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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Syracuse?

According to official field data, Syracuse has 890,000 trees, with the most prominent type being Sugar Maple. As for street trees, the most common is Norway Maple.

Out of all those beautiful trees, most of them are in good condition, with 9% of the tree population listed as either dead or dying. That’s a better prognosis than many other cities on how well the populace cares for trees in their area.

Still, common tree issues are often found, mostly from the typical problems of nature, insects, and construction projects. Some years, unusual incidents occur as well that end up affecting trees in the city.

Back in 2018, for instance, a swarm of cicadas came to the region, Onondaga County specifically. This was 17 years since the last batch of cicadas came to the region in 2001.

It’s the slits from the female cicadas that caused many of the brittle tree branches to die. In turn, many of those weakened branches fell off and killed trees no more than a few years old.

Thankfully, this isn’t an overly common problem in Syracuse. Regardless, it’s still a reminder of what nature can do to make trees get diseases or die, sometimes slowly.

Other typical issues that cause tree problems here include:

  • Construction projects that end up disrupting the tree root systems. Many construction crews don’t realize tree roots extend out multiple feet on property and can often be damaged if punctured or dug up.
  • Herbicides used by homeowners to kill weeds around trees. Unfortunately, this and lawn fertilizers often burn tree roots, leading to slow tree death.
  • Insect borers native to Syracuse can often wreak havoc on tree trunks, making them look unshapen and unhealthy.
  • Random fungi native to Syracuse that rot out tree trunks.

Does The City of Syracuse Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

Most cities provide some sort of service to take care of fallen or diseased trees. In Syracuse, their Forestry Division is responsible for taking care of 35,000 street trees in the city. These trees line many city streets, including local parks.

Year-round, the Syracuse Forestry Division trims trees and removes those beyond saving. In the spring and fall, the division plants new trees if any have to be removed.

They also have a reporting line to let them know if tree limbs are hanging or falling on public property. Once reported, they’ll come and remove the tree limbs, or remove the tree altogether if it’s diseased.

Remember, though, you can’t take care of those trees on your own without a written permit from the city arborist. The same goes if you plant any trees along public streets.

Their ongoing mission is to keep planting urban trees since it’s scientifically proven to help air quality. It’s the large and healthy trees that are the best for taking care of pollution.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Syracuse?

Different circumstances can apply with fallen trees. Dealing with this on residential property has different legal scenarios on how it’s handled. Responsibilities do not always fall on the city, depending on where the trees are located.

What scenarios exist where you might be responsible? In some situations, a fallen tree might be the responsibility of your neighbor, or maybe a landlord.

If you’re a homeowner?

If a fallen tree is truly on your property line, you’d be responsible for the removal of the tree. However, if you have homeowners insurance, they’re the ones responsible for cleaning up the debris.

Your insurance company assesses the damage and then hires a professional tree service company to take care of damages. Of course, you’re given money by the insurance company for repairs if the tree happened to damage your home or other property.

First, the trees have to be assessed on where they are in conjunction with your home. It might be the city of Syracuse’s responsibility if the trees are near a public sidewalk in front of your house.

If you’re a renter?

Those of you who rent should know if a tree falls on your property, the responsibility falls on what your renting contract says. For most renters, it means the landlord is responsible for cleaning up the debris from trees.

The Syracuse Property Conservation Code states that all landlords are responsible for keeping rental property hazard-free, no matter what this might entail. The only exception here is if your landlord happened to give you a contract that states you’re responsible for any damage.

Most importantly, read your rental contract before signing it. No one should rent and feel they’re responsible for tree damage while also paying for a lease.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are still responsible for downed trees based on Syracuse law. Some landlords, though, want to give tenants more freedom to take care of problems on their own.

If a landlord gives the tenant freedom to plant trees on their own, sometimes it means tenants are responsible for the upkeep or removal of the trees. All landlords should look at property lines, though, and make sure any trees don’t fall on city property lines or a neighbor’s lot.

When it comes to neighbors, things can sometimes get more complicated.

If you’re a neighbor?

According to New York insurance experts, a tree falling on a neighbor’s property is usually the responsibility of the owner of the tree. In this scenario, the owner of the fallen tree goes through their homeowners insurance policy to clean up the mess.

However, if damage occurred to a neighbor’s house, they might sue you for damages. Homeowners insurance usually covers settlements like this, albeit not always covering all damages. The homeowner may have to pay some out of pocket if the damages were severe enough to the neighbor’s residence.

To prevent any sort of messy litigation like this, it’s best to hire a tree care service like Tree Triage to inspect your trees when they start looking bad. A weak-looking tree is sure to topple over onto your neighbor’s property in a windstorm if you ignore signs of tree disease.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Syracuse?

Soil is sometimes a direct cause of a tree either flourishing for decades or slowly dying out. Most soil in Syracuse is rich, deep, black soil. It’s one of the best types of nutrient-rich soils trees need to stay healthy.

Scientifically, this type of soil is called “muck”, but it’s far better than it sounds. Thanks to the mineral richness of this soil, it is more hospitable for plants than the typical reddish clay or brown mineral soils found throughout New York.

Luckily for most homeowners in Syracuse they have a great environment to grow and maintain their trees. Other areas of Central New York aren’t as lucky and they have to deal with heavier clay soils that can still grow trees (of course) but can lead to problems with their health over time. 

Keep in mind that every tree species has different needs when it comes to soil types and environmental factors, but for Syracuse residents they can rest easy knowing that they have some of the best soil to help trees prosper. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Syracuse?

Weather is always a big cause of trees going down in Syracuse, or any city. The Syracuse area has certainly seen its share of inclement weather over the years. Winter storms are usually severe early and late in the year, with winds that can knock down trees with weak root systems.

Every homeowner needs to prune their trees in the winter, if they can, to decrease the likelihood of trees toppling over due to a wind, snow, or ice storm.

Fortunately, the summer months are very nice in Syracuse. You will be able to enjoy your trees then, given you had properly pruned them months prior.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Syracuse?

You should never attempt to clean up tree debris if one of your trees falls on or near power lines. If you have no experience with tree debris cleanup, it could prove dangerous considering power lines can lead to electrocution.

When a tree falls on or near power lines, it’s usually the power company’s responsibility to remove the tree. Of course, if the tree was on city property, the city would pay for a tree service company to handle the cleanup.

Always keep a close eye on any large trees on your property during stormy weather. A strong windstorm could knock over one of those trees and lead to a complex situation requiring tree cleanup and extended power loss.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Syracuse?

The cost of tree removal always varies based on what the situation is. According to our records, the average cost of removing a tree in Syracuse can vary from only $200 up to $750 or more.

Various factors go into this since every tree situation is different. Adding in something like tree stump removal often adds to the cost, not including removing tree roots.

What are some main cost factors involved here? Let’s take a look at a few of those:

The Size of the Tree

A large tree falling over is going to cost you more than a smaller tree would since it is likely to spread more debris and possibly cause more property damage. Cleaning that up, plus removing its stump, could cost well over $800.

The Size of the Stump

Stump removal is not an easy process either. Larger stumps take more time if the diameter of the trunk is huge.

The Time of the Year

Removing a tree around early spring is ideal since the weather is better and the tree isn’t in full bloom. Removing a tree without all the foliage on it makes for a faster job, so you won’t be paying as much for the cost of labor.


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