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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Nashua?

Nashua has an impressive variety of hardy, native trees that do very well in Southern New Hampshire, including the New England aster, the cardinal flower, and our state tree, the paper birch. The city’s trees beautify our landscapes, purify the air, and provide plenty of shade during the summer. Healthy, mature trees can also substantially increase the value of your property in Nashua. 

Of course, all trees need regular maintenance to keep looking their best for as long as possible. They have to deal with pests, diseases, harsh New England winters, and much more. There are also many situations where trees have to be removed, especially if they’re in danger of being knocked down during a storm. Here are some of the common tree issues that homeowners in Nashua deal with:


The spread of tree pests has been one of the biggest problems affecting trees in Nashua and throughout New England. Non-native insects like European gypsy moths and the Asian longhorned beetle are especially problematic because they don’t have any natural predators in our ecosystem. This allows them to flourish in New Hampshire and attack our native trees very aggressively. Without treatment, many tree pest infestations will eventually lead to the death of the tree. Other pests aren’t necessarily fatal, but they create the conditions for trees to catch a serious illness. Pest-ravaged trees get so weak that they’re structurally compromised, which makes them very susceptible to collapse during the next Nor’easter.       

Depending on which pests are causing the problem, our arborists can treat the infestation with medicated sprays or injections. Trees that are too far along will almost always have to be removed.


Nashua’s trees also have to contend with endemic tree diseases like beech leaf disease and oak wilt. These kinds of illnesses are usually caused by fungal or bacterial infections, which is what makes them very easily transmissible from tree to tree. Most tree illnesses are treatable, especially in the early stages. Trimming the affected branches is often enough to stop the problem from spreading, and it also encourages the tree to grow healthy new limbs. In the worst-case scenario, advanced cases of tree diseases lead to the tree becoming unstable. In those situations, removal is the only way to avoid the hazards and damages of a sudden collapse.     

Unmanaged Growth

One of the common tree issues is simply that they’re overgrown and need a good trim. Even perfectly healthy trees will benefit from the time and attention of our certified arborists for some routine maintenance. This will mainly consist of pruning the canopy to remove dead or weak branches that are not really serving the tree well and might even attract pests. Hardwood tree species like maples and birches should be pruned during their dormant period in the fall. Evergreen trees, like junipers and cedars, will do better by being pruned around mid-summer.   

Does the City of Nashua Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In the case of any hazardous trees located on Nashua’s public land, such as parks and streets, the answer is yes. The city has crews that trim trees whenever necessary, especially if they interfere with utility lines or get in the way of pedestrians. They also manage removals for trees that show advanced signs of disease or are otherwise likely to get knocked down in a storm. 

Problematic trees located on private property will be the responsibility of their owners. You generally don’t need a permit to remove a tree that’s dead, hazardous, not yet mature, or planted very close to your home’s foundation.  

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Nashua?

New Hampshire gets Nor’easters from November through the middle of March. That leaves plenty of opportunities for strong winds and heavy snow to knock down Nashua’s trees. Fallen trees attract termites, and removing them should be a priority. But who’s considered responsible in Nashua?

If you’re a homeowner?

The property owner is responsible for all the upkeep on their land, including the removal of collapsed trees. The good news is your homeowners insurance will probably cover the cost of the removal, especially if the tree caused any damage to your home. The one caveat is that most policies are only intended for healthy trees that fall during a storm. If the fallen tree was an obvious falling hazard and should already have been professionally removed, then your insurer can deny the claim. 

If you’re a renter?

It’s always a good idea to let your landlord know if you notice any issues with trees on the property, especially visibly diseased trees. However, fallen trees are not your responsibility. Your landlord has to make arrangements to get the tree professionally removed, hopefully sooner rather than later. 

If you’re a landlord?

The owner of the rental property is considered legally responsible for all major upkeep on the property, and fallen trees are as major as it gets. Your homeowners insurance is likely to pay for the removal, although some policies only cover collapsed trees when they cause property damage.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your next-door neighbor’s tree was knocked down and landed partially on your yard, you’re not alone. This scenario’s not unheard of in Nashua and sometimes it’s just going to be your turn. According to New Hampshire law, homeowners are responsible for removing any tree that falls onto their property, even if it happens to be your neighbor’s tree. Extreme weather is considered an act of God, which means no one is necessarily at fault. That means either you or your homeowners insurance pays for the tree removal. 

If it turns out that the tree was dead, unhealthy, or otherwise structurally compromised, then your neighbor could be considered legally negligent. Your insurance company could even pursue a claim against the neighbor for any damages. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Nashua? 

The soil in Nashua has a very low pH, usually around 4.5 to 5.5, which means it’s naturally acidic. This is true throughout New Hampshire and even most of New England. Our acidic soil has to do with how the Northeast’s high annual rainfall interacts with the mineral-rich bedrock that’s common to this region. Most plants will grow bigger, stronger, and healthier with a pH range of 6.0-6.5, but there are exceptions. For example, pine trees prefer acidic soil and that’s why we have plenty of them in Nashua. 

You can get the pH on your property tested using the University of New Hampshire’s soil testing services. If you do need to make your soil less acidic, adding ground limestone works very well, and you don’t need to use much. If you happen to have a wood stove, ash is another great option for lowering the soil’s pH.

Nashua’s soil also tends to low in terms of organic content that provides trees with much-needed nutrition. Boost your soil with peat moss, compost, bark mulch, or even grass cuttings. Most of the fertilizers you can buy commercially tend to be acidic, so keep that in mind while working with our already acidic soil. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Nashua?

New Hampshire gets close to 70 inches of snow every year, which is topped by only Vermont and Maine. Native trees are well-adapted to Nashua’s cold winters, but severe weather can still take its toll. We know from experience that healthy trees will do better during a Nor’easter, especially if they’ve been pruned of any weak or diseased branches.

Homeowners in Nashua can also give their large trees some extra support by taking advantage of cabling and bracing services. This is a very effective method of winterizing trees by installing a system of flexible cables and braces that helps stabilize the tree during a serious storm. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Nashua? 

According to Eversource Energy, downed trees that fall across power lines are the main cause of power interruptions during extreme weather. Dead trees are especially likely to fall when we have strong winds because they’re already extremely unstable. If you see a dead or structurally compromised tree that could potentially fall on power lines, contact Eversource Energy so that their team of arborists can resolve the problem. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Nashua?

The average cost of removing a tree in Nashua will range from around $200 to $1,750, but it can certainly be much more than that for a very tall tree. In general, the cost of tree removal reflects how much effort, time, and equipment are needed to complete the job safely and efficiently. Here are the main factors we’ll use to generate an estimate for you.  

Tree Size

The cost of removing a tree correlates closely with both the height and the diameter of the tree. Big trees will sometimes require the use of a bucket truck or even a crane, which costs more. Another common option is for us to cut the tree section by section, which requires one person to climb the tree using specialized equipment. Cutting down shorter trees is a much simpler process, which is why they naturally cost less. 

Tree Location

Some tree removals are trickier just because of where the tree is located, such as very close to a home, surrounded by other trees, or within reach of power lines. We have to take special precautions to make sure we don’t cause any damage and that we can complete the job safely and efficiently. Trees that are very accessible are logistically easier, which is why the removal will cost less. 

Additional Services

Remember that the tree removal itself does not include stump removal which can range from $80 to $150. Removing the stump of a mature tree with very stubborn roots can cost more because it is quite a process. Many homeowners opt for stump grinding instead, which consists of using a powerful blade to reduce the stump down to below ground level. This service costs less, and the wood chips can be put to excellent use as mulch for your garden.


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