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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Canton?

Canton, Ohio is home to a healthy tree population, with diverse tree species and excellent growing conditions for hardy native trees. However, trees can be affected by fungi, diseases, and invasive pests. Some of the most common tree issues in Canton include:

Emerald Ash Borers

These invasive bugs create distinctive D-shaped holes in ash trees and S-shaped tracks below the bark. Since their accidental introduction in the late 20th century, they have killed millions of North American ash trees in the eastern United States and the Midwest. They can quickly spread to devastate local ash tree populations. While the damage can be stopped if the pests are caught early, they can kill a mature tree within five years.


Bagworms are pests that attack deciduous and evergreen trees, including elms, junipers, oaks, maples, spruce trees, and more throughout the Canton area. Ornamental trees are relatively difficult to inspect for bagworms, so an infestation can go unnoticed. They aggressively eat plant foliage, leading to defoliation, slow regrowth, or branch and tree death. While infestations can be treated if caught in time, trees can be reinfested and killed.

Storm Damage

Ornamental, fast-growing, and wide trees can all be susceptible to storm damage. Winds, heavy snow, and ice pose a risk to species that may not be able to withstand the added weight or force. Properly managing the growth of trees as they grow and mature can lead to well-shaped trees with multiple sturdy branches and upright growth. Property owners can also mitigate storm damage by pruning trees, checking for cracks and damage after heavy storms, and inspecting the trees for any signs of distress that could weaken the wood.

Does the City of Canton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Canton is a Tree City USA community and has an active Canton Tree Commission that manages a city-wide tree plan for protecting trees and property in the area. According to the Supplement of the Canton City Tree Ordinance, trees must be maintained and pruned in compliance with ANSI A300 standards. This includes removing limbs due to disease, the risk they pose to structures, or the obstruction they create near traffic signs and street lights. A city-certified arborist must also be consulted before tree removal in protected work zones.

In order to ensure tree removal services within the city are done properly, all tree removal contractors must be approved by the city arborist and licensed by Canton. This protects property owners from unprofessional and improper tree removals. Luckily, all of our specialists at Tree Triage are licensed and certified!

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Canton?

Depending on your relationship to the property with a fallen tree, you may or may not be responsible for removing the tree and managing any property damage caused by the fallen tree. Learn more about the responsibilities of different people involved:

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for removing fallen trees that fall on their property. This includes having the tree removed, repairing any property damages as a result of the fallen tree, and making the area safe. However, that doesn’t mean you must shoulder the cost entirely by yourself. Most homeowners’ insurance policies have provisions for tree damage and falling trees. Contact your insurance provider to learn more about the details of your specific policy and determine how much of the cost they will cover.

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not responsible for arranging the removal of a fallen tree from the rented property; that responsibility belongs to the property owner, and you should not be charged for the cost of removal. Instead, you should notify your landlord of the issue as soon as safely possible. Also, inform them of any known structural property damage. If your belongings are damaged as a result of the falling tree, your renter’s insurance may fully or partially cover the costs of replacement.

If you’re a landlord?

As the property owner, a landlord is responsible for arranging and paying for the removal of fallen trees. You’re also responsible for any resulting structural damage to the property, though your insurance policy may include coverage for related replacement and repair costs. If your tenants incurred damage to their belongings as a result of the falling tree, they should generally turn to their insurance provider, not you, for related expenses.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor’s tree falls on your property, you are responsible for arranging tree removal. However, your home insurance provider should be able to assist with the costs of removal and related repairs, depending on the details of your policy. But, if you have reason to believe your neighbor was negligent about managing the health of the fallen tree and that neglect led to the incident, they may be considered legally liable for the damage.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Canton?

Canton has a variety of soil types, each of which presents different growing conditions for trees:

  • Chalky soil: This soil is full of small stones and few minerals. It’s also dry and alkaline, which can cause chlorosis and poor photosynthesis.
  • Clay soil: Clay soil is thick and holds water well, which is useful during dry weather but challenging during spring rains. Because the soil is thick and compact, trees can develop shallow root systems that make them more likely to fall over in strong winds.
  • Loamy and silty soil: Loamy soil is the ideal soil for growing trees and other plants. It’s fertile, aerated, and can both drain and retain water well. Look for patches of loamy soil on your property if you’re planting new trees. Silty soil is similar and often preferred for agriculture.
  • Peat soil: This soil is rich, acidic, and can be mixed into other soils to improve growing conditions.
  • Sandy soil: This soil is dry, has poor water retention, and often lacks key nutrients like iron and manganese. It can present poor growing conditions, especially for non-native trees or fast-growing trees. When trees lack water and nutrients, they become more susceptible to diseases.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Canton?

Canton has a humid climate that can help prevent trees and their soil from drying out. This, combined with a few hot days, gives Canton trees an easy growing season through the spring and summer. Distinct seasons and quick transitions to warmer weather also mitigate the risk of flash freezes and thaws that can jeopardize blooming trees.

Winter weather does pose some risk to trees. While there is less snow than in the northern Ohio snowbelt, Canton receives nearly four feet of snow each year. That weight can pile onto branches and lopsided trees, causing damage and breakage.

Canton is in USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone 6A, making it an ideal climate for maples, pines, ash trees, and other popular tree varieties.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Canton?

Local Canton utility companies are responsible for trimming trees away from power lines, which should mitigate many of the risks of fallen or broken trees and branches and power lines. However, in the event that you see a dead tree near or making contact with a power line, it’s important to stay back a safe distance and contact your utility company or city to handle the tree’s removal. Dead trees can conduct electricity, so even using another implement to try and dislodge a tree or branch can be extremely hazardous to your health.

AEP Ohio serves Canton, and you can report tree issues to them directly. They can remove dead trees that pose a risk to power lines, equipment, and utility installation, even on private property. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Canton?

Depending on the size of your tree and the complexity of the project, removing a tree from your property averages around $760 in Canton. However, the actual cost can vary widely based on factors such as the size and health of the tree, the environment surrounding the tree, your preferred timeline, and other considerations.

The Condition of the Tree

One of the most important factors that determine the cost of tree removal is the condition it’s in. Trees that are still standing need to be assessed by our team and methodically cut down to minimize risk to the surrounding environment before being hauled away, and this will increase the time spent. Trees that have already fallen over, provided they aren’t in a hard-to-reach spot, are easier and faster to cart away.

The condition leading to the tree’s removal may also impact the cost. Is the tree hollow or rotten? We can more quickly remove it. Is the tree healthy? Solid, sturdy trunks take some time to cut into manageable pieces. Is the tree infected or infested by a highly communicable hazard? Our tree removal team will need to carefully fell and dispose of the tree without letting the pests or disease spread to other trees on your property or in the community.

The Tree’s Size

The taller the tree, the more you can expect to spend, especially if the tree is still standing. We may need a crane or other specialized equipment to break down a towering 60-foot tree that it wouldn’t require for a 15-foot tree.

Along with the height of the tree, consider the diameter of the trunk and the foliage on the tree. Bulkier trees are more difficult to remove and will cost more on average.


Trees without easy roadside access or that are in a densely urban area present unique challenges for tree removal. We may charge additional fees for the time taken to get equipment to the site or to protect adjacent structures.


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