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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Weaverville?

The mix of warm summers and frequent rain in Weaverville, North Carolina might sound like the perfect climate balance for trees. When trees are properly cared for here, this combination works just fine in helping them grow.

Our arborists and residents still worry about other things easily attacking and killing trees in any neighborhood. With trees like Loblolly pines, Oak Genus, Magnolias, and Red Maples dotting the landscape, it’s easy to see why protecting our colorful trees here is so important.

Each one of these trees (and other species) is still vulnerable to various elements of nature. Insects are always the most insidious, something even our skilled arborists can’t always control.

Some common tree insects hurting trees in Weaverville include various types of borers as the worst. Emerald Ash Borers, Ambrosia Beetles, and the Southern Pine Beetle are good examples. Even caterpillars and wasps can bore into tree bark and cause trees to eventually die.

Many other types of insects exist ranging from leaf chewers to soft scales. Tree diseases, however, are just as prevalent. Leaf Blister, Sudden Oak Death, and Annosus Root Rot afflict trees in the city in various ways.

Sometimes it can be human beings accidentally killing a tree, like someone running their car into a tree trunk. 

Does the City of Weaverville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Weaverville’s code ordinance on tree removal states the city has a right to remove any tree that poses a hazard in a public place. They also do this to enhance or preserve the symmetry and beauty of public grounds.

No matter who owns the tree, the town tree board holds the right to declare a tree be removed when it’s in an unsafe condition. Having this code in place brings more safety to everyone, even if the tree resides on private property.

Residents need to remember the city only considers tree removal if it poses any risks. Cutting down or even topping a tree that’s otherwise deemed healthy is against the law.

No work can be done on a tree here unless a permit is granted first by the city. And before the tree is considered for removal, it’s always inspected by a city arborist to ensure the tree is really beyond saving.

Despite this being a responsibility from the city, tree removal responsibilities sometimes differ based on where the tree is located.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Weaverville?

While the city of Weaverville usually takes necessary steps to remove diseased trees on their property, other responsibilities apply to other properties. Homeowners have to live up to local laws, as renters, landlords, and nearby neighbors.

In some cases, it might mean legal entanglements, even if it sometimes depends on one particular tree requirement.

If you’re a homeowner?

Those who own their own home here in Weaverville need to consider whatever they plant on their property becomes a personal responsibility of care. Because trees are the riskiest form of a plant, the chances of a tree going over is always high.

A homeowner should always check their trees for disease or insect infestation. It could mean the tree is too diseased to save or is already dead. If so, the tree might go over, perhaps just landing on the homeowner’s property.

When this happens, the homeowner pays for the cleanup, no matter if it was a healthy tree falling from an act of nature. Sometimes the tree might exist between a property line owned by two people. In situations like this, it’s usually customary for the two neighbors to put up funds to clean up the tree debris.

If you’re a renter?

The responsibilities of a renter all hinge on the rental agreement set up with the landlord. These aren’t always read carefully before renting, so it’s important to give it a thorough read.

There may be a stipulation that if a renter plants a tree on the property, they become responsible for its care, including when it falls. Barring this, the landlord assumes all responsibility for preventative maintenance.

If you’re a landlord?

In most cases, landlords assume responsibility for dangerous trees on their property. The above tenant contract provisions might apply, though aren’t overly common.

A landlord is much like a homeowner in having responsibilities to prevent a possibly diseased tree from falling on the property, people, or pets.

If you’re a neighbor?

During situations where a tree owned by a neighbor falls on another home, legal compensation might occur. This is only allowed if the court determines the felled tree was diseased or dead and the neighbor previously warned the other neighbor about the risks.

Otherwise, North Carolina law says no compensation is given if it’s determined the tree falling was an Act of God. The law explicitly states: “Where injuries result from an act of God, no one is responsible.”

Our tree care team occasionally sees scenarios like this where legal fights between neighbors ensue over fallen trees. Since natural disasters hit here often, it usually means lawsuits are thrown out.

Still, it’s a good idea for all neighbors to keep a close eye on their trees and take care of them if they look like they could topple over soon.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Weaverville?

Going by the official soil survey of Weaverville, Cecil Soil is the official state soil seen most often in the area. While other soils are around, Cecil Soil is very much valued because it’s deep and can drain water well.

The soil is also formed from weathered felsic, igneous, and metamorphic rock, making it unique to the region. Its surface layer is a dark gray sandy loam, while the subsoil is a reddish clay.

Sandy loam soils and clay combinations are very good for tree growth. Clay, in particular, holds water well, if it becomes very dry during the hot summers Weaverville experiences.

Keep in mind if a property doesn’t have this type of popular soil, it can be created to help nurture newly planted trees. Always take time to analyze property soil and contemplate how much it plays a role in how long trees live.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Weaverville?

Anyone who has lived in Weaverville long enough has probably seen their share of weather disasters here. The city was part of a disaster area back in 2018 when Hurricane Florence swept through. When it did, hundreds of valued trees were lost, something impossible to stop, no matter how healthy the trees were.

The wind is the biggest threat to Weaverville’s trees, if not always caused directly by hurricanes. Tornadoes are still one of the worst natural disasters to hit our region. Those can often cause more damage because they’re more localized. Plus, swirling wind funnels are more capable of pulling trees right out of the ground.

Floods can also happen here, causing weakened trees to become overwhelmed and fall in mere minutes. It brings big worries for many arborists, outside of doing the best they can to protect trees from the worst elements.

Sometimes things can be put in place to protect trees through the most tumultuous weather. Yet, when massive wind gusts come up, all one can do is hope for the best in trees surviving.

The good thing is many older trees still exist, with new and vibrant trees always planted in their place if lost.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Weaverville?

Many windstorms that hit Weaverville bring trees down on power lines, leaving our local power utility (typically Duke Energy) in a quandary. Sometimes they have enough skilled experts available to cut down trees around their lines. Often, though, they need to partner with local tree care companies like us to get the job done faster.

We often work with Duke Energy during these scenarios to ensure the power is off so all tree work is done safely. Unfortunately, residents sometimes attempt to remove tree debris off power lines on their own without knowing whether it’s really safe.

Doing this has many risks, making it best to let tree care professionals handle the issue. Many people can become impatient in scenarios where the power is out for long periods of time. Our team-ups with the city and Duke Energy to get debris cleaned up helps bring a faster resolution.

Nevertheless, tree debris over power lines is a complex job that becomes more complicated when thousands of other Weaverville citizens are affected by power outages.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Weaverville?

Numerous variables are at play in what a resident might pay to get a tree removed anywhere in the city. Trying to figure out what that is in advance is usually impossible until our tree care team analyzes the situation.

On average, most can expect to pay anywhere from $200 for the easiest removal to up to $1,970 for more complicated jobs. Most jobs fall around the $700 mark.

Other factors are going to apply and could make the final bill slightly less or much more:

Extra for Stump or Root Removal

Removing a stump of a large tree could take considerable time and is usually considered a separate job. The same applies to removing root systems. These both require extra labor time and are typically priced separately.

The Tree’s Condition

An overly diseased tree could pose a danger to anyone within its vicinity. Our team never wants a tree disease to cause people (or pets) to get sick. To remove such a tree, it requires extra time and skill to haul everything away safely.

Depending on the size of the tree, it could take more than one day to complete the job.

The Tree Is Over Eight Feet Tall

Any trees less than eight feet tall can usually get cut down fast, even if some homeowners handle it themselves. Trees bigger than that always require professional assistance. Of course, the taller the diseased tree, the more time it takes to either cut it down or cut the trunk into pieces to haul away.


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