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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Raymond?

Raymond, New Hampshire is a wonderful town of just over 10,000 residents in Rockingham County. The city is located about 15 miles from Manchester, New Hampshire, and it is surrounded by tons of natural attractions, like lakes, trails, state parks, and so much more. Raymond’s residents put a lot of effort into keeping their town, and their properties, green and beautiful, and we believe it’s important for locals to know common tree issues to look out for to allow all of us to work together to keep our trees healthy and safe.

Three of the most common tree issues we see here include emerald ash borers, gypsy moths, and pine cankers.

Emerald Ash Borers (EAB)

EABs were first spotted in Raymond in 2019, and this non-native, invasive species can kill trees within three to five years after it first attacks them. Because EABs aren’t native to our area, we don’t have predators that keep their population in check, so there is a major concern that these critters could get completely out of hand if they aren’t dealt with responsibly. 

One way that EABs spread is on firewood, especially when people transport it from one region to another. As a result, we always recommend using only firewood that was obtained locally and avoid transporting it as much as possible. This can not only prevent the spread of EABs, but also other pests and diseases that can be equally or even more devastating to trees.

Trees that have been attacked by EABs often experience defoliation and branch dieback, and they will have irregular curved and winding markings beneath their bark. If you suspect that you have EABs on your property, please take a picture of the insect or tree and fill out this online form to report it to the University of New Hampshire Extension office. You can then contact us for removal.

Gypsy Moth

Gypsy moths are another problematic creature that can negatively affect tree health. These moths were brought to North America and were accidentally released in Massachusetts, and they have wreaked all kinds of havoc for decades. Gypsy moths are major problems during some years, and they are barely present during others, largely depending upon the weather conditions early on in the spring. Interestingly, their populations are kept in check quite well in the presence of a fungus called Entomophaga maimaiga, which causes disease among gypsy moths. We normally see more of this fungus when we experience cool and wet springs, which means these conditions often result in lower populations of gypsy moths too.

These critters lay their eggs on trees in egg masses, and the larvae feed on the leaves of trees and bushes. It doesn’t take many larvae to completely defoliate a tree, which can stunt its growth or provide major stress which can negatively impact its health. Trees don’t normally die from gypsy moth attacks unless the same tree is defoliated in several consecutive years.

In New Hampshire, gypsy moth infestations seem to occur about once every 7 to 10 years.

Pine Cankers

Pine cankers are nasty diseases caused by fungal pathogens that attack conifer trees. This disease tends to stick to areas with sandy and quickly draining soils, and it produces nasty cankers in the middle to the upper half of pine trees. Unfortunately, not much is understood about this condition, other than the fact that spores seem to mature in the late winter and that the spores can create black hair-like fruiting bodies. 

These cankers may ooze a whitish liquid, and the disease appears to spread quite easily. 

Does the Town of Raymond Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Yes, the Public Works Department under the Town of Raymond regularly maintains all public parks and fields, including their trees. The department plants, removes, and trims trees as needed, and they regularly rake and mow public areas to keep them looking great. However, they will not assist with removals on private property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Raymond?

Nobody looks forward to taking care of a tree after it falls, but a fallen tree won’t remove itself after all. Deciding who is responsible for having a fallen tree removed can get a bit tricky, but there are a few general rules of thumb that apply in most situations.

If you’re a homeowner?

Those who own their property are always responsible for keeping their trees well-maintained and healthy, and this also means they are responsible for having a tree removed when it falls over. To prevent fallen trees, it’s often helpful to perform routine maintenance on your property’s trees such as pruning during the right times of the year, supplementing soil when necessary, and more. Our team can handle this for you.

If you’re a renter?

For the most part, renters are not responsible for getting fallen trees removed on the property they are renting unless their rental agreement has a specific clause stating that they are.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are generally in charge of getting a fallen tree removed from the properties they rent out, and they are also legally obligated to keep their properties’ trees well-maintained to prevent safety hazards to their tenants.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, it can feel unfair that you become the one responsible for having to get it cleaned up. For this reason, it can be helpful to discuss these matters with your neighbors before they ever occur to reach an agreement about who will pay for what. Some neighbors opt to split bills on tree removal and tree maintenance on those that sit near property lines.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Raymond?

Our soil is usually quite loamy, which helps allow trees to get enough water from rainstorms and melted snow. At the same time, it’s often not very great at draining efficiently, so a tree’s roots may be subjected to too much moisture for too long. This can lead to fungal diseases like root rot, or it can allow bacterial diseases to easily take hold.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Raymond?

Any resident of Raymond can tell you that our winters tend to be long and harsh, and this can negatively affect the health of our trees. Trees that undergo a hard freeze can sustain significant damage, and even die, especially when they are young and not quite fully formed. Trees that are already stressed from dehydration, injury, or pest infestations are also more likely to die from deep freezes.

Not only does wintertime affect trees during the winter months, but it can also cause damage to trees well after the snow melts. Because we get so much snow, our soil often becomes waterlogged come spring, encouraging the growth and spread of bacteria and fungus.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Raymond?

The local utility company inspects and prunes trees on a rotation basis throughout its entire service area, and they take great care in preventing trees from growing too close to main power lines. Property owners are responsible for keeping their yard’s trees trimmed and away from the power lines that connect directly to homes, and you should contact your electrical company before beginning to prune to prevent electrical accidents.

If you see a dead tree near power lines, or branches that are entangled in the cords, contact the utility company for a tree assessment, and they will determine whether further action is needed. If you see a tree that is touching a power line or has knocked one over, stay away from the scene and call the electrical company’s 24-hour line at 800-662-7764. Trees can conduct high voltages of electricity, and getting too close to a tree that is touching electricity can have devastating consequences.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Raymond?

The average cost for tree removal in Raymond is around $680, but some people will pay much more (up to around $2,000) or less (as little as $200) for our services depending upon their unique set of circumstances. When we calculate the final tally for tree removal, the three most important factors we consider are the size of the tree, whether we have to use special equipment, and whether we have to provide other services during or after tree removal.

Size of the Tree

Generally speaking, the larger the tree you want to be removed, the more it will cost you to complete the job. When we are tasked with removing large trees that are dozens of feet high or several feet wide, we likely have to bring more staff members to get the job done. Plus, removing larger trees sometimes takes all day, or even multiple days, and those extra labor hours will cost extra.

In contrast, having a small shrub or tree removed from your property won’t require nearly as many of our staff members or as much time, so you will see a much smaller bill.

The Use of Special Equipment

If a tree is in a tight spot, near other trees or homes, we often have to use special equipment or more complex techniques to bring it down safely. The use of these pieces of equipment or specialized techniques might cost a bit more, but it is worth the extra cost to avoid having a sizable limb fall on your house or car. When trees are growing close to homes or other property, we often have to brace the limbs and trunk and cut down smaller and more manageable pieces to avoid disaster.

Other Services Provided

When we remove trees that are dying or dead due to fungus, bacteria, or pests, we often recommend that homeowners allow us to treat the other trees on their property with preventative measures, like fungicides or antibiotics, to prevent the disease from killing the other trees on their property. This will take more time and materials, of course, so these extra services will end up costing a bit more upfront. They may save you quite a bit of money in the long run, however, if they prevent your other trees from succumbing to disease and having to be removed anyway. 


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