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of your tree removal the most.

Size and Age

The size or age of the tree determines the amount of time and resources required to remove a tree. Large trees take us longer to cut and require more preparation to remove than smaller trees. Hauling away the tree can require larger vehicles, and cleaning up branches and other debris can take some time.


The tree’s location can be a significant factor in the cost of tree removal in Dayton. A tree in an open space requires fewer precautions than a tree standing near a power line, school, or busy roadway. We must ensure that removing the tree results in no property damage or safety hazards. Safety protocols can include ensuring the tree falls in an intended direction and moving hazardous branches that may fall.


The condition of the tree can impact the cost of removal. A standing tree is more expensive to remove than a fallen tree in most cases. Our tree removal professionals can typically haul away the fallen tree easily unless it falls on property. They must safely cut a standing tree to avoid falling on anyone’s property before they can haul it away. Removing the stump will also require an additional fee.

Trees with diseases or pests can also cost more to remove. We may need to treat the tree before removing it or treating nearby trees to ensure the disease or pest does not spread to other trees.


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