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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Nassau County?

There are a variety of reasons to schedule tree removal service in Nassau County. The old, dead trees throughout the state of New York can fall due to wind, rainstorms, or snowstorms. Fallen trees are hazardous and can cause property damage, denting vehicles, damaging outdoor pool equipment, and damaging roofing.

Fallen or Tipping Trees

A fallen tree can range from a minor nuisance to a major problem, depending on where they fall. After a tree falls, you will likely want to remove it from your yard or driveway. Unfortunately, the tree can sometimes fall on your home or vehicle.

If a tree looks like it may fall, it is the best time to call our specialists. Tipping trees or trees with large dead branches will typically fall after a heavy snowstorm. You will likely hear them creaking and cracking on a crisp windy day. We commonly remove old oak, maple, and pine trees in Nassau County. When these trees fall or lose a large dead branch, the damage and clean-up can be significant.

Tree Care

When you need to care for a tree, our tree removal company in Nassau County can provide expert trimming, pruning, and care. A healthy tree is less likely to fall and have branches snap off.

Tree trimming can remove dead and diseased branches from the crown, thin an overcrowded crown, and make the tree more aesthetically pleasing. A young tree can benefit from pruning to make it grow lush and healthy for years. Pruning stimulates growth and makes the tree more healthy.

General care is beneficial for trees of all ages, whether the tree just needs some maintenance or needs help to overcome a disease.

Low Light or Visibility

A large leafy tree can offer a cool shady area in the summer, but sometimes they cast a shadow where you don’t want it.

Shady areas are ideal for growing shade-tolerant plants, such as small woodland trees and bushes. But the large oak and cedar trees common in suburban Nassau County and can cast a shadow on your garden, limiting growth. A large tree can also block your window, limiting the visibility of your yard. When you want additional sunlight in your yard or window, we can remove the tree or trim it.

Large trees with low limbs can also block your field of view from the driveway, creating a dangerous blind spot. Raising the crown is one way we can resolve this issue without removing the tree entirely. We cut the low-hanging branches to improve your line of sight without harming the tree.

Does The City of Nassau County Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

Nassau County assists in tree removal in certain situations. Just as you expect the department of public works to remove snow from city roads in winter, you can expect them to remove fallen trees on city property.

If a tree falls into a road or highway, the department of public works will remove the fallen tree from the road. The city also proactively removes dead trees and overgrown vegetation on city property as part of maintenance.

If the tree does not fall on a city road, such as your yard or driveway, it is likely your responsibility to remove the tree. In some cases, it may be a neighbor or landlord’s responsibility. Determining responsibility may require some additional information.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Nassau County?

When a tree falls on your property, is it always your responsibility to remove it? Not always. Here are some scenarios to help you determine if you are responsible.

If you’re a homeowner?

As the homeowner, you will most likely be responsible for the removal of a felled tree on your property. Whether caused by a storm, disease, or age, if a tree growing on your property falls, it is likely your responsibility to remove it.

When a tree falls onto your property but was originally standing on your neighbor’s property, it may be your neighbor’s responsibility. If a neighbor cuts down your tree or it is hit by a vehicle, it is considered destruction of your property by Nassau County, under the ordinance to protect trees on private property. If the tree falls due to another party’s negligence or actions, they may be found responsible for removal.

If you’re a renter?

If you are renting a property, your lease agreement should cover tree removal under landscaping or maintenance. Your landlord or property management company should cover repairs, maintenance, and yard work that would be unreasonable for you to take care of as the renter.

If the fallen tree is a hazard, blocking a walkway or driveway, and you notify the landlord, they should remove it as soon as possible. The landlord is responsible for the tree removal as part of their duty to repair under NY State law.

In most cases, as the renter, you are not responsible for fallen tree removal in Nassau County.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord, your responsibility is similar to that of a homeowner. You are likely responsible to remove a fallen tree from the property if the tree fell from your property onto your property. It is your responsibility to mitigate damage and ensure the safety of your tenants and guests. Tenants are protected under NY State law in Nassau County from the responsibility of removing the fallen tree.

You may not be responsible if the tree fell from an adjacent property or the tree fell due to the actions of a tenant.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a tree falls into your neighbor’s yard you may be responsible for its removal if the tree falls from your property onto the neighbor’s property. Fortunately, your home owner’s insurance may cover the removal. You may have to pay for any damage and removal if the neighbor warned you about the tree before it fell in cases where the fall was preventable.

If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, the neighbor will likely have to pay for the removal. If you notice a tipping tree, it is best to make your neighbor aware of the tree before it falls.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Nassau County?

Nassau County soil consists of a mixture of Plymouth loamy sand and Carver coarse sand. This soil is ideal for supporting oak trees and pine trees.

Plymouth loamy sand is better for woodland and agricultural growth. It also drains well, so it will not erode or expand much in the presence of moisture. It is a popular choice for developers in urban and suburban areas and grows white oak, black oak, pitch pine, and scrub oak.

Carver coarse sand is not suitable for woodland or agricultural growth and is susceptible to drought, but It does grow scrub oak, pitch pine, and white pine quite well.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Nassau County?

The weather in Nassau County can be tough on trees. From cold and snowy winters to hurricanes and tropical storms in the summer, the region experiences a range of weather conditions.

Tropical storms and hurricanes can down trees with high-speed wind, heavy rain, and lightning. The salt spray that comes with these storms can also be dangerous to the health of trees. The increased salt in the soil can cause the tree’s leaves to brown and the branches to die with a burned appearance. If the tree is too unhealthy for remediation with limestone or gypsum-rich soil, removal may be necessary to prevent the tree from falling.

Heavy snow can weigh on the branches and limbs of trees causing them to break off or bring the entire tree down, but typically snow will not harm the tree long-term. If the tree is not native to the cooler climates of New York State, frost and ice may damage the limbs or make them susceptible to diseases.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Nassau County?

Dead trees near power lines can damage electrical lines, posts, and components. They may result in an outage or electrocution hazard. New York State maintains power transmission lines, keeping them free from vegetation, including dead trees in Nassau County.

If you notice a dead tree near a power line, do not take matters into your own hands. For your safety and others, call Public Service Enterprise Group of Long Island for the removal of any trees within 10 feet of a power line, including trees or branches touching power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Nassau County?

Several factors determine the cost of tree removal in Nassau County:


The location of the tree itself can have a major impact on the cost of removal. For instance, if there is a busy road or structure close to the tree, we will need to consider the safety of the surroundings. Some locations can also warrant extra safety measures, such as schools or playgrounds in proximity to the tree. We want to make sure removing the tree presents no risk to your family or community.


The size of the tree can affect the cost of removal. If the tree is a large overgrown pine or oak, common in Nassau City suburbs, it can take longer for us to cut and the clean-up can be extensive. Dead trees can also make clean-up more complex and may require the removal of certain limbs to prevent snapping limbs causing damage. In general, a taller tree will always cost more to remove than a smaller tree.


The urgency of the service can also have an impact on the cost of tree removal. When a tree falls in the middle of the night, and you urgently need it removed, we are here for you. We can promptly arrive to remove the tree with our emergency service and adjust our busy schedule to ensure your safety. Emergency service does come at a higher cost but delivers peace of mind.


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