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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Barberton?

The Asian longhorned beetle infests a wide variety of species of hardwood trees in Ohio as well as New York and Massachusetts, such as ash, elm, birch, maple, poplar, and willow trees. These large beetles can grow up to an inch and a half long and feed on the bark of several types of trees. Chewed holes that are approximately the size of a pencil in diameter, sawdust buildup near these holes, and yellowed leaves may indicate the presence of Asian long-horned beetles inside your trees even if you do not see visible beetles. Because there is no known treatment at this time, trees that are infested with Asian long-horned beetles usually need to be removed to prevent them from spreading to other trees in the area. Like many types of hungry pests, avoiding moving firewood around Ohio and especially out of state is key when it comes to keeping Asian longhorned beetle infestations from spreading.

The caterpillars of European gypsy moths can be extremely destructive to trees and shrubs in Ohio and throughout much of the Midwest and East Coast. Although adult moths tend to do little damage, European gypsy moth caterpillars feed on and defoliate the leaves of over 300 species of trees. In Ohio, aspens, cedars, oaks, birches, willows, and cottonwoods are among the tree species that are most frequently damaged by European gypsy moth caterpillars. Although eating the trees’ leaves does not automatically kill them, the damage sustained by these caterpillars leaves them more vulnerable to other pests and diseases that the leaves might provide an additional layer of protection from, which can eventually lead to the death of the trees.   

Needle cast disease occurs when Ohio’s pine, fir, spruce, and other evergreen trees become infected with a type of fungus that primarily affects their needles. This disease typically causes the trees’ needles to turn brown and eventually fall off. Although the tree may appear to be dying, needle cast disease is more of an aesthetic problem that generally only affects the needles, rather than harming the entire tree. Unlike many tree diseases, most cases of needle cast disease can be treated by spraying the tree with one of several varieties of fungicide in the spring and during wet weather.

Thousand Cankers Disease occurs when a type of insect called the walnut twig beetle tunnels into Ohio’s walnut trees and causes cankers to form underneath the bark. This disease can eventually kill the tree by blocking the paths that water and nutrients typically take through the trunk and branches, which prevents the tree from getting adequate sustenance and tends to worsen over time. Suspected Thousand Cankers Disease cases should be reported to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which can advise you about possible next steps to take. Although the diseased parts of your tree usually will not recover, cases that are caught early may be able to be stopped by pruning the affected areas to attempt to save the rest of the tree.     

Does the City of Barberton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Barberton does not offer tree removal assistance, other than caring for trees in public areas. However, up to 60 pounds of other yard waste can be collected at a time on your regular trash day and the city provides leaf removal during the fall. You will need to contact us and speak with our arborists about any concerns you have regarding your trees.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Barberton?

In Ohio, property owners are usually responsible for having trees that land on their property removed. However, Ohio handles the insurance claim process slightly differently than many other states, as homeowners will usually have to file a claim even if the insurance company decides to seek payment from a neighbor.

If you’re a homeowner?

Your homeowner’s insurance will generally cover any damage to your property that results from a fallen tree, regardless of who the tree belongs to. If your neighbor is believed to be at fault for not taking care of a damaged tree, you should still file a claim and your insurance company may assist with contacting your neighbor. Ohio residents can also contact their city if a city-owned tree lands on their property and does not cause damage to see if the city will assist with removal.

If you’re a renter?

Apartment and house renters usually are not responsible for any fallen trees unless their lease specifies otherwise.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, the same guidelines apply to you as to any other property owner. You will usually be responsible for having trees removed from any of your properties unless a neighbor is determined to be at fault.

If you’re a neighbor?

As a neighbor, you may be responsible for removing a tree that lands in a neighbor’s yard if his or her homeowner’s insurance company believes you are at fault. For this reason, it is important to watch for signs of disease or decay to make sure you have plenty of time to call us to deal with potential problems before they become severe. This usually will not be the case if a healthy tree falls during a storm.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Barberton?

The Barberton area consists mainly of medium-textured soil, which provides an ideal level of drainage for trees and plants in the area. The soil in this area tends to be high in extractable aluminum, which can make growth more difficult for certain types of trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Barberton?

Frequent strong thunderstorms and an average of two tornadoes each summer are among the most common weather problems that affect trees in Barberton’s Summit County. Although most thunderstorms are not particularly dangerous to people, strong wind and lightning can damage trees. Trees that are young, diseased, or otherwise weak are especially vulnerable to losing leaves and branches during storms, and lightning or strong wind can sometimes knock trees over. While lightning does not always kill large trees immediately, it can leave them weak and more vulnerable to becoming diseased or falling in the future, which means that trees that are struck by lightning may sometimes need to be removed if they are in a position that leaves them likely to land on a house or cause other damage to your or a neighbor’s property. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Barberton?

Dead trees that land on or near power lines can create a significant safety hazard, as are tree branches that grow too close to power lines. Although it can be tempting, you should never try to move or prune these trees yourself and most reputable tree removal companies also will not attempt to remove a tree that is in a particularly dangerous position. Instead, trees that land on or close to power lines should be reported to American Electric Power Ohio, which handles the majority of the state’s power issues.

Residents of Barberton can fill out a form on AEP Ohio’s website that includes details about where the tree is located, and AEP Ohio will then determine the best course of action for removing a tree or adjusting Barberton’s pruning schedule to take care of problematic trees before they cause a power outage, fire, or other damage.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Barberton?

Depending on your unique situation, most tree removal services in Barberton fall between $153 and $2,149 per tree, with an average cost of $651 per tree. Although your specific tree will play a role in determining the overall cost of its removal, these estimates tend to be somewhat higher than the national average. Unless we specify otherwise, these costs usually include all labor coverage and basic equipment, as well as the cost of cleanup and removing your limbs, trunk, and leaves. Here is an overview of some of the main factors that may influence the cost of removing a tree from your home or business, as well as tips for saving money when having a tree or trees removed!

Size of the Tree

As convenient as it would be to have a fixed removal cost per tree, trees are not one size fits all, and larger trees are often more difficult to remove than small trees. Especially in residential areas, tall trees often need to be removed in small sections to prevent a large portion of the tree from landing on someone’s house or car, and this process takes longer. Trees that are more than approximately 60 feet tall can easily cost twice as much to remove compared to trees that are under 30 feet tall, especially if they have very wide trunks.

Condition of the Tree

Trees that are diseased or have been partially broken during a storm are weaker than healthy trees, which makes them more difficult for us to control while removing them. Healthy trees usually land where our arborists expect them to, but badly decayed trees tend to have minds of their own and may collapse with much less pressure. These trees usually need special care to remove without causing further damage to nearby trees, buildings, or other property, which can take longer to do and increase the cost.

Timing of the Tree Removal

With the exception of major storms, most tree removal emergencies do not happen overnight. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to carefully monitor your trees throughout the year to find possible signs of disease or hungry pest infestations early on, rather than never taking a close look at your trees until they are in such poor condition that they are barely standing. Most pests or diseases that are likely to require tree removal take time to become severe, and it is usually not an issue to schedule removal a few weeks or more in advance. Trees that need to be removed for construction can usually be scheduled during the off-season, which means your total cost will likely be below average. Although we offer emergency tree removal, this should typically only be necessary following a storm. 


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