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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Toms River?

At the national level, Toms River has a long-standard award for being named one of the Tree City USA cities over the past three decades. Trees and their maintenance are regulated in the city limits of Toms River. Before any tree can be removed, a Tree Management Plan is required according to the Woodlands Management Ordinance. There are a few common tree issues that do require this plan in Toms River. 

Diseased Trees

Unfortunately, the trees in Toms River are not exempt from catching diseases over time. Because the climate can change and each season is reflected in New Jersey, there is potential for diseases in trees. The most common is the anthracnose fungi that take over the leaves. If it is noticed early on, the disease can be fought and removed from the tree. Sometimes, the tree is too infected and needs to be removed. This removal protects the disease from spreading to nearby trees in the area. Also, once the tree succumbs to the disease, it will start the rotting process and could fall on its own, causing damage to your home and other structures on the property. 

Insect Invasions

Whether it’s the lace bug, mites, or tent caterpillars native to the area, insect invasions have a way of taking over healthy trees and destroying them over time. Depending on the type of tree(s) you have on your property, you can attract one or more of these pests to the area. The lace bug finds comfort in invading evergreen trees across Toms River. Oftentimes, they can be caught and removed before the tree needs to come down, as long as you notice the yellow and silver strips they leave behind on the topside of the leaves. 

Tent caterpillars are a staple in all types of trees in New Jersey. While a few will not harm a tree, a mass infestation of these caterpillars will drain the nutrients. Too much drainage can make a tree unhealthy and unable to recover. This process is gradual, but a long-term infestation can take even the largest trees. 

Mites are known to take over small plants, but they are also a danger to trees. For coastal homes in Toms River, there is a warmer climate than other parts of the state, making the environment ideal for these insects to come into a healthy tree environment and take over undetected. 

Winter Damage

Because the winters in Toms River can be cold and snowy, the winter environment can cause injury and damage to some trees in the township. During these winter months, the moisture in the trees is used and not always replenished. While there is usually snow and rain during this time, smaller periods of no precipitation can remove all the hydration from the trees. Also, an ice storm and freezing temperatures cause heaviness on the trees, causing branches to break and expose the inside of the tree to the outside elements. Sometimes, trees do not recover in the spring from the winter damage and need to be removed. 

Does the Township of Toms River Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

If there is a need for tree removal in the township of Toms River, it must be approved and on file with the city’s planning, zoning, and Community Development Office. The city will determine whose property the tree is on before it is removed and if removal is the only option to consider based on all the conditions. If the Township of Toms River has the tree on its property, it will be responsible for covering the cost of the tree removal if that is the appropriate course of action. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Toms River?

When it is time for a tree to be removed, one of the biggest concerns around the removal is who is actually responsible for the tree and the removal process. Below are the different parties that find themselves in these situations that need to be addressed. 

If you’re a homeowner?

As the homeowner of the property, you are responsible for any damages that happen on your property or as a result of a tree that may be on your property. Tree maintenance is the responsibility of homeowners and is required in order to keep the trees safe and any property nearby. 

If you’re a renter?

As the renter of a property, oftentimes, you are not responsible for the tree removal, as that is in the hands of the homeowner or landlord that you are renting from each month to take care of the tree removal. In the few cases where renters are held responsible for tree removal, they have a clause in their contract labeling them as responsible if they are the cause for the tree to be removed. 

If you’re a landlord?

As the landlord, you’re also the homeowner, so you have the same responsibilities. If you are not the actual homeowner but the manager of the property, you may be required to cover the costs of the tree removal in place of the homeowner. Property maintenance funds are often used for tree removals, especially if they are impacting the safety of the property and those living there. 

If you’re a neighbor?

In some cases, a neighbor will have at least a partial responsibility in tree removal, depending on certain circumstances. A scenario where a tree is shared between properties and needs to be removed would be a time when the removal responsibility would be shared with a neighbor. Also, if the neighbor is responsible for the damage done to the tree that needs to be removed, that would be another time when neighbor responsibility is vital. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Toms River?

The soil in New Jersey is known as downer soil and is prevalent in the state of New Jersey. The soil is derived from a variety of tree blends, ranging from oak and pines that stretch from the Toms River coastline to inland New Jersey. The wet climate of New Jersey and the animals living in the area combined with the rock formation found in this area make this soil unique and essential to a healthy tree life in Toms River. This good soil is one of the reasons that trees live and grow substantially in the township. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Toms River?

In addition to healthy soil is an average and pretty healthy environment for trees to grow and thrive in Toms River. Despite having a warm and humid enough climate, the winter weather can sometimes be tough on the trees that may not have been the healthiest before winter set in. Without enough hydration going into the winter, these trees fight to maintain and grasp for every drop. If they are not able to properly restore this hydration through snow and rain over the winter, the damage could be too much. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Toms River?

In the event that there are dead trees around the power lines in Toms River, it is essential that it is reported to the utility company right away that owns those lines. They are responsible for keeping the area surrounding the power lines safe and free of dead trees that could fall and cause a major power outage. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Toms River?

The average cost of tree removal in Toms River NJ costs a homeowner approximately $800, but your total may fall anywhere between $175 and $2,100. This cost does come with a few factors to consider and could change the price from one home to the next. 

Tree Size and Type

One of the first questions that we ask our clients when they call about tree removal is the size of the tree and what type of tree it is. Not all trees are created equal, making hardwoods like oak trees and their variations harder to cut through than smaller trees. An oak and a pine tree that are the same height could have different costs because one is faster and easier to cut than the other. 

The size of the tree also makes a difference. Larger trees have to be cut in stages to avoid damage and maintain the safety of those working. Larger trees require longer cutting times, increasing the cost compared to a smaller sized tree. If there are more cutting stages required, the project could take one or two days. 

Urgency of Service

If you have a tree that needs to be cut down immediately, then you can expect a fee added for emergency services. When we move clients to the top of the job list for emergencies or even safety concerns, we must postpone our current clients temporarily and have the crew work overtime to get back on schedule. For tree removal services that are scheduled out and during standard business hours, the standard rates will apply. 

Required Permit

Before any tree can come down in Toms River Township, a tree removal permit is required. This permit can be obtained through the Toms River Planning, Zoning, and Community Development office. If we purchase the permit as a contractor for the service, we will add that additional cost to the overall fee of the tree removal.


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