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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Medford?

From hungry pests to diseases, trees in Medford are not immune to common issues found in other places throughout the United States. Watching for early signs of attack is the best way to help prevent further damage to our community’s landscape. A few common tree issues faced by residents in Medford include: 

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS)

Bacterial Leaf Scorch results in a slow death for oaks in Medford because the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa clogs the cells transporting water between the roots and the leaves, causing the leaves to scorch and branch dieback. With symptoms of BLS similar to those caused by drought stress or normal autumn changes, the disease can be difficult to accurately identify without help from our professionals. The leaf symptoms of brown outer edges with discoloration of the leaf moving toward the center in an irregular pattern are only visible for a few weeks in mid-summer and early fall. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of BLS is the affected leaf having a water-soaked region with a red band or yellow halo at the transitional area between the leaf’s outer brown area and healthy green portion. As the disease worsens, the oak becomes prone to attack by other insects, which results in the spread of BLS. 

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Attacking ash trees throughout North America, the exotic emerald ash borer is a common threat to ash trees in Medford. With a prediction that 99% of New Jersey ash trees will die over the next few years because of EAB infestations, it is important to be aware of the early symptoms of an infestation. The adult EAB is about the size of a penny with metallic green coloring and a copper red abdomen. The adults can be spotted coming out of D-shaped holes in early summer to feed on the ash leaves and deposit eggs in the crevices of bark or underneath the bark. The larvae will then burrow under the bark and feed on the water and nutrient transporting layer of the tree, eventually leading to crown dieback, epicormic branching, and bark splits. Since the beetles often infest the upper branches of ash trees first, an early sign of an infested tree is woodpecker damage to live trees. 

Does the Township of Medford Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In the Township of Medford, the property owner on which the tree, including those in the right-of-way, is located must maintain and remove their trees. The only trees the Township is responsible for maintaining are those on municipally-owned property. Although the town may cut a fallen tree blocking a roadway, it is still the property owner’s responsibility to handle the removal, including tree stump removal. 

In an attempt to preserve the natural environment of Medford, the Township approved Ordinance 2020-22 to require a tree removal permit application before removing trees from private property and limiting the number of trees property owners are allowed to remove. The only exception is dead, diseased, dying, or imminent hazard trees, which stills require a statement from a licensed tree care expert like us for the tree removal. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Medford?

As a property owner in Medford, it is your responsibility to maintain and remove fallen trees on your property. While the responsibility sounds straightforward, it can become unclear when a tree falls across a property line or when tree issues arise at rental properties. Before you start pointing fingers at who should cover the fallen tree removal expense and damage, keep this short guide in mind. 

If you’re a homeowner?

When you own property in Medford, you are responsible for tree trimming and removing trees on your property, including those in the town’s right-of-way. Therefore, if a tree growing on your property falls on your property, you must pay for its removal. Before calling us, check with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they will cover tree removal costs or related damages. 

If you’re a renter?

As with other maintenance issues, you should contact your landlord if a tree falls on the property you are renting. Since you are a renter and do not own the property, it is not your responsibility to handle fallen tree removal. To help protect you and your neighbors, if you notice a dead or dying tree near your rental, contact your landlord to report the safety hazard. 

If you’re a landlord?

Whether you own one or several rental properties in Medford, you should be prepared to cover tree removal for fallen trees on any of your rentals. As the property owner, you are responsible for fallen tree removal and necessary tree maintenance.

If you’re a neighbor?

When tree branches or limbs are hanging onto a neighbor’s property or a tree falls across the property line, Medford considers it a civil matter. Therefore, if there are disputes between neighbors about who is responsible for tree trimming or removal, it is best handled by an attorney. Since it is the property owner’s responsibility in Medford to maintain all trees growing on their property, it is usually decided that the property owner where the tree was originally growing needs to cover the fallen tree removal expense.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Medford?

New Jersey has an official state soil called “Downer,” which helps create thriving woodlands and puts “garden” in the state’s nickname of the Garden State. As a deep, well-drained soil consisting of acidic, loamy Coastal Plain sediments, Downer is commonly found in the forests in Medford, along with Lakewood fine sand and Evesboro fine sand soil types. While most native trees and plants have adapted to the sandy consistency of Medford’s soil, some plants do not do well in Downer soil. Even for tree species that thrive in the soil type, it can cause erosion issues and affect trees in the heat of the summer. Erosion can cause trees to uproot from the loose soil being washed away from the roots. While during drought conditions, the soil does not hold moisture well, leading to stress for trees that do not receive proper irrigation. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Medford?

The year-round humidity with hot summers and cold winters affects the health of trees in Medford. Ranked as one of the hottest places in New Jersey with an average summer high of around 87ºF, the trees often become stressed, making them susceptible to attack by pests or disease. The hot temperatures in Medford, combined with receiving less rainfall than other places in New Jersey, creates an environment for wildfire chances in the region, greatly impacting the tree health for Medford’s urban forests. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Medford?

With trees and other vegetation contributing to approximately 20-30% of all electric service interruptions, it is important to contact your local electricity provider when you spot a dead or dying tree near the power lines. Atlantic City Electric and Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) are the two utility companies serving power to the residents in Medford. Both companies have specially trained vegetation management crews to help keep the overhead power lines clear regularly. Since state and federal laws prohibit any person from working within 10 feet of any electric power facility without proper training and certification, you should always contact your local power company for tree trimming or tree removal near power lines. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Medford?

The average cost range for removing a tree in Medford is around $660, and most jobs range between $200 and $1,980. The wide range is because of several cost factors besides labor that can lower or increase your out-of-pocket expense for removing a tree from your property. 

Tree Size

When you have a 20-foot and 100-foot tree that needs to be removed, you can expect to pay a significant amount more for the taller tree. This is due to the additional labor, time, and equipment required to remove a more mature tree versus a younger one. Therefore, you should always be honest about your tree’s height if calling us for a tree removal estimate to avoid a big change in the quoted price once our professionals inspect the tree. 

Tree Location

The tree’s location can greatly affect the price for removal because of any special equipment that may be needed for safely removing trees in hard-to-reach areas. If you need a tree removed that requires blocking streets or maneuvering around tight places, you can expect a higher quote because of the additional labor and risk of something going wrong during the removal process. On the other hand, if the tree is in a remote area that allows our larger equipment to be used and has less risk of damaging surrounding structures, your price will likely be lower. 

Tree Removal Timeline 

While you can’t always choose when you need a tree removed from your property, the timing for tree removal can affect your quote. You can expect a lower quote during the off-season than during a busy time for our tree removal experts. Also, for emergency tree service calls, the price will likely be higher due to the urgency of the tree removal and if any special equipment is required to expedite the removal process.


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