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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Morris County?

Homeowners in Morris County face insect tree damage that significantly affects their tree’s health. The Asian Longhorned Beetle has stood as an incessant invader of trees in the area. This invasive insect has had an upward growth curve and is known to kill diverse plant species, including maple trees, poplars, buckeye trees, willows, and horse chestnuts.

This pest from Asia first appeared in New Jersey way back in 2002 and is still causing all sorts of tree problems. A severe infestation can jeopardize 50% of trees that line up Morris County’s streets and highways. The Asian Longhorned Beetle often prefers maple trees and leaves behind round exit holes and a mixture of waste and sawdust. City authorities encourage property owners to remove any affected trees to prevent severe infestations.

The Verticillium Wilt is another menace for property owners in Morris County. This invasive fungus affects up to 80 tree species, including redbuds and maples. Affected trees often experience wilting as the fungus enters the plant’s root system and blocks water circulation.

Morris County trees have also started to experience the full brunt of the Emerald ash borer that targets all species of ash trees. The insect infests the tree’s crown before trickling down to cause bark splits and crown diebacks. Always reach out to our certified tree experts to help you remove infested ash trees before they spread out to other trees.

While these pests and diseases stand out in Morris County, property owners need to look out for other common tree issues like fire, molds, and tree insects. Tree Triage experts are always at hand to help you resolve any tree issues you may experience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you notice anything out of the ordinary concerning trees on your property.

Does the City of Morris County Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Morris County has put in place Tree Ordinances to protect citizens and property from trees that can pose challenges. These ordinances provide the legal framework to conduct forestry programs and set minimum management standards. Individual communities can also use these ordinances as they seek tree removal services in their respective areas. 

In most instances, property owners are solely responsible for tree removal costs for diseased, dead, or insect-infested trees in their property. Local tree committees will notify property owners about trees that pose a threat to the community. 

Morris County maintains and is responsible for removing trees planted on county roads. The county considers dead trees or those that are hazardous as candidates for removal. Trees at the end of their service life and those seriously compromised in health also fall in the tree removal category. County officials often recommend periodic pruning when trees begin presenting public safety issues.

The City of Morris County will foot the tree removal bill when a private property tree poses a safety hazard or causes obstructions on public roads. Often the location of the tree and why you need to remove it will determine if the Morris County authorities will offer any assistance. Working with our experienced tree removal experts will help you find clarity whenever you have to deal with tree removal.

Remember to check out your specific town’s tree-cutting ordinances to avoid legal issues. LongHill Township, for example, requires residents to obtain a tree removal permit before removing a township tree. Property owners and tenants also need to register with the Township clerk before removing a tree that is 12″ in diameter or greater from their property. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Morris County?

Property owners are usually responsible for tree removal whenever trees fall on private property. They also need to cover the costs of repairing damaged property during this process. However, it is good practice to do due diligence to determine if your neighbor is responsible for removing fallen trees and the associated expenses.

Here’s what you need to know about who is responsible for tree removal in Morris County. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If there is a fallen tree on your property, you’ll have to take care of the tree removal expense. Check out your homeowners’ insurance policy before you start the tree removal process. You may find a clause that covers part of the tree removal expenses. You may also want to go through your town’s tree ordinances to determine if your specific case warrants assistance from the local authorities. The city may extend a helping hand with other types of aid besides the actual tree removal process.

If you’re a renter?

If a tree has fallen in a property you have rented, you may not need to worry about the tree removal costs. Typically, the city laws hold the landlord or property owner responsible for removing trees that have fallen on their property. However, the landlord can transfer this responsibility to the renter if the tree falls due to the renter’s actions. The landlord will need to prove that the renter caused the incident.

If you’re a landlord?

Morris County’s laws dictate that property owners are fully responsible for tree maintenance that encompasses pruning, trimming, and removal. Landlords also need to maintain shrubs, lawns, and bushes on all the property they own.

If you’re a neighbor?

You can get into a difficult situation if a tree belonging to someone else falls on your property. You’ll need to work with experienced tree removal specialists and probably a lawyer to find out the insurance covers and quotes for these tree removal services. Try to maintain an open discussion with your neighbors to keep your relationship intact throughout the process.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Morris County?

Soil characteristics like organic matter, texture, and nutrients often determine if the soil can maintain tree health. Morris County soil essentially comprises stony, sandy loams that cover glacial till. In steep areas, this region has outcrops of bedrock on ridges and valleys. The grounds in Morris County formed from stony glacial till that is of mixed origin. A soil survey of the county indicated that most of the region’s soil also has fragments of granitic gneiss.

How then does the soil topography affect your tree’s health? The soil’s rough texture and loose base make it harder to retain moisture. Trees planted in this soil also find it challenging to access nutrients. The finer silt has a smooth, slippery texture with tight compaction that retains enough moisture and nutrients. You, however, need to know the suitable trees that can thrive in the areas with silt. 

Before you plant trees, bushes, or shrubs, ask a soil expert to analyze the soil in your area. This analysis helps you know which trees will thrive in which areas, ensuring that you set your planted trees for successful growth. You could also ask about the compactness of soil to know whether your trees can survive in the wake of hurricanes or strong winds in the area. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Morris County?

Morris County experiences intense weather patterns that affect your overall tree’s health. When tropical storms hit the area, gusty winds can take down trees and power lines, in extreme cases. These storms often include high winds and lots of rain that can cause radical damage. Morris County also experiences severe Atlantic hurricanes that can deteriorate tree health.

When winter strikes, trees and vegetation can quickly freeze from the roots. In such instances, the frozen leaves and veins inhibit nutrient transport to the rest of the tree. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Morris County?

Fallen trees on power lines can cause all sorts of problems beginning with the inconveniencing disruption of the power supply. It is usually prudent to notify authorities whenever you notice a tree that can harm power lines. Dedicated professionals will need to work tirelessly to restore safety before sorting out the power issue. Morris County residents can refer to the city’s statutes to know how best to report such instances.

Jersey Central Power & Light recently carried out a tree trimming project to minimize tree-related power outages. The company worked to identify and remove deteriorated trees that are close to electric distribution lines. Consistent tree trimming and tree removal initiatives reduce power outages’ frequency while minimizing the risks of dead trees near power lines. Certified forestry contractors spearhead these initiatives that guarantee proper clearances around electrical equipment. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Morris County?

Tree Removal in Morris County typically falls between $420 and $1860 to cover all the necessary expenses. Partner with our seasoned professionals to find out how you can reduce the reasonably hefty price tag that accompanies tree removal projects. Here are the top factors that will most likely influence the cost of your specific project.


Generally, smaller trees tend to cost less than larger trees. Removing a 20-foot tree can cost anything between $300 and $540, while removing an $80-foot tree may cost up to about $2160. These vast cost disparities often come down to the equipment and personnel needed to remove different kinds of trees. Trees with large trunks or tree stumps are also likely to cost you more. Work with our seasoned tree removal experts to find accurate estimates of your tree removal project. 

Tree’s Health

Some tree removal services may cost more because our specialists exert more time and effort into the job. Trees that are already in bad shape are easier to remove and will generally cost less. Compared to removing dead, dying, or storm-damaged trees, you may pay more for getting rid of healthier trees. 


Your tree removal project may cost more or less, depending on where the tree falls. If your tree falls on any structure, prepare yourself to pay more. Our tree removal technicians may need to use specialized equipment to handle such trees and charge you more for the equipment. 


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