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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Midland Park?

The temperate climate of Midland Park creates a sustainable habitat for diseases and pests to survive year-round. The most common invasive insects include:

  • Asian Gypsy Moth: Signs of infestation are small, yellowish, fuzzy egg masses that appear on the tree trunk, branches, and leaves. Caterpillars that feed on the tree have red spots and two blue rows on their back. When they develop into adult moths, they are grayish-brown and can be found swarming around outdoor lighting. Damage to trees can include defoliation and exposure to disease.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetles: Commonly found in Midland Park, these pests are causing severe damage to trees throughout the country. Ash, elm, birch, maple, poplar, and willow trees are the most susceptible to this destructive beetle. Signs of infestation include chewed depressions on the bark, perfectly rounded holes on the trunk, and drooping yellowing leaves.
  • Emerald Ash Borer: This highly invasive species deprives ash trees of their ability to disperse water and nutrients through their system. Unseasonal loss of foliage, burrowed holes in the tree trunk, and yellowing leaves could be signs of infestation. If you notice an unusual presence of woodpeckers or pecking holes on the tree, the pest most likely has already caused catastrophic damage. The USDA asks homeowners to contact them at 1-866-322-4512 to report the damage and help prevent the spread of further infestation in Midland Park.

Tree diseases commonly found in Midland Park include: 

  • Anthracnose: Fungi is found on the leaves of shade trees, such as the ash, oak, dogwood, maple, and sycamore. If left untreated, the fungi will take over, and the tree will have to be removed from your property to prevent the spread to other plants in your yard. Leaves with dead spots and irregular growth could mean the disease is present on your trees.
  • Seiridium Canker: Trees in drought conditions are susceptible to this fungus that attacks the vascular system. Dead branches and a swollen canker on the trunk that is oozing sap are telltale signs of this common tree disease.
  • Needle Cast: This disease affects conifer trees in Midland Park, particularly the blue spruce species. The first signs of contamination will appear in the fall, starting at the tree base with noticeable brownish-purple needles. Most of the needles will begin to drop, and if left untreated, may completely fall off the tree. Dying branches must be removed immediately to eradicate this fatal tree disease.

Does the City of Midland Park Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

According to Chapter 18 of the Municipal Code for the borough of Midland Park, it is unlawful for residents to cut, injure, disturb, or remove any trees located on public streets and parks. Offenders are subject to a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation.

If the Foreman of the Department of Public Works deems a tree on private property a danger to public health, the homeowner must have the tree removed, pruned, or cut back as directed.

Failure to comply will cause the Department of Public Works to remove the tree on behalf of the property owner. All fees associated with the tree removal shall be collected by the borough in the same manner as taxes assessed against the property. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Midland Park?

When a tree falls unexpectedly, it can cause extensive property damage. Midland Park has specific zoning laws to address various situations regarding who is responsible for associated tree removal costs.

If you’re a homeowner?

In New Jersey, as in most other states, the owner of the property where the tree fell is responsible for taking care of tree removal. Homeowners insurance will cover most incurred damages. Some companies will cap off debris removal at around $1,000. Also, keep in mind, you will have to pay a deductible before the claim gets paid.

If your car is damaged by a fallen tree, your comprehensive coverage on your auto policy will cover the repair, again minus a pre-set deductible.

If you’re a renter?

As a renter in Midland Park, you cannot be held responsible for covering the cost of tree removal. Even if your lease includes the care of landscaping, that is typically limited to weeding and mowing and does not include tree removal.

Renters insurance is recommended to cover your personal property loss in the event of an unexpected occurrence.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are required to provide a safe dwelling for their tenants to occupy. It is their sole responsibility to make sure there is no inherent safety risk present. This includes proper maintenance of trees on the rental property.

All costs related to tree removal are the sole responsibility of the property owner. Tenants are not obligated to share the costs. If a fallen tree is causing a hazardous condition, it must be removed immediately.

It is important to note that tenants cannot withhold rent until the tree is removed from the property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If a neighbor’s tree encroaches on your property, you can lawfully cut the branches on your side of the property line. Boundary fence rules of New Jersey prohibits you from causing damage to the tree in any way.

If a tree that does not belong to you falls on your property and causes damage, contact your insurance company to start a claim. If a tree located in your yard falls and damages neighboring property, their insurance will cover the claim, not yours.

There are instances where you can hold a neighbor accountable for tree removal costs if you have documentation showing you contacted them before the tree fell regarding concerns about existing disease or pest infestation.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Midland Park?

The most common soil type in Midland Park is downer, classified as coarse-loamy, semiactive, and siliceous. The organic material found on the surface creates a natural composition for healthy tree growth.

Downer soil is well-drained, allowing for dominant natural vegetation of oak, hickory, and pine trees in Midland Park. The state soil encompasses more than 350,000 acres throughout New Jersey.

The surface layer of downer soil is easily identified by its dark grayish-brown color and loamy sand texture. The subsoil level consists of a yellowish-brown sandy loam and brown coarse sand.

While mostly versatile, the soil found in Midland Park can compromise healthy tree growth if the area is too steep or overly sandy.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Midland Park?

Bordering the Southeast corner of New York state, Midland Park experiences warm, wet, and humid summers. Winters are cold, with snow, ice, and sleet being common occurrences. Temperatures vary from 22ºF to 85ºF, rarely falling below 8ºF or above 92ºF.

Strong winds, torrential downpours, and flooding conditions occur frequently in Midland Park. This type of weather can bring down a sizable tree without warning, causing unexpected costly damages.

Deciduous trees commonly found in New Jersey include oak, maple, beech, and hickory. All of these trees shed leaves every autumn to prepare for the cold, dry winter. Broadleaf trees are not good at retaining water, leaving them susceptible to freezing temperatures.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Midland Park?

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) provides electrical service to the borough of Midland Park. If you have a downed wire on your property or trees that have become tangled in the overhead lines, contact 1-800-PSEG for immediate assistance.

The power company works on a four-year maintenance cycle. They trim, prune, or remove trees that are encroaching on power distribution lines. Certified arborists oversee all tree trimming activities, taking into consideration the species, size, and growth habits of each tree before it is removed.

Both state and federal laws prohibit any person from working within 10 feet of any electric power facility without proper training and certification.

Contact PSE&G if you have a tree on your property that needs to be trimmed or removed.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Midland Park?

The average cost to remove a tree in Midland Park is approximately $750. Several varying factors affect the final price.

Tree Size

The total cost of tree removal is based primarily on the size of the tree. The following prices, while not exact, will give you an idea of the average cost for tree removal.

  • Small tree (up to 30 feet): $250 to $400
  • Medium tree (30 feet to 60 feet): $600 to $1,200
  • Large tree (60 feet and 80 feet): $1,200 to $1,800
  • Extra large tree (Over 80 feet): $1,500 to $3,000

Tree Type

The type of tree also affects the price. A full-grown oak tree taller than 50 feet can cost between $850 and $1,300 to remove. A pine tree that ranges in height between 50 and 100 feet can cost approximately $1,500 to remove.

Keep in mind, these costs do not include stump grinding and removal, which will cost about $150 more.

Tree Condition

If a tree has already fallen on your property, the cost is considerably lower since less labor is involved. While the average cost ranges between $150 and $500, we don’t recommend trying to take the tree down yourself.

A diseased tree may have rot that creates a hazard the homeowner is unaware of. Using a trained professional will eliminate risk and ensure both you and your property remain safe and secure.


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